WP8 version of the game has already landed on the Microsoft store

June 20 [Fri], 2014, 22:27
Has now landed the WP8 of the wonderful machine shops, there are currently 25 points, and gradually increase the difficulty. Players through a combination of gears, conveyor belts, magnets, weights, bombs and lasers, and assembling machines light bulbs.

The marvelous machines is a third-party game providers sc0tt games produced a games physics puzzle puzzles, game scene on top of similar blueprints, players need to weight, axis, gears, levers, ropes, boots, guns and other cartoon graphic on the arrangements in place in order to trigger a chain reaction in order to complete the objectives, for example, hit a button in the distance.

A total of 25 levels, requires players to think quickly, design can bubble up route, in order to pass. Currently the games are trial + model cost 8 Yuan, support the Chinese market. Windows 8.1 and WP8.1 is also a universal application.

Google or post Auto Link challenges Apple CarPlay

June 20 [Fri], 2014, 22:00
Google Developer Conference to be held next week, would issue its own on-board system codenamed Google Auto Link, the vehicle system to challenge Apple CarPlay car system, endless war between the two giants into a new area.

Google of Auto Link allows user directly with car instrument disc, and central control Taiwan and steering wheel to manipulation they of Ann Zhuo smart phone, is may will allows you call, and browse Google map, and sent SMS, and play music, and completely without touch touch you of phone, and we is determines Google will put home of voice control system also added in, to driving provides convenient sex and security.

In this regard natural CarPlay also looks very similar to Apple, CarPlay makes very good use of Siri. It is not clear what kind of car will be the first to support the Auto Link, but it looks like Audi, General Motors, Honda, and Hyundai Kia Motors is more likely, Audi has its own GPS navigation on the map using Google maps satellite image, Hyundai-Kia Motors to use Google's reason to identify services. Other than Auto Link, said Google's Android will also develop an entirely new feature, let the car itself becomes an Android device that can be connected in an open car when the Union was established, claiming that by 2014 to bring Android to the car.

Win7 is better? Microsoft Certified Win8.1 Update more errors

May 20 [Tue], 2014, 18:10
Microsoft Win8.1 Update before you install problems, many Win8.1 users are unable to install this upgrade. Hundreds of users had previously confirmed that a BUG prevents the upgrade of Windows 8.1 Update process, now that Microsoft has acknowledged this problem, confirmed even more block Win8.1 Update installation errors, these errors cause the BSOD

InfoWorld news today, Microsoft released two new announcements were KB2956283 and KB2967012, and Win8.1 Update BSOD confirmed IE11, respectively. In addition, Microsoft recognized 800F0922, 800F0923, 80070003, and 80073712 error 80070005, 80070490, some users also see this message on a computer, "we are unable to complete the upgrade to revoke change. Do not turn off the computer. "

Microsoft already offers some solutions, but these methods are not effective, which means that some Win8.1 users are unable to install the Win8.1 Update.

Microsoft forcing Windows 8.1 users must upgrade the Win8.1 Update, after the deadline is May 13, now extended to June 10 in order to ensure that the user has enough time to resolve installation problems.

Win7 will have? Optimize touch experience, Win9 native digital ink

May 20 [Tue], 2014, 17:40
Last week, we reported on a Win9 preview will be held starting next February. As Microsoft's next generation Windows system, and Win9 continued leading the touch experience? This time, the Microsoft Product Manager revealed Win9 will be native support for digital ink (digital ink) technology to continue to optimize touch experience.

Last week, Microsoft showed a video introduces next-generation Windows desktop system native compatibility to the latest digital ink (digital ink) technology. According to Microsoft Product Manager Tucker Hatfield introduced Windows9 original equipped with touch technology, including Office Gemini (Modern Office2013) products will also support digital ink (digital ink) technology.

Accompanied by Win9, digital ink (digital ink) technology to take the stage, the existing Surface series tablet would greatly benefit from, especially native-compatible digital ink (digital ink) feature.

Tomorrow, Microsoft will hold the Surface new product launches, will release Surface Mini, new equipment such as Surface Pro 3, respectively, the main office, portable, touch, video and audio entertainment, continues to strengthen its influence in the mobile market.

Win8.1 deficiencies and solutions

April 19 [Sat], 2014, 12:21
Even though Microsoft Windows 8 system has been promoted, but within a year of its listing, market share is still less than 10%, it seems this system experienced mobile + desktop combo is not recognized by the majority of consumers. Of course, Microsoft also actively improve some issues, such as free Windows 8.1 upgrade, part of solving the original system that not humane. However, Windows 8.1 is still not universal, even added a bit of a problem, the following is a summary of these issues and solutions, we may as well take a look.
Start "button for Windows 8.1 is the return back the old user's small improvements, but only actually use knows, this" start "vacations" start ", press it in desktop mode, it just brings you back to full color Modern UI, Windows 7 and previous" start "is not the same.

