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because the recovery of independent development of new products leaving the serial nature of the original return.Therefore, product developmennike flex experience rn mens
t platform Chinese railway equipment industry, or may be referred to the R & D system, or the ability to refrain from relying on the underlying technology has not been destroyed.On the second question. Since China product development platform industry continues to play a role, then the introduction of technology can only be within the framework of China's role in product development platform, and an alternative to the Chinese technological capabilities does not occur.In other words, the introduction of the role of Chinese high-speed rail technology for technological progress, is what happened in the process of interaction with Chinese technical capabilities of the base. This is the negative effects of the introduction of technology is suppressed, the positive role being played by a key condition.How to play a positive role in the introduction of theLarge-scale construction of high-speed rail in China on the eve of the introduction of large-scale technology has played two independently developed but not yet played in the short term is difficult to play a role: one, to help China build a modern industrial manufacturing system; two, so Chinese industry to get a complete product (high speed train) experience.For large-scale introduction of technology to enhance the role of China in manufacturing high-speed trains is the industry recognized. Before the introduction of China's industrial manufacturing process generally extensive. The introduction of foreign cars imported in accordance with the requirements of production and help Chinese enterprises manufacturing system, including production processes, quality assurance, supplies, procedures, large-scale restructuring to ensure production efficiency and product reliability.As one Chinese

technical personnel speaking, "should not the Chinese people themselves can not think of how to build an efficient manufacturing system, but the traditional concept and organizational habits tend to impede the efforts of technical personnel, but large-scale introduction swept away these obstacles , forcing companies to workers from the leadership to reform. "Zhuzhou also benefit from progress and get lean production management concepts and methods from the introduction of, including materials management, on-site production process management, planning classification, management of suppliers, quality control, etc., both to facilitate the production, but also Can roshe run australia
All of these have turned out to be no experience Zhuzhou, although core technology, but how can not grasp the high-volume manufacturing. Through the introduction, Zhuzhou build quality can be guaranteed, technology controlled the entire manufacturing system.Since the introduction of the product to determine the demand for the production of large-scale construction needs and bring high-speed rail, high-speed trains China designated production enterprises have carried out large-scale investment in fixed assets, the construction of the world's developed countries are rare in huge factories and production lines.In other words, the level of manufacturing capacity and enhance the design and product development has no direct effect, but after re-start independent development of Chinese enterprises, high-quality manufacturing system has become the guarantee of independent product reliability.Specific analysis, foreign products once the independent product substitution away, but soon the object can only be treated by foreign products, "digestion, absorption, re-innovation", especially due soon began to develop new products independently (that is typical CRH380 series) leaving foreign products relegated to secondary

status, so the Chinese industry's technical activities, namely research and development team and other technical support systems, did not lose the work object, independent master "serial" still exist and continue to evolve.Under such conditions, the large-scale introduction of technology had a positive effect because it suddenly makes China's technical activities received a "complete" the work object. "Complete" refers to all the technical solutions consisting of product design is mature, reliable (to get experience in verification), which previously autonomous products still in development (experiment EMU) is not yet a complete working objects At least there are some technical solutions which have not yet been empirically validated.Mature product design is complete experience on product technical information carriers, large-scale introduction of the role is to spend money to help foreign companies to mature product design and manufacture a full disclosure of information to the Chinese, so the Chinese to improve the manufacturing capacity.How to master the introduction of "mutation" is the ability ofBut buying foreign product design does not directly bring technology because technology needs to get his own ability to grasp, let alonenike free run 3
foreign product design is still foreign ownership of intellectual property.Therefore, after even get through the introduction of technology, but also in understanding who actually comes from the introduction of exotic product design information, knowledge and skills to produce, and only with the knowledge and skills to make them different from the introduction of technology solutions to gain knowledge property rights.Positive effects of large-scale introduction of high-speed rail technology is that under the conditions of China's technical activities system to work properly, through a complete understanding of the work of foreign objects, make technical activities o
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