Tokio hotel - monsoon 

2007年11月25日(日) 17時20分
tokio hotel - durch den monsun (english version)

this was the first thing i saw off tokio hotel. randomly watching MTV EMA awards and saw their performence. ;___; AWESOME. (last few minutes = <3)


2007年11月25日(日) 17時00分
Das fenster o;ffnet sich nicht mehr
Hier drin' ist es voll von dir - und leer

soo i'm back 8D

*gets hit by tons of tomatoes*

sooo an update! D: i'm officially in maomao's monster hunter freedom 2 cosplay team as hermitaur amour. D: armours! but mine's relatively easy :3

Ich muss durch den monsun
Hinter die welt
Ans ende der zeit
Bis kein regen mehr fa;llt

had a mhf2 meeting yesterday at moc. XD actually it turned out to be an mhf2 gaming session instead. ._. with me sleeping on my laptop while 4 other guys play. (*@_)(**@)@($*! WHERE BE TEH GIRLS?! DX

manage to break down my armour a little, and the chain mail thing is settled X3

i manage to psycho my mom into ordering clothing online. so now my mom is paying for the clothings i want to order as well. YAY free clothings!

Und wenn ich nicht mehr kann, denk'ich daran
Irgendwann laufen wir zusammen

i want my shinshi doumei cross costume NAO DX

and i finally am using my laptop 8D it be named kadaj!

sometimes, i really wonder what i'll be doing right now if i wasn't into cosplaying. D:

'n Halber mond versinkt vor mir
War der eben noch bei dir

sorry for the german words. i'm obsessed with tokio hotel ;__;

Und hält er wirklich was er mir verspricht


2007年11月12日(月) 0時57分

ho yeh 8D

happy happy day! 8D 

2007年10月12日(金) 21時28分
today is a very happy happy day! well.. at least for me XP

i was all whining about how i wanted a video camera. and how the one i have now sucks because i wasn't able to find the damn charger. (it works on some battery thing. like handphones. so i wasn't able to use normal batteries)

today, i was just looking at my dead lifeless viceo cam.. when all of a sudden, i decided to rummage through allllll my goddamned wires and chargers i had. XD aaaand I FOUND IT! i was jumping around shouting "I FOUND IT! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" because i wasn't able to find it in the past. .__.

so then i charged it for abit and noticed that i had those really unglam photos from the halloween shoot LAST YEAR XD DELETED them all (lol) and decided to try out the camera and stuff again.

so after much rejoicing, i find myself wondering.

where the hell is the cable to transfer the photos in the videocam to the computer?

so i searched and praise the lord, i found it 8D.

so i was so damn hyper that i decided to do agito again! because i really wanted to do him one more time but because of the cruddy pants, i wasn't able too. plus, i wanted to wear my contacts for awhile more before it got expired (it'll expire next year july XD)

after so many months of no contact with contact lenses, it was harddddd trying to put the contacts in T__T. it felt uncomfortable but i got used to it after awhile.

so then i did make up and all those stuff and just wore my jacket.

impromptu shoot thingy!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
this photo is <3 ><

so now the only problem is, the memory card i have in the vid cam is of a measly 34 gb. so i'm trying to get my parents to get me a 1mb (OR MORE 8D) for my birthday so that i can take videos of EOY this year. (FF BATTLE! I SO WANNA RECORD THAT!)

anyone willing to get me a memory card for my video cam for my birthday? pleaseeeeeee? :333 it's the big type. the one aroudn the size of a thumb D: not the mini memory cards.

rui-daddy invited me to that website. it's pretty cool! seeing how sgcafe closed down for the day and i had nothing else to do :3

join join~!

almost :3 

2007年10月08日(月) 23時40分
Social Studies
Chinese PAPER 2 LEFT
Accounts PAPER 2 LEFT
ART (prep work in progress~)

4 more to go.. 4 more to go. *hears rui cheering the bg* XD

me and some of my friends were flaming the teacher. why the hell they wanna make paper 1 and paper 2 seperate?! D:

surprisingly. i thought accounts was gonna be so much harder .___. i might even be able to get more then 5 marks. O: *le gasp*

a proper blog post XD 

2007年10月03日(水) 20時31分
how long has it been since i made a proper blog post.. heh..

exams are killing me and skinning me alive. and tis only the start! DDDD:

Btw, here's a list of the subjects i have left that have yet been tested on. For those who are anticipating for my exams to be over so that i can hang out with you aKa rui-daddy XD.

