Trail where the perfect

August 16 [Thu], 2012, 9:48
The antique town, with a distant history of the era, is well known for the ancient town.

The town has a runs through the town's main line, is not very wide, but do not feel small, Louboutin Shoes covered with a block of openly bluestone, bluestone and green moss, its history witness. The trail is called the trail, just catchy things is very difficult to get rid of, when the younger generation of people think that is not to give this trail a name, older people are always opposed, since it has been called on the mouth, why should we change the name of a mouthful. So the trail is also called the Little Road.

The trail is the backbone of the village line, "l" word line strike to open in the town, at first. People see support not think the road is not enough, an old cattle, a flock of sheep, a bicycle. Only in the busy trail "soil bamboo car coming and going will be more, but contacts are caused to feel crowded since the reform and opening up to the town was named the civilized ancient town, and secondly, people's pockets money, have been busy looking for spiritual solace, so the spate of tourists to the town owned. simple farmers become later the smile from the previous puzzled, because those usually do not feel any special usefulness of the ancient a brothel, the ancient residence, have become their cash cow, but they soon discovered the problem, the trail is too small to be driving two cars side by side with some difficulty, there are some people along the trail side of the road, relying on geopolitical open some souvenirs and souvenir shop, would have become more affluent, while away from the trail side of the family, share the benefits of less than such travel is still very poor, so the town is no longer peace. every day some people away from the trail side of the road, and on district and county city of miles required to modify the trail.

Chennai live a large number of farmers fear a large number of poor requirements, the municipal party committee meeting to discuss the trail built. The final conclusion is: one, widening the longer trail. Changed to "S" shape of the trail, on the basis of the original form Trail, a message to get a few of the people smile, busy home disregarded shop busy opened.

The trail widened into a "S" shape, the town is quiet for a while, but soon, new problems came out: trail widening variable "S" shape, although many families benefit, but still must most people still missed the trail. If before the trail did not change no problem, because the trail for hundreds of years so sideways, but now changed, on what basis over someone's home, and why not from the front of their own over it? Thus began a new dispute. Those people did not get the trail benefits, and a joint appeal to the District, to the municipal to the provincial party committee to submit their application forms to require sub-due benefits. The town's "head" who prior thought no big deal, but then aware there is some clues, so quickly convene a meeting to deliberate the matter of re-diversion.

This meeting, the formation of two factions, with one of the objections by the rich monastic faction, most of them benefit diversion, they said that if once again the trail "branch" to like, it will affect them on the open side trail shops. The school is composed by some of the farmers did not trail the benefits of diversion camp, Christian Louboutin Outlet they concur with the diversions, the distribution of benefits to every corner of the town.

Since the continuation of the meeting from a morning to the afternoon, but still did not get a conclusion, the last mayor to bite the final word: repair! Path Xiu "|" the shape of money to bank loans, big deal without those squires rich money. So the town cheering, shouting, as if this is a trend well-off towards the road to prosperity.

The people's faith is enough, soon the night road to pave the way. When the road repaired, a month earlier than expected time, people were happy to look at this through the town every corner of the trail, the infinite longing of the eyes, people understand that the original rich is not a dream, like paved a road so Easy.

However, things are not as people imagine as simple, since the trail built into the |-shaped, every house, opened the riches store looks from the town, at least half of the family room facing the street to shop, and the most importantly, visitors to the town is one day at a reduce. The panic of the people so the whole town, because the road on the bank loans money, shop decoration purchase money has not landed, because the shop, and even fields fields are abandoned, weeds grow can not paint. People looking for reasons, but in the end no fruit.

Fact or facts, because the town for visitors is decreasing, the shops of the path to even purchase money, get it out. As a result, the town is slowly fell into decline.

In fact, people do not know, town to town, but in order to enjoy the town's quaint and elegant; In fact, people do not understand, pedestrians, but to set foot on the trail of the bump moss contend, and not to set foot on the tarmac flat; In fact, people do not understand, the visitors but the town's share of the drop did not ancient, rather than the urbanization of rural areas in order to view ...

In the fall, the town did not, people still do not understand the reason, always standing at the door waiting, waiting for visitors, waiting for a waiting for.

Perhaps the world is simply the perfect thing, it is such as this trail ...
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