Solution: favour a similar "Start8", "Shell" and other third-party software, they can remind you of classic charm of the start menu.
Modern UI is Windows 8/8.1 the most controversial portion of properties although it is full of moving platforms, but Microsoft hopes it will renew the traditional Windows as part of its function, so the experience is filled with contradictions. For example, can open multiple Windows in a traditional Windows and Modern UI supports multiple-window capabilities, but only allows each window to 590 pixels wide. In other words, even the 1920*1080 Full HD resolution, and could only hold two Windows.

Solution: If you want to change this question, please search in the search field "display settings", and then down in the more options drop down, "change the size of all the items," select smaller.

This verdict? Microsoft's effort to block pirated Windows 7

April 19 [Sat], 2014, 12:18
Pirated Windows in Microsoft has launched a number of offensives in the past, but to be completely eliminated within a short time is not easy. Especially at the national level, using pirated software, the operating system has become a habit.

But let it clearly inappropriate, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft has recently passed the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act) providing pirated Windows ISO download links on a range of personal blog site and share seeds have been complaints.

It is reported that the Microsoft's complaint focused on Windows 7 systems, currently in its Microsoft blacklisted websites and personal blogs have amounted to many hundreds of. Of course, to be completely banned these links is not realistic for a short time, and not surprisingly, they soon will appear on the Web.

According to statistics, Windows 7 is by far the highest rates of pirated Windows systems, Windows 8 by virtue of the new OA 3.0 technology prevent activation crack, so there are no large areas of piracy. So, for Microsoft, trying to prevent piracy in the future, there is more on the anti-piracy mechanism work harder.

XP will soon be retired! Microsoft popup to remind XP users to upgrade system

March 10 [Mon], 2014, 22:14
History's longest-operating system Microsoft Windows XP will be officially decommissioned on April 8, 2014, but Microsoft has spared no effort to promote XP users to upgrade the system. Foreign media reports that Microsoft will adopt the popup form to remind XP users to upgrade the operating system.

On March 8, in Windows Update after regular updates, Microsoft will start using the Windows XP user send popup warnings, draws to a close the popup warnings will appear in Microsoft Windows XP to provide rapid support links. Since then, the 8th of each month, XP users who have not upgraded systems will receive a popup warning, however, XP users can also select "do not show me this message" option.

In addition, Microsoft will launch a free migration tool helps users to migrate data from old PC system equipped with a PC in the Windows 7/8/8.1 System. From Microsoft's perspective, Microsoft wants XP users to upgrade the system to Windows 8.1. Related news and stated that on April 8, not just XP retires, Windows system 8.1 update is released.

Free at the Microsoft global non-profit organization Office 365

March 07 [Fri], 2014, 20:51
on September 10 in the evening news, Microsoft on Tuesday launched the "Office 365 for Nonprofits" project, the globally oriented, non-profit agencies and eligible business for free Office 365.

The project is the Microsoft "Technology for Good" part of the project. Through the Technology for Good projects, enterprises can apply for the free use of Microsoft tools and resources.

Zhiqian, enterprises through Technology for Good project has free use of Windows 8, Windows Server and Visual Studio products, annual fees now can obtain Office 365.

From today onwards, Office 365 for Nonprofits facing global nonprofit organizations from 41 countries, and use Enterprise free for non-profit purposes, into next summer and will expand to 90 countries

Office 365 Home Premium subscribers has exceeded 3.5 million

March 07 [Fri], 2014, 20:47
Microsoft launches Office 365 Home Premium services for consumers, less than a year, but it now appears that this subscription services very well. Today, as part of the last quarter (as of December 31), Microsoft says Office 365 Home Premium more than 3.5 million subscribers. Updated figures showed that the 2 million and 1 million, as well as of May 2013 September 2013 "milestone" when compared to the subscription services for b

Office 365 Home Premium subscription services are divided into two kinds, fees are US $ $9.99/month, or $ $99.99 per year.

Users can use include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, as well as OneNote, Access, Publisher, including a Windows/Mac PC/Smartphone applications.

Microsoft, Office software from the physical retail a shift to a subscription model, there is a "drawback" – it says, in effect, revenues from the Office the consumer sector, fell in the last quarter of 16%.

The company said, which "owes" the transformation of consumers migrating to Office 365 Home Premium. Nevertheless, the win over 3.5 million subscribers in one year time, is still a pretty inspiring good news--because Microsoft has been slow, but inevitably moving away from selling stand-alone software business model

Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 Full Version

April 23 [Mon], 2012, 12:14
Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 Full Version

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Transform complex ideas into "aha!" moments and get everyone on the same page with less time and effort. Create clear and attractive diagrams in minutes, with a diverse set of modern, pre-drawn shapes, pictures and templates, with an intuitive navigation and with new automatic drawing tools. Bring your diagrams and scattered islands of data together in one dynamic, data-driven picture. This product includes all the features of Microsoft visio 2010 professional, plus more!

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