Autumn is coming 

September 09 [Sat], 2006, 18:26
Hey dudes!

Long time no see....but there were no important things to mention...u.u

Vacation are already over and school started again! It's already very stressful.
I'm always tired, when coming at home. But I'm satisifed with all of my teachers,
I got! My Tutor is such a great teacher..I so love her english! *_*~'s the 7th anniversary of D'espairs ray, one of the best japanese bands
ever!! Let's celebrate this!!! XD~... Thank you guys for such great songs!
Their music is beautiful! And I hope they'll exist further 7 years and much more!!

Next weekend I'm going to travel to Kassel, where the Connichi takes place.
I don't have so much time for finishing my cosplays:

Kana-P/ Living Strawberry

and Kai/Black moral

I so hope I'll get it finished! >__< I always begin to sew the last time,
before a Convention takes place...X__x


August 06 [Sun], 2006, 17:42

Pii is back...

On friday I stayed with Ayu, because of the animexx-meeting
in Bautzen yesterday. Bautzen- "my" town, where I will be
the whole week after vacation again, because of going to
school there. u.u I don't really like this city, but well....

I was surprised to hear, that a meeting will take place there.
...o.Ô But OK...I didn't have to pay anything because of

Was nice! I met all my dear friends again and we laughed
a lot! Even though I like rain, it really pissed me off
yesterday, because we were taking a long walk through
the city. Nya, it was windy,too. And I still have a cold.
=.= Hope it didn't become worse!

But I like the weather nevertheless.
AUTUMN! >o< Next weekend some of my friends
and myself are going to travel to Cologne, because
of the KöVit there - one of the biggest meetings for
Visual Kei/ J-Rock in Europe. I'm so looking forward to
it. I also plan to cosplay Aoi from Gazette. Maybe Black
moral or Silly God Disco..I'll see...But I don't really know,
whether I'll do it til next friday..@_@

GAZErock is not dead! 

August 03 [Thu], 2006, 23:02
Nya~a, I’m back from Greven. AniC wasn’t so much fun..
we all were a little bit bored the whole time. But I finished
my cosplay and so my cosplay group was Antikku at AniC.
I was so happy about, because of thinking not to get it.
But I’ve done! *.*

The concert of Gazetto was so amazing! *.* Thank you
guys for making me happy after all! >o< Wuah..Reita,
please keep your promise! Come back to Germany as soon
as possible!
GAZE are so lovely! Their live was just randy! I bought their
Tour-Shirt,too. It looks so beautiful! +__+

I caught a cold again. u.u I was washing my hair after the
concert and I slept with wet hair..nya, was a mistake! =.=
Ill in vacation. Because of that I can’t go to the Calmando Live
neither in Leipzig nor in Berlin. u.u Fuck ey!

I really love the weather at the moment . It isn’t that hot
anymore and sometimes there are these beautiful breezes because
of the wind. I love it! Autumn shall be here soon! ;__;

Mou~u, my digicam is break down! ;__; I couldn’t take any
photos at AniC. And I wanted to photograph the stuff I bought
in Greven,too..wuah, stroke of fate I would say!


July 17 [Mon], 2006, 22:05
Nya~aa..this is Mi..*o*

Just four days left til summer vacation! I'm so
happy about, even though I'm not feeling that good
at the moment..u.u

Already this saturday I'm going to travel to
Greven/ Koblenz..visiting my dear Kanon for
about two weeks! *yay* That's pretty cool.

And soon AnimagiC in Bonn takes place,too!
I will see my honey... *kisu*

But I still didn't start to create my cosplay for AniC...
Bou-Escapism...u.u But I bought the fabrics...YEAH! Ò.Ó
Hope everything will be alright...;__; hotter hottest...~ 

June 15 [Thu], 2006, 21:54
Nya~aa....these temperatures are going to kill me...~_~
The weather makes me feel sick and sleepy...
Yesterday I was learning for my test in geography,...
But I couldn't concentrate on learning, because of
always wanting to sleep just a little...

Now I sit in front of the computer in my school...wuah..
There's no possibility for me to surf in the internet
at home, because my father doesn't want me to do! u.u got into the world cup-fever..*___*
Almost every evening I watch the different matches
in TV! Mou~uu...on sunday Japan plays against Croatia
..I wish they'd win!! ?_? I so hope they will!

Hai, that's all for the first..
BaiBai dudes!


June 11 [Sun], 2006, 17:37
...I plan to cosplay Hizumi at Connichi, but I think I won't do it..
I already don't have the fabrics, but Connichi is in September!
And there's not only one Cosplay, no!

Camiu and me want to finish our Antikku-Cos' for AnimagiC, so
I can't concentrate on Hizumi..wuahh o>. I become afraid...
I wanted to cosplay Kana-P, too, but at Shumatsu in October.
I already ordered the wig for this cosplay!
I'm so pleased about cosplaying Kana!
Her costumes are just LUV! *nodds*

nya~aa, Welcome... 

June 10 [Sat], 2006, 18:05

Nyo..this is Mi-chan!!

Hellu~uu first entry at yaplog. jp..I'm so happy about!

At first, there were a few problemes with registering, but at the end
everything was OK...thanks to Aya again! Honey..without your help
I'd never be here...u.u *kisu*

Hai~ii...thats all for the first..

Have a good day!
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