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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 1356th chapter main artifact and artifact of tactics of sea of faces .
.. ... That tactics has been the Li Junshan heart of thorn ,unplug the sad ,don pull me .The previous movies and games, profiled the sea into a disadvantage ,even with high tech in the face of sea iron gens attacks are only perish together road is optional, and the magic of the world Li Junshan feels the same way -- boundless shaped sea is any of a race of any kind civilization .
The hope has this power ,but Li Junshan worried about out of control ,the magic gene family in this world that profiled removed the latent ,assassination ,occult various coat ,is at work in just ways on the stage is more sharp obviously terrorist ,once shaped out of control ,Li Junshan did not dare to imagine what scene that could be .
Mental space at this time has shaped is about one hundred thousand, this number has many, the emptiness of the spirit space looks amazing enough ,Li Junshan figured all over in front of the seat of the ancient city of narrow and it definitely is very spectacular .
Only the strength is poor too much ,one hundred thousand special ,light is in the underworld parasitic common Mingzu soldiers created closer to the messenger type special-shaped has seventy-three thousand one hundred and eighty-two only ,will they all spill ,Li Junshan estimates that only death scenes in the eyes of the one ,having no effect .
Of course ,if the number of the largest ever born profiled all evolve into super order ,Li Junshan never think so ... ... High order and half god, difference is not little ,but the horror of the amount sufficient to compensate for all this .
Flash mind transfer had many ideas ,but this time in the demigod alien Legion magic easily took many half god indigenous life ,the conflict over the demigod indigenous already will head a body or large or thin half god shaped submerged .
Not absolutely ,without at least 1.5 God indigenous can catch up with black magic point ,such long distances strength and speed, not ideal demigod dimorphism in flexible ,agile is better than Fengshen pterosaur profiled in a moment North Face Massif,can make at least a dozen action to avoid it in a semi transparent bone wings like a sharp tremor frame flexible fighter as Li Junshan marvel .
Of course ,play a key role in the thin bone or its wing ,this is also Li Junshan did not borrow it ability the main reason .With a terrible fire of high temperature corrosion of ray and piercing black light ray in six tentacles fly lay a very striking, chaotic space fighting black point in magic attack rhythm was remarkably consistent ,when the fire of ray will be an indigenous when ignited, sharp black light ray in a moment or big or small the ball hit into a large explosion .
Residual fire .Can only see black fire wing devil figure and violent attacks ,while the other half god profiled include inverse special-shaped has been the demigod indigenous flooded, screams ,fighting and magic power of sound ,the roar of the non-stop lost indigenous planted into the ground ,to identify those demigods dimorphism was injured but not sure to hurt to have multiple ,and very long Li Junshan anxiously looking forward to the alien queen .
Only one, surprises on Li Junshan spread apart UGG Bailey I Do For Cheap.The space is the indigenous God in Li Junshan seen had exploded into the meat .Rather than alien queen under the hand, the familiar thick black power beam ,the horror of her main power, when Iman Vinnie once again shine look to one Yushe alien start, alien queen waved waved the fingers magic wind ring in the main seal the power of god .
A blow or die ,with the order of Iman Vinnie is one of the most difficult to capture the most difficult to kill ,but when he is facing the LORD God power is simply cannot withstand a single blow North Face Down Sale,the entire body being black light hitting the instant burst into a mist of blood ,immediately on the spot by gasification .
Not that cannot use the main artifact . Li Junshan or tell the queen itself the divine and holy force difference ,his estimate is also alien queen does not want to and that space is the God indigenous do more entangled in on a direct use of the main artifact ,but when Li Jun hills eyes rotating view to field only outsiders when Monlz, his heart was finally back in the stomach .
Monlz didn to the alien queen has killed the space is the God indigenous ,three Yushe alien and the three gods Beamon special and not too dispersed ,with most of the other species is not comparable to the perfect coordination of communication in the wonderful to have top with a kill three gods indigenous ,while the other two gods indigenous attempt to attack and attack the alien queen ,the skinhead binge drinking a carrying Nakuo axe live to meet her .
Snow like axe shadow that pointed monkey cheek God indigenous completely wrapped in the center ,Mengerzi unless it is stellar ,but when another quite a big belly red Luo shaggy upper orcs like a God indigenous after the intervention of his not so easily, signs of danger appearing everywhere .