Chinese PAPER 2 LEFT
Social Studies
ART (prep work in progress~)

looooonng way to go DX

having the accounts exam tommorow.. gg. i really have no idea whats going on in this thing you call accounts D:. even if i want to study. i don't know where to start.

i'll bet you 10 bucks at LEAST half the class is going to fail accounts.

*looks at all the classmates online* XD

and they were all offline yesterday for the ss and chinese papers. XP


juju has finally gone to taiwan! ... not that i chased him away or anything D: i'll nag at him if he dosen't buy bubble gum back. i swear DX


MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! 8D *nudge nudge*

was planning on maybe a swensens outing or something. ._.

but i ain't got no moolah to spent on DX

so we'll just party at my house and have KFC or something XD (MAYBE D:)

i wanna cosplay! it's been so long since i did ;__; last cosplay i did was nekozawa! with cheekk's cloak and my ouran uni X3

my yuffie costumeS are coming. :3 can't wait. and so is lynn's tifa. i hope it fits DX

i really wanna do tons of charas noww.. but the most i wanna do is the cloud kh ver.. gah! buster sword + hair = problem! but i feel that it's gonna be a fun outfit to wear :3

been wanting to cosplay oldies for awhie now. like shaman king (LYSERGGGG!) or something.. naruto/bleach/etc gets all the limelight. last time i saw a shaman king cosplayer.. was cosfest 2007. but.. meh.. cosfuck. ._. and it was a lyserg cosplay too.. but.. the hair.. the costume!! T^T

i'm still deciding on my cosfest 2008 costume.

maybe cloud.. maybe nagase.. maybe anbu.. maybe some new random character D:

konata is gonna get cosplayed over and over and over and over again. like haruhi. a word of caution. :3 but i'll always be the first konata in singapore.. and the first deidara.. and the first female bou. :3 am i the first reita? i dunno. but it'll be cool if i was ;D


go watch pan-kun on youtube if your bored. seriously. it's not an anime.

it's about a chimp. a very very clever chimp. of course it's japanese. XP but it's so cute when it does the stuff he's suppose to do wrongly. or he'll do it correctly and surprise the viewers.


undergo training for firemen,
helping the plantation
dropping his most valued camera into the sea and thinks of super clever ideas to fish it out XD
cooking noodles (yes wtf to you too ;D)
etc etc

go watch!!! DX

tags?! nooooo 

2007年10月02日(火) 23時35分

the person who tagged you is: Rui daddy!

your relationship with him/her is: daddy? mommy? DADDY! D:

your 5 impression of her : perverted, friendly, funny, insane, fun 8D

the most memorable thing she/he had done for you: tons of stuff :3

the most memorable words she said to you: 83 she said tons of memorable stuff to me too 8D LOL

if she/he bcomz your lover you will: it will be FREAKY. wtf incest yaoi D:

if she/she your lover,thing he/she has to improve on will be : tama. the cat's gotta go XD *sneezes on fur*

if he/she becomz your enemy. you will: T__T *bangs down house door*

if she/he bcomes your enemy, the reason will be: quarrels! D:

the most desired thing you want to do for him/her is: go for outings again!!

your overall impression of him/her: i guess daddy is okay. as long as he dosen't peep at me. ._.



The person who tagged you is: FINOAAAAAAAAAA XD

Your relationship with him/her is: cosplay friend, confidante X3

Your 5 impressions of her: cool, fun, friendly, funny, "shuai" 8D

The most memorable thing she/he had done for you: during jamming before natsu masturi. thank you ^^

The most memorable words she said to you: "can talk to me if you have any problems " :3

If he/she becomes your lover, you will : o_O freak out? XD

If he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be : LOL... uh D:

If he/she becomes your enemy, you will : try and be friends again?

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be : quarelling maybe?

