plus the Qin thorns walking and more careful

December 06 [Thu], 2012, 10:26
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult During the first half of the year examination ? See Stuart tower away ,Qin thorn shook his head with a weak smile, such appraisal to him now ,there is no point .
In his practice ,we can immediately enter the two stage door disciple ,but the problem is ,he is unable to do so .A new entry for half a year, show no repair ordinary students ,suddenly across eleven levels, a door disciple ,for who can doubt .
And if the Qin thorn suspected his identity ,history and background ,will soon be audit hall survey ,he disguised the background ,not for a special review ,and if a leak in the Qin Dynasty ,was temporarily used to live where the spines can .
This is Qin thorn while missing element into the subsequent major exercises, but there has been no open repair ,promoted to door disciple ,get the corresponding main reason .Of course ,element into the disciple study general method ,in his eyes ,otherwise he would have hide the cultivation of spirit power .
Unfortunately ,this year I is unable to participate in the examination UGG Australia Classic Tall Fancy,but even participated in ,and no obstacle to the interior disciple is of no use ,my goal is the gate swallow day seyen power ,the other is inferior to exercise ,practice ,it will affect my future practice .
Qin thorn shook his head ,then think about half a year ago, Yang Quancai told him about the swallow things on enough power ,mind budge . Listen to the man said ,treasure hall buildings and Bao Ge are elders were stationed, periphery is also decorated with matrix method to isolate the outsider intrusion, and devour should work on enough hidden in Jane building ,it was some trouble, I now have become small wonderful step empty the body UGG Australia Bailey Bow, may quietly sneaked into Jane building nearby ,but can not enter the matrix ,avoid the garrison elders ,or useless .
In that day . devour enough hidden in treasure hall later ,Qin thorns specifically looking for a fat check about treasure hall information .Later from fat mouth ,Qin thorn learns of treasure hall is divided into Jane building and Bao Ge ,Jane floor is hidden power cheats content such as local ,Bao Ge is a Tibetan magic and cherish the practice material where the reactants ,Qin .
According to this property ,inferring swallow should work on enough hidden in Jean building .Back to the auxiliary mixing real time, Qin stabbed heart have a strong idea : maybe I should find a time to visit ,even to enter, at least to know more about this precious floor ,not afterwards have a chance ,I can sneak into which ,get the swallow ,Taipei power .
In seven days .Once a half year student examination time, the entire Sunset Valley suddenly lively rise ,those who practice penance half consciously increase student ,have participated in the assessment ,even Li Pangzi are no exception ,but Qin thorn in auxiliary mixing room ,completely indifferent .
Examination schedule is three days ,three days ,audit hall underwent extrahepatic portal ten thousand students ,nearly four thousand student assessment ,door disciple ,nearly eight hundred people ,nearly three hundred people assessment .
After the examination ,the results quickly on the whole valley disciple released ,door received a promotion Liangqiansanbailiuwushiyi disciple altogether ,which also includes the door into the door of the disciples of a total of thirty-two people .
While the inner door disciple promotion number is relatively small ,nearly three hundred people attended the assessment ,to the end ,only a dozen individuals through the assessment and upgrade .
Li Pangzi finally became a disciple UGGs Krinkle,although only just started level than no ordinary student high off a bit ,but it was enough to make Li Pangzi happy flowers ,enjoys running to the spines on the good news .
But Li Pangzi is happy also right, because the same time in those disciples ,until now has not build quality and a lot of people ,so the fat can go to a class is really a blessing .Of course ,Li Pangzi have become so quickly ,to a disciple ,Qin thorn in which there is no small credit .
No Qin stabbed to it than other students more than doubled the number of pills ,monthly donation Li Pangzi taking practice, he also can get his .After all such low-level pills although very poor quality ,but for the most part entry just ordinary students ,is very precious ,which was not immediately taking ,improve their quality ,and only Qin thorn will not hesitate to take a gift .
So the Qin thorn ,fat that is absolutely be grateful for .At the same time ,the Qin thorn has no culture ,even in assessment is not qualified, the fat is also very guilty and moved, although he was feeling the Qin spines may have what secret ,but Qin stabbed after all did not participate in the examination ,can get work ,he felt ,he is relying on the Qin North Face Mens Parka.
