20 years ago

October 04 [Thu], 2012, 13:11
I understand that 20 years ago, 100 million animals lords grasshopper infestation seems to have islands and Guyana, and Venezuela in the Caribbean. Among experts is that "How did grasshoppers Yattenoke the transatlantic" that seems to have become questionable.

They are in the region of this insect sounds like I did not know well before.
For the higher temperatures comfortably fly, grasshopper daimyo during the day seems to fly normally.
And think about it, is not it terrible that flew in four days or six days a distance of 5,000 kilometers from 4,000 kilometers.
When the temperature drops in the evening, this seems to stop flying grasshopper. According to the "Le Monde" newspaper of France, researchers are looking at because there is no thing to eat is also a place to rest your wings when flying across the Atlantic, grasshoppers, and I wonder motionless in the air probably .

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