2006年12月03日(日) 3時53分

went to science world today with aki, asuka, megumi and tina... then later on in the afternoon, kevin, nicco, enrique and kei came to join us to see body worlds3... then we all went to dinner at otokomai... a japanese tapa bar....
nicco had too much to drink, so she got a little drunk... then kevin was so nice to her... kinda make me think that they are a couple... or maybe that's just the way that taiwaness act.... it sure didn't seem like a brother and sister thing to me... more like a couple, the way they acted.... which made me felt really weird....

kinda made me wonder when i will find my other half... i am kinda tired of being alone... want to find someone to take care of me, call me everynight to chat

my 1st blog 

2006年11月19日(日) 15時00分
wow, it's so hard to figure out how to do a blog in a japanese site...
but i guess with some guessing and luck, i pulled through...
i wonder if anyone will ever read my blog....
but it's alright... i guess i'll use this as a private blog... which would be kinda nice....
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