Sacrifice ,to present identity level and quality ,so my heart is not .So he mentality ,Qin thorn is a natural comfort ,between words ,although did not disclose their details ,but also told him not guilty ,for that matter .
But the fat man this time ,in addition to Qin thorn transfer promotion outside ,another with Qin thorn to convey a message about .Is responsible for Jane ,elders after a month to go to ,Jane floor will be temporarily closed a few days .
Because Jane building Bao Ge special nature ,general garrison elders only one ,and only this ,so when the garrison elders occupied go out ,will be temporarily closed .But if there are special circumstances ,to Jane ,while stationed in elders ,it will only find palm teach .
Because in addition to garrison elders outside ,only palm teach hand have access Zhen floor Bao Ge outer method token .Qin thorn to hear such news ,nature is the heart of a happy ,he had played Jane building idea Jimmy Choo Sora,but due to the Jane building method, and it was stationed elders ,was never put into action .
But if the elders in garrison ,it becomes much simpler .Although the outside of the law ,there is no way to open temporary Qin thorn ,but went to inquire situation ,problem or not .At least you don being stationed found inside the elders ,greatly reducing the exposure risk .
So the Qin spines on some unable to hold oneself back together .A month ,waiting in the past very slowly .To half time ,audit church elders at a fixed time ,to audit the Qin thorn access to records ,but this time ,in addition to audit hall to the elders ,accompanying had an array hall elders, this let Qin spines very strange ,unexplained .
The array church elders take note of his intentions .The original ,and auxiliary mixing real transaction has been door disciple by exclusion ,think this is retire ,and affect the quality of service .
In order to improve this situation ,the audit hall is responsible for reviewing the employment record hand }} machine .NeT the elders in martial high official time, a mouth ,and said now responsible for the auxiliary mixing real affairs of the new Jin disciple Qin thorn ,until now ,no culture ,even the first half of the year examination are not eligible to participate, which is more or less by the auxiliary mixing real influence .
The results of palm wine ,teach issued instructions ,to be responsible for the auxiliary mixing real disciples increased three times treatment ,at the same time, supplemented by mixing real peripheral setting method, that is responsible for secondary refining of real affairs of the disciple ,you need when you can temporarily leave ,do not have to worry about any problems .
Then ,Qin Needling Treatment from the original one times, become three times ,that is to say ,now Qin thorn can get three times than the other disciples of immortality .This treatment is to compensate for the loss of the Qin Dynasty .
Unfortunately ,the Qin thorn ,increase the pills last only cheap Li Pangzi .But in addition to pills ,in the auxiliary mixing real peripheral lineup ,but let Qin thorn heart happy ,because his later ,later to leave ,can easily go away ,and not worry about anything .
A church is responsible for matrix arrangement array elders personally hand ,method set up natural very quickly, only spent one hour of time ,in the auxiliary mixing room arranged at the periphery of a complex matrix ,as long as not encountered master force destroys ,this method cannot open .
The last pass method token ,to Qin thorn hand ,token does not require repair can be opened and closed method, it is also full of care . No work Qin now why .The two elders after leaving, Qin thorn had laughed desire ,thought it was just want to doze off, someone sent a bed and pillow .
With this method, the spines on month to Jane ,move ,have a bit more assured ,after all, he rushed to leave ,if there is no law guardian ,if the people at this time into the auxiliary mixing room, produce what thing ,finally a problem also must count on him .
In particular, Qin spines while a retire life ,but did not completely isolated and contact, and the feud .Yang Quancai and his day was hostile to him ,and the teaching a Disciple Church tours tower also appears on the auxiliary mixing room has been spying on ,he had to be careful .
After half a month .Qin thorn from the fat man got clear and reliable message ,the responsible for Jane ,elders was out ,Jane building now temporarily closed .Get the news Qin thorn ,at night, in the opening and mixing room peripheral formation ,slipped away and auxiliary mixing room .
In the valley for also has more than half a year ,but apart from the auxiliary mixing room that Qin stabbed a mu 3 distribute land outside ,really not moving .You are to send Li Pangzi .