See at any time may be dead on the spot ,but also where is considered on the alien queen there peeping . Didn see it heart long sigh of relief ,Li Junshan is not at the alien queen to Mengerzi side of the war, now aware of his ten and a half god indigenous straight in the strange sounds in ferocious rushed .
Phage burst month mirror in his left hand ,and only half god indigenous Li Junshan use of an exceeding one should be a god beast seckill artifact ,right hand like a fire Vulcan sigh Yinghong the vastness of space ,but he is also not steps dynamic .
Chi chi ... ... A calm ground suddenly turned out a large cleft vine ,that more than a dozen kill gas Teng Tengchong over the demigod indigenous sounds strange world, is without exception slanting falling directly into that has emerged over ten meters large vines .
Dark straight such as metal ,than previously tough many vines around the spines are shining metal Hanmang, hollow spines on the vine snake Le edge easily into the poison turned demigod indigenous body ,in a horrible �sound that has dead or alive indigenous instantly be drained completely into human stem .
Chi Chi sound can be heard without end ,more vines pierced the ground probe out the blink of an eye ,Li Junshan suspended that a space is completely Green Goblin Babatu on the ground rises out of all over the sky vine density flooded with ,and when Li Junshan was also keen to see the ruined ancient city walls around all have a large number of vines .
Rise up . It is really live and Yushe alien previously soundless and stirless attack UGG Tall Sparkles Cheap,battles have been fought over small for some time ,if the Green Goblin Babatu still nothing ,Li Junshan the suspicion of this fear .
Is it right? And cat looked lively .Strong souls and colorless and tasteless invisible; fictitious terrorist poison attack ,coupled with the meat grinder the sharpest vines ,the Green Goblin Babatu offensive or defensive is not inferior to any one and a half god shaped ,even more powerful than .
The unique life structure created so strong momentum, Li Junshan is some lament ,all of a sudden ... ... I felt a thrill ,Li Junshan just from a distance to the demons and monsters danced like mad.
The vines ,lightning black light easily breaking up large tracts of vines ,but in the sky the stench of the venom throwing them directly to Li Junshan before .God indigenous ,the other side of the coming pole speed could not see the body to describe the appearance ,but Li Junshan still in the first time to make the judgment ,eyes round him without thinking, and activation of the left goblin phage burst ,while the monthly mirror right-handed Vulcan sigh issued a flame spirit silvery laughter on slanting cut up .
Killifish ... ... Poof metal impact sound in Li Junshan Vulcan sigh and the shadows to know what was crashed into each other ,the vigorous splendid spark flashing at the same time Li Junshan felt right arm up bitter pain ,that great power of water and will be his body was thrown out of the moment ,like poof leakage a soft sound ,near distance under the unavoidable shadow in phage burst month mirror limelight scanning after deflagration formed a group of rare element flower .
The body is completely black .Black fire element explosion flowers enveloped ,and his own more powerful elemental force in deflagration between outward dramatic Chung , Bi Bi stripping stripping .
so the whole group Black Spark Peng complete burst apart ,a second before the cold front also .The scorching God indigenous not even half bones did not flow down ,only one large black flames floating in mid-air curl to the vast .
Despite the speed does not say, this should be a main artifact . right arm still trembling, sleeve gown has been shock rotten ,bare and outer skin with Li Junshan right arm drop is a scarlet blood bead ,although no injuries ,but was the God indigenous fierce blow but almost will his entire right arm broken UGG Women's Classic Tall Fancy Boots.
Squint to the left ,to restore calm unremarkable phage burst month mirror ,Li Junshan is very clear before and after the two attack the gods strength of the strong or animal which can be effective but have a reason, the first Peng Lei is entirely bound in the sky ,while the second Li Junshan is the paste for the God indigenous hit phage burst month mirror attack .
Measure of God and God is different ,whether the attack was successful is a reason ,but another reason is the effective attack ,as the magic wind ring , death by the wheel such as the main God ,has used for several times ,but each time can be quickly to hit the target ,but just as fast attack the soul of impermanence .
Phage burst month mirror is not, though it limelight projection fast enough ,but the strength of the strong presence of God in the same attack speed shooting process ,while the majority of God enough in the limelight in body moments have enough time to escape .
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