The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is : uh.. buy her pocky? 83

Your overall impression of him/her : (refer to no.1)


whoever who sees this D:

update.. not really 

2007年09月07日(金) 23時22分
haven't updated in a long time. but i have to post this. since i don't know when i'll have the time to blog.

rui>> these few weeks, it's not about a guy or school. it's more of stress.

i'm stressed out. i bet you yourself have stressed out days as well. my sister isn't coming home, not contacting any of us, mom dosen't care about my sister anymore. her birthday is today. no plans were made. even my mom said "i don't care about her, unless she calls me."

but enough about my sister. back to me

for the photoshoot thing. i'm sorry. but i was REALLY not able to make it. i was actually all prepared. but i'm so stressed out that i actually forgot the most impt thing. how did i know i would sprain my leg a few days before the photoshoot, how would i know that my parents wouldn't let me go. when they usually did.

mostly because my mom was nagging at me and how i still want to go have fun when my leg was already sprained.

right now, my leg still isn't healed up properly. it's still hurting quite badly.

for the marathon thing, it's not like i fully didn't want to go. but it takes really long to get from tampines to AMK. i wanted to rest this week. but everything just keeps piling up.

when i read your posts, i really really really felt like crying. i'm really very stressed out. i can feel myself getting sick anytime soon.

and my exams are really very close. what if you had exams a few days later, need preparation because you are weak in a few subjects, and people are calling you out to go to the movies and to the arcade for the whole day??

yes you do see me online 24/7 like i'm some slacker. but really. i don't reply because i'm either busy, or resting.

all in all, i'm really sorry i wasn''t able to make it. and hope that you won't blame "my guy" for anything that has happened. because whether i'm in a relationship or not, it won't change my attitude towards my friends or the way i am.

homg i lack filial piety D: i shall come home soon daddy.


iylia: hello
iylia:are you there??
(i was sleeping but i woke up)
stjh: ya??
iylia:who are you?
stjh: shermaine why?
iylia:i thought you were lynn
iylia: haha
stjh: oh okay. i'm quite busy now. talk later ya. (i went back to bed)
iylia:why i see you everytime online one?
iylia:you there????

the next day

iylia:are you here? (all 3 messages was typed within a few secs. she didn't wait)
stjh: ya?
iylia:you online again
stjh: ((&$*#(&@*( WTF)) uh, ya.
iylia:so rich?
stjh: not rich
iylia:hahahaa... okay
stjh: doing something else. busy
iylia: oh okay
iylia: haha
iylia: you nvr sleep one?
iylia: you there?
stjh: um, i do
iylia: but you online 24/7
iylia: like never sleep one.




2007年08月05日(日) 11時20分
from rui>

Sometimes when couples break up, sometimes one will offer to remain friends or one will ask to remain friends. It may seem like the right thing to do, the good thing to do. I don't think so. It's torture me thinks.


coscon! i'm okay with my konata cosplay. but my wig was super darn messy D: and the ahoge wouldn't stand DX

but still, i enjoyed it. 8D


lol ._.

we did the lucky star/ haruhi dance so many times @_@


i know that it's torture when you see me with him now. and how we were so close in front of you. but don't forget what you said to me. we'd still be friends. i waved at you and you didn't even respond. wtf.

thanks for the choco coronet. thank you.


2007年07月23日(月) 1時08分
mood today and yesterday: (。・_・。)ポッ(・///_///・)ポッ(。・_・。)ポッ

how long has it been since i posted? n___n;

cosfest is... waaaaaaay over.

and i'm too lazy to write something about it @_@


next event is coscon.

lucky star
coronetto (BUY ME SOME N___N)
ULTRA short skirt...



today is a family outing daaaaay!!

went to cat class at church and at the end of class, asked the teacher about some personal matters n__n (friends not believing in god)

thennn, i went to grassroots club! 83 the lift has tonnnnns of mirrors. @_@

bla bla bla jackpot room bla bla taking care of little cousin.. blablablaaaaa playroom... balls... lalalala

._. then went to jerome's house for prayer XP


gah! my fringe is killing me @_@ it's over my eyes!

i may either part it side or cut it short. but i fear that if i do, my fringe will start curling ;__;

oh well.
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