2005年10月03日(月) 21時41分
Need to train my patience.

You know, there is a problem nature called " Unmotivated to study" and my symtom is "Unmotivated to work",

Put reasonable expectation on the others. But....who's reasonable?

A & B 

2005年10月02日(日) 2時36分
Always feel very tired.
Always don't want to sleep
Also, I have so many things want to do.....
Ammmmm, bipolar? hahahahha

Book about eneagrams had been read in the afternoon,
Being a dreamer, I like to plan about the future
But.....most of them were dreams and not being executed
Beware of this ( I always told myself), I know i can do better if i put more patience on
Bingo that's the way

Being a happy teenager 

2005年09月27日(火) 0時30分
I have just finished the book "Being a happy teenager".
This is a good book for teenagers of course, for worker also. It used simple language to talk about some values, some difficulities of youth. It also provided some skills for the youth to face their problem. It is simple and useful.

Also, it reminds me something.

Sick Leave 

2005年09月26日(月) 20時26分
Take a sick leave today. Sleeping for the whole holilday. Just sleeping, eating, sleepi ng and eating. Just like a........................................................poor......

No working monday these week, hope it will be a good week. However, my ex* seems have a poor day today. Wish her good luck.

* ex : My ex-fieldmate + ex-roommate + O'camp mate + soc mate + group mate + sor mate........................................ = 蚊

I think she can take a sick leave~~hahahaha~~

A Long Sleep 

2005年09月26日(月) 1時02分
I cough these day ....seriously. Sleep over 80% of my time. How tired am i~
Very horrible~~!!!!!

Special Day 

2005年09月21日(水) 0時56分
Thanks for Man's msg first. Hoping more and more ppl would read this OD.

How special today?
~ I wrote a referral within....1 hours~~great~!
~ totally finished 4 documentations in 24 hours.
~ The first time i used internet shopping.
~ Happy again after today's work
~ Always say add oil to myself.
~ Not so Down these days
~ Suddenly have dinner with Emily and her......



2005年09月20日(火) 1時25分
Like HoCC recently. Her songs are good.
Sand was one of my favourite.

How to leave a msg? 

2005年09月19日(月) 12時46分
Always want to teach every of you how to leave msg.
It was not a difficult job.
You can just click the link "コメント(0)" under every post (Just beside "記事URL")
Then you will see a form.

the 1st blank (お名前): please put your name in it
the 2nd blank (メール): please put your email (but i think that it was okay if keep it blank)
the 3rd blank (URL) :....ummm....i think ur website/ OD's url
the 4th blank (コメント): It was pronounced as "Komendo" = "comment", thus, leave your msg here. then push the buttom below it. Finish~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no social worker in a family 

2005年09月18日(日) 0時06分
I have not thought that social worker could help everyone to solve/ deal with their problem. At least, I think that social worker is very difficult to deal with their family member's personal problem.

You know, it is difficult for me to keep a good temper to deal with. It is more difficult to use empathy on her.

I know she was under great pressure. Crying may help a bit. But i think a more rational method could be used other than just crying. I dun think such heavy emotion could help any.

I have tried to explain but, i am not in the right position to explain. Or i am not a social worker in my family right. I did not get the same power as in my job. Thus, i feel a bit angry, helpless, and i try to escape from this.

Set a goal! 

2005年09月17日(土) 21時53分
I think i should set a clear goal~~hohoho~~
My first goal:
Weight-loss and keep fit.

Dear My friends,

Please help me in anyway. Including: told me not to eat so much, stop me using any methods, remind me frequently on doing more and more exercises.

Dear family members (but they would not read my OD):

Please don't cook so delicious food and ask me to eat more!!!

Although, 阿大 told me I have
"Excellent internal beauties.........................................".
but....i dun want to be too ugly on my surface.~~

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