The Colorful Flowers Before Your Eyes, To Make A Small Garden In The Air  

June 04 [Fri], 2010, 10:23

It is exciting to have a private garden. It is a pity for who live in high buildings. However, it is unnecessary to feel unhappy about having no private gardens. As long as elaborately planned,windowsill can also be forged to a small-sized "hanging garden" where flowers grow in profusion.What to Buy for Dad? Headphones !

Because the wind is high floor is stronger than the ground, it is necessary to keep things on the windows safe and firm. Try to put the flower ware on the guardrail toward the inside of the window; The object for fixing up flowers implement should be examined on time;considering that the bearing extent of sill,don't put too heavey flowers implement. When considering the desigh of the windowsill garden,it is best to consider a comprehensive architectural design style and color.christian louboutin shoes Decide in the Season of Autumn

The way of combining European-style homes with Chinese-style potteries could easily become inharmonious, while in case the building exterior`s color has been characterized by solemn dignity as keynote, then the ordinary white plastic potteries are somewhat out of tune. Why Women all Choose Headphones ? God Knows! If the windows are not those completely being in shade or facing north, then they can all be suitable for planting. If you have the window sill, consider using hanging light plastic flower trough, or by metal fixed, wrought iron flower, flower slot can slot directly put potted flowers and plants, so care very convenient, also facilitate replacement. If there is windowsill, it can be directly placed flower on top of the windowsill.

French windows often set the fence, this fence can just hang your favorite flowers. Sling pots, hanging pots and half of the basins is very suitable for hanging on it. Even can directly to plant in the railing growth, such as passionflower, petunia, such as scene, baluster vibrant tracery wall.

You can also grow vegetables on the windowsill. If you plant lettuce, dill, rosemary, Thymus vulgaris and pansy together, you can make your window fresh and colorful. After setting the flowerpots on the windowsill, you can add a beautiful iron window lattice outside the window, which can do some safety protection as well as todecorate the window further. You can plant the small garden in the windowsill with many kinds of plants or only one kind.

The building window and extension sill planted geraniums singlely,fierce colors echo up and down,owning strong vision effect. When watering the flowers on the windowsill, you need special attention to the amount of certainty, both to fully penetrate and not influence others. If you use the iron planters, you can put in the pot to undertake under the tray, so you can carry pots in the head leakage of water.

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