Fast time in a long time! 

2008年09月08日(月) 19時07分
Hello everyone!

I live in Matsuyama city.

I have learned English since 2 years ago.

Befor I tryed to write dairy by English.

But as you can see, I gave up soon.

How many days can I keep this time?

Someone to like an English, Please send me message.

Of course by English!


2006年11月02日(木) 9時55分
Hello boss!
The other day I went to Italian restaurant to my school anniversary party.
It is far for me to walk there.
Therefore I went by car. So I was not able to drink liquor.
I like Italian food and it seem to be delicious .
Some people met for the first time.
I was able to enjoy talking with them.
And I was able to chat with a Bulgarian woman.
She spoke English very well.

Last weekend 

2006年10月18日(水) 18時43分
I went for shopping to RESPAS CITY with a family last Saturday.
We went to buy clothes for sons.
RESPAS CITY is a shopping center in the suburbs.
There are many kinds of store and play spot.
For example outlet moll, food shop, theater, hot spring, mini golf, and foot ball coat.
We were able to enjoy it and get cool clothes.
Last Sunday is my special day
I challenged English certification examination.
I took an entrance examination for the third grade.
It is a junior high school high-school graduate business level.
The place was Ehime University in the city.
I arrived early for approximately an hour.
I sometimes yet came to only one about a classroom.
I was surprised very much in a few minutes.
Because about 30 high school girls came and .About 20 high school boys came afterwards.
It is already a school here.
The examination was very simple.
But we have an interview of a second examination in next month.
I talk in English with an interview official for approximately 5 minutes.
Probably because question contents are limited, I think that there is not a problem.
I intend to challenge the second grade next year

Exam day 

2006年10月08日(日) 11時23分
Recently I study English very hard.

October,15 I try to English certification exam of level 3.

It usually is popular with junior high school student.

Even thought I think that it is a better way to grow up my English conversation.

Needless to say I can not speak English.

My son has started to English conversation school since this June.
He is six years old.

I think he is able to catch up to me soon.

Therefore I have to do more my best.

Comeing soon! 

2006年10月04日(水) 10時28分
Hello everybody.
Today is international match of football!
Japan fights against Ghana.
Probably I think that it is difficult to beat Ghana.
Ghana is very tough and high physical ability.
Besides, there broke down about two important players.
TUBOI and TYURIO have a many experience of match.
I hope that they come back soon.
By the way young players were lucky.
It is good chance getting a position.
Coming soon!

Sports day. 

2006年10月01日(日) 9時53分
Hello! How is work and study?
There is a sports day on last Sunday in an elementary school
So I got up early and went to there.
Because keep the good place for watching.
When I go to there at 7:00am it already kept a good place.
I came back home and told wife “sorry I cannot”.
She is angry and said “skip lunch!”
My son was looking forward to running to short relay.
He was able to win and become No1!
My family was delighted.
We were able to spend on time for sport day.
But I still upset.
I have to more get up early next year.
That too bad・・・・


2006年09月17日(日) 17時48分
How is week end?

I was busy work on the week end

September is usually busy month.

Many people looking for rent room.

So I work over time every day.

Most busy month is March and April
Because there are many at all people starting new life from April

This month become sale than normal 3 time!

There is much kind of complaint and nonpayment too.

Therefore this work is difficult mentally when not tough.

International match –soccer- 

2006年09月10日(日) 18時05分
Hello !
Did you watch soccer game to Japan?
Japan against iemen and 1-0 result
Japan was able to win somehow
Fight an away ,I expected that Japan has a hard match
It was as 0-0 to loss time and GANAHA get a final goal!
Therefore I was excited very match
Next match is October and Against Ghana
Maybe I think that Ghana is stronger than other country of African districts
Don’t miss it next match!

My job A 

2006年09月07日(木) 10時53分
It is continue about 2 titles before (My job)

So nonpayment is serious

For example one month late is not too hard to collect

But more than three month later ・・too hard it

At the first I call cellophane and send a letter

Next I go to there and examine whether he lives

Final I collect a rent pay from joint surety

It is hard work!

summer vacation 

2006年08月29日(火) 14時56分
How do you spend on this summer vacation?
I was able to take it for four days.
I went to many a place with family this summer vacation.

On Sunday we went to Omogo village.
Omogo village is south district of Ehime.
It is famous spot as place such as camping and swimming.
And we have a swim in a river so enjoy it.

On Monday we got up early and went to Tivori park in Kurashiki.
Tivori park is theme park such as Disneyland.
Day trip!!
It had fireworks and dance show at the night and was able to enjoy it all day.

We spent remainder two day at home
It is the end of the summer soon

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