the strength to achieve such a high

May 10 [Fri], 2013, 17:18
Late at night, busy night sword dust of living by finally quiet down, Xiao Pang et al have left, went back to his house to rest, the big house is the only sword dust one and several is clearing the table's maid. Sword dust came to the outside, then gently between came to the roof, then lying on the roof looking up at the dark sky, his deep eyes seemed to pierce the void, can cross-distant distance seen suspended in the sky of the White s è Haoyue temple. Not in Changyang Prefecture in the quiet, just as she and sword dust returns to mansion in Changyang soon, will enter the Haoyue temple, and then be Haoyue temple to the day outside the absorption of J ī ng Chinese science monthly. After the worship of the Moon Fairy teacher, and months of practice to achieve a high degree of enthusiasm but not before, more than once more hard, more hard, she just want to enhance their strength in fast, do more for the sword dust, dust to share some of the pressure for the sword. Sword dust lying on the roof sat gazing into the dark night sky, God s è shared between a confused, muttered: "Moon Fairy why want to collect the quiet month for acts, although a good quiet qualification, but only his kingdom so small that, if put on the mainland in the Tianyuan but not what, the huge Tianyuan, quality excellent omnia numerous, their qualifications are far more than the monthly to the much higher, Kozuki Senko why not accept those human acts." At the moment a calm, sword dust brain immediately thought of many, including Haoyue fairy accept you month for acts of things, is to let the puzzled him most. ",Coach Online Classic Bags;Bright Moon Fairy accept you month for acts, I think it is not so simple on the surface, Kozuki Senko was there are other intention." Sword dust whisper, revealing the thinking of the s è. Suddenly, the sword and the vision is one Ning, immediately stop the twitter said sound, and saw a black s è figure from below to jump onto the roof, on the roof tiles to a slight noise, slowly toward the sword dust. Sword dust did not rise, still lying on the roof, with their own hands for pillow, overlooking the dark sky. The black s è figure came to the sword dust standing, and also learn the sword dust like lying on the roof, he got on the roof tiles a crackling sound, said: "brother, so late still awake?" Sword dust eyes turned head,Coach Outlet Leather, looked toward the dark shadow, smile way: "elder brother, you do not have the same no sleep? And now sleep for me is almost a waste of time." "Oh! Yeah! The fourth son you have now become Kuhuang realm the strong, even throughout mainland Tianyuan, is very strong, the strength to achieve such a high degree of you, really don't need sleep to restore J ī ng God,Air Jordan Outlet." Changyang Ke sigh, the facial expression is filled with a touch of sadness. "Three elder brothers, all these years you have been?" Sword dust asked, although once have Changyang almost everywhere against him, but that's when things, sword dust had not care, only when it is noisy children casually. "Oh! Brother, you and big brother, sister is a famous celebrity, not lord it over a district of the strong, is the top power value very talented >
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