2007年04月02日(月) 1時25分
Looked like I am not responsible very much to this Blog.

Possibly is I did not know should write anyting.

Also has the person which this Blog comes to be much less.

Is how many friends because I don't have?


I did not know......!!!!


Repugnant rainy day 

2007年03月18日(日) 0時18分
This morning goes to school when world infant drizzle.

This is south China's spring.

I dislike this kind of weather very much.

Under because the rain meets does not stop, but under all is theinfant drizzle.


Let me think of U-Know.

Because he said he can write the novel in the under rainy day.

Really was too lovable.

Rains only will I be in addition repugnant, because any also could notdo.

But it actually is moistening the myriad things.

Really contradictory...

second life 

2007年03月17日(土) 0時07分
Recently has played a very famous network game!

The name is second life.

May get up your second family in inside.

May make money in inside.

In the game money and US dollar exchange are 275:1.

In the game money also may exchange

Not any other ,This game most attracts me is this by the function!

This game too was really good.

Person also may know each country which in the game.

I have known a Spain with Italy's person.

I can continue to play!

Because really really too was really amusing!

New start 

2007年03月11日(日) 15時51分

Yesterday just tested tries

very Laborious

Really wants to sleep one day

But,I had to prepare to take a test

Real very Laborious


I'm from China.....Haha......

So My Japanese and English very are all bad

Hoped some people looked understood

Ps:hope will have a good weather tomorrow
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