Shopping Spree on Saturday 

March 24 [Mon], 2008, 16:24
Saturday was indeed a BUSY day.

Woke up around 7, and was almost late for my driving lesson. I booked my lessons at 8am. Haha~ Thank goodness, my dad was still around, so he sent me down.

Reached there and realised that I had forgotten to print the slip, and went back down to the machine to queue up and get my allocation slip. Almost fell asleep in the class, coz it was super boring. Luckily, the class ended like a few mins earlier. Rushed down to Bukit Batok's MCD to meet up with Pey Fen for breakfast. Heard from her that Selene had resigned. Okie, that was pretty unexpected. Thought she would stay for like another 2 more years? Also heard that she had a "conflict" with Jimmy also ^^"

After breakfast, took a cab back and work on my VA script. left the house @ 12.15, coz the meeting was at 12.45 @ Breeks. It was only until near 12.40, Stephanie smsed me to tell me about the change in location. It was like already near to 1 and location was changed to Keith's studio, which was at Arab Street. I got so angry that I replied to her saying that I couldn't make it on time. She even said I wasn't committed to this thing. Like hello, I've already inform you that I have classes at 2, and it was you who made the last minute changes. People can accomodate to ur changes, but I can't. I have my other commitments. Uptill now, I'm still pretty much angry at her.

After lessons, met with Amanda and went straight down to Pasir Ris. Ee Keng was late as usual ^^"
Went round White Sands to do some shopping before heading over to Sherry's Bdae party. Went to Burger King to grab some food, coz Amanda was hungry. then off to Comics Connection and then Iora for more shopping for me! I ended up buying 2 dresses. Haha! But it was so pretty and I can wear it, so I went ahead to buy it, WITHOUT looking at the prices. This is my first time buying clothes like this.

Waited for Ee Keng until 6 plus, before we arrived at Downtown East. Still drizzling over there, but we kind of heck, even we have umbrellas. Haha. Reached the chalet and saw some 77Star staff over there. Ee Keng, Amanda and me were entertaining ourselves with lame stuff. Haha~ Grab a bite over there and took some pics.

Staff of 77Star plus Amanda, Sherry, me and Ee Keng.
Sherry's Bdae Present. A bikini set.

Left the place around nearly 9 and went to MCD to grab a quick dinner before heading back home. Was super tired that I plop to bed within 2 hours. Haha~

It was fun!
Oh ya, all pics are credited to Sherry.

Bored again? 

March 24 [Mon], 2008, 15:13
Am feeling a little bored in office.

Not because I'm free, but I'm kind of stressed out from looking at all those Korean words. They really can give me a headache.

Am waiting for my new iPod pouch to come, coz the crystal I'm using, seriously sucks! haha! Am also waiting for my Uni stuff. Apparently, I'm accepted in, so ya.

I'm going to Uni, but not full-time. Will be doing part-time, coz I'm a money eater. LOL! Will try to finish Uni within 3 years + 1 year of honours. Thats my plan for now. Anyway, my parents are supportive of this decision, so basically I'm going ahead for it. Not going to Jap Uni anymore, coz I seriously can't wait any longer. May take EJU for fun? Haha~

I need to buck up on my Jap!

As said, my coming weekend will be busy again. SIGH.
Need to go down to Jap sch to make payments also. Money FLY again....GAH!!!!!

Good Friday 

March 23 [Sun], 2008, 20:21
A "Good Friday" indeed. Haha!

Was supposed to meet Ee Keng and Qing Fang @ 11am @ Far East, but apparently both were late. So I ended up shopping alone first. Bought a really pretty pair of shoes for casual wear~ *hehe* Am looking for those type of shoes to wear. No pics though.

Qing Fang came around 11.30 or so. Went with her to the toilet, as she went to try out the costume. Then this wierd woman came up to me and ask me whether I have eyebrow pencil. I told her I didn't have it with me, and she made a big reaction out of it lah! I kind of freak out. She even asked my pay and so soon. I just kind of like "replied" her. Haha! Quickly rushed out of the toilet once Qing Fang was done.

Went to Sheer Romance to get Sherry's B'dae present. Was late in meeting Kirisaki. ^^"

After that, went to Sakae to have lunch! YUMMY AWESOMLICIOUS SASHIMI! Had a round of sashimi lah~ Was so happy when I ordered Salmon and Swordfish~ Waited till nearly 1 until Weiqi came over. Ee Keng was super late. Haha! Ended up she went shopping with us. Went over to Far East to look at some stuff. I ended up ordering Yuuki's patch. Haha! Bought the costume, but still have yet to wear it. Quite a waste.
Went to this shop. They were selling Super Lovers bag!!!!! OMG!!! THAT IS REALLY MADE OF WINZ!!! They practically import the bags to Singapore!!! I love the shop owner. Am gonna get more tote bags there lah!

After that, we headed to Wisma to do more shopping. Fan girled @ Kino also. Haha! It was so fun~ Bought Vivi, Nodame book 20 and Code Geass~ Code Geass book is made out of love!!!Loads of pairings inside. After that, Ee Keng left, coz she had to go home change out and leave for Zouk.

Ended up, Qing Fang, Weiqi and I continued shopping. Haha! It was super tiring! Shoped @ Centre Point before heading to PS. Saw the cosplay thingy @ PS. Nothing much though. Legs were aching like hell!!!! o_O;

Quickly rushed to Cotton On to get the pretty cardigan~ Then went to Charles and Keith to get a pair of shoes~ Pretty affordable. $28 only!!! Haha~ Its really pretty. It has those Burberry vibes in it! Haha~

Here's a pic of things I've bought on Good Friday~
Apr Issue of ViVi
My super cute Super Lover bag!!!
My Charles and Keith shoes~

Ended up spending alot....GAH!!!!

Brownie Pics 

March 20 [Thu], 2008, 14:45
As promised! Here's the brownie pics that I've bought on Tuesday at NUS SoA.

Its really pretty!

Thats the box!
Pretty nice right? for a box that is. Haha!

There are the flavours I've bought: Peanut butter & jam, Double Chocolate, Walnut Chocolate, M&M Chocolate, White Chocolate!

Its a must try!!!

Japanese University 

March 20 [Thu], 2008, 14:10
Well, applications for SIM are gonna be closed soon.
Still waiting for their reply. In the mean time, will be taking some part-time courses. Will be trying out EJU soon, if I can make it. Haha!

Hope I can get into Jap Uni.
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