the moment lit up the whole mountain

August 21 [Wed], 2013, 18:15
() Zhou sitting cross-legged, the body's power has peaked. The general spirit of God need only a lower godhead godhead fusion can replace the original owner, got into his tablets in one fell swoop into a god. Zhou is different, however, and he absorbed the breath nearly twenty godhead forces, although not fusion, but these energies together far beyond a soul God can absorb forces and call yù ultimate fighting back out of the soul Li, Zhou conjured up Dragon. Instant, like a bottomless gold surging, the moment lit up the whole mountain. "Dragon ah, we exist because of what?" Zhou's voice echoed in the mountain being. "We must be believed, being afraid of being afraid, being alienated, is dedicated to being admired, hated, was taboo, is pray job which is why it exists." Resonant voice mixed with bursts of deep dragon Yin, a surge of divine breath that comes out from the Dragon, Oolong, Yan Long, Ice Dragon, Dragon, Dragon, Wulong Qi out sky. Oolong exudes the surging life force, Yan Long travel in flames, ice dragon ice to create a one world. Dragon Xiao, releasing unparalleled strength. Huanglong headed, fast and extremely Wulong unity incarnation Health multicolored Interfax, each merging with the Dragon truly became one. At this time, mountain top, a group of gods figure emerged. It led force spectrum. "Zhu Hai, are you sure that people who kill us here?" Hoi nodded: "Yes, I'm afraid of an accident, so the people who sent to the left some means, if they misfortune I will first time of discovery. kill them and track that person. "" power spectrum adults. Hoi adults, how will you watch the streams in such a strong gold? "beside men in the force spectrum not far from the mountain, pointing , exclaimed. The golden mountain seems to involve great strength, hard look. "Yes, it should be is that person, he is among a mountain stream." Hoi stared at the bright golden light, and certainly road. "So, the mountain of the people most likely Ji days?" Power spectrum Muguangruju. There seems to spray fire, killing his brother revenge, mortal Hoi very vague directed force spectrum shook his head, turned and said: "King Kong brother, trouble you with a few brothers, go look, if it is Ji days,Expedition Youth, direct kill "" Yes. "King Kong look to the mountain, a slight frown, with two fly down. "Really is the king" When see the mountain streams when Zhou sitting cross-legged. Diamond delight, Zhou finally came to think of the spirit world. "I've seen Ji-day portrait. This person is not Ji day, how do?" Followed behind a lower diamond gods road. Another humanity: "how can I do, Hoi adults do not say directly kill the grindstone." They make each other a eye sè, said: "If so, we take the trouble to King brother hands" "Well ah. "King smiled, a dodge. According to the three times larger than the common iron fist smashed in the past directly. However, Zhou Zhe Yiquan goal is not, but that the two lower gods one of them. Diamond vigorously bang blow this person's head hit directly bloom, rǔ white sè an instant spray brains out. Then, the big diamond palm direct fall, terror is incredibly powerful, this person on the spot directly off the hook "King Kong, you, you are doing the" eyes to see this very bloody, very violent scene, another statue next bit gods completely hoodwinked. This is simply a monster ah, punch palm shoot burst a statue lower gods, this power has been fully comparable to the median gods of shock, he also completely puzzled, this diamond is obviously with them and his gang ah, how actually moving from the right to kill their own people to read. "You scared silly mind yet? Did not see it I kill it in" King Kong sneer, vigorously punch punched again. This statue next bit Myojin although I do not know why the King would do, but he turned and ran. His companions were ringing off the hook body fists others, what he ability to resist. "Want to go?" Diamond Lengheng, waving fingers, a shaking thunder god Taking pixia. Bang as a millstone generally coarse stunning thunder god, just put the statue next bit gods split into two halves, King situ refining their bodies got two godhead. This thunder startled the power spectrum and Zhu Hai, the two looked at each other one, Zhu Hai said: "I think some strange things, in addition to King Kong, We have sent