Fortunately ,Qin spurs Li Pangzi quietly got a sunset valley map ,this map is that violate the rules ,the rules in the valley ,is not allowed in this faction topographic distribution map drawing .
But privately, but still some students will do so, but more careful .Qin spines also Li Pangzi did not know where did you get this simple map ,but the map ,Qin prickly situation more convenient .
According to the map displayed on the Jane building is located ,Qin sting operation . step empty body method ,way past ,was surprisingly good effect .Because the way, Qin thorn encountered many responsible for the church is responsible for unattended whole sects disciple, due to the importance of the functions of the church ,the duty student basically is an interior element into the students, some students is to have two yuan ,than even the Qin thorn also the high number of practice .
If one is not careful, can easily be found .But with this empty wonderful step ,Qin thorn finds himself Nijiqianxing ,only little attention ,actually completely not being perceived .
Of course ,he is still only have become small ,once a monk repair ,or easily exposed ,for example from the elders if Jane building in words ,Qin thorn is likely to be perceived ,unless the operation practice to Dacheng ,truly elude sb .
Treasures hall is located in the valley south of a mountain ,the environment here is very good ,but the terrain comparison Xianyao ,belonging to one out of the terrain, must treasure hall is located here ,but also take into account such terrain ,the placement of Jane ,Bao Ge very beneficial .
Qin Ciqian shape vanished about two hour of time ,came to the hall where the treasure mountain, spends so much time ,but because the sunset valley areas ,plus the Qin thorns walking and more careful ,nature is greatly prolonged .
Not far away ,in a loft in Qin sting eyes .Based on the map depicts ,Qin thorn know ,the pavilion ,is Jane building .Precious cabinet position not and Jane building together ,but later ,in Jane ,a mountain in the rear .
Jane building and Bao Ge interaction are independent ,mutual interference .A careful exploration of the environment around you, Qin thorn accidental discovery ,Jane building nearby and not much duty disciple ,presumably on the terrain ,and Jane building outside of the matrix ,very confident .
Aware of this, Qin thorn is naturally very glad, but suppress the heart excited ,keep careful and cautious ahead, to prevent this Jane building nearby also hiding what change .When Jane building ,Qin thorn immediately felt a surge of energy fluctuations, although fluctuating range is not big ,but the extent is very strong .
This is Jane ,the periphery of the guard method . it beside the building ,have not see an unattended disciple ,view Sunset Valley people are either on the method very confident ,or is otherwise arranged .
Qin thorn looked around ,he thought ,and to look to Jane in front of the building .Through the method, the thorns can clearly see Jane building panorama .This is the story of four circular attic ,loft shape having an antique flavour ,spire is a huge pearl shine bright ,will all around yingliang .
If in the dark from high altitude and easily overlooked ,can see the pearl shining, like a lighthouse .In the attic door upstairs ,there is a plaque ,a letter Jane , two vigorous ancient text ,and left the valley, the first person to do sth.
name ,obviously this plaque on the word ,from the first person to do sth. hand sunset valley .Observation of the attic shape later ,Qin sting eyes can but to the attic surrounding matrix ,the shares fluctuation range greatly ,appear very abundant formation energy ,let Qin thorn frowned : this method is not simple ah ,than I auxiliary refining real peripheral array law does not know the powerful many times ,such a law ,fear is the master to break ,want to he has to spend a certain amount of time ,for my words ,simply can not be broken, it seems ,want to dive in, besides the hard attack this method ,there is no other way .
Strong matrix a serious blow to the Qin stimulating enthusiasm ,which made him very disappointed ,but this is not the thing .But he still hold 1/10000 of hope ,with great care observation method, have a look have borrow omissions ,to find opportunities in the .
In Qin thorn to observe carefully when, suddenly ,he scattered around the divine consciousness ,sensed that someone was in close proximity to the Jane building .This let Qin stabbed heart a surprised: why would anyone ?Not to say that Jane has been temporarily closed ?Did somebody please move the palm to teach his token ,to take the secret book? Qin thorn not the effect, hurriedly running empty wonderful step ,will own stature hidden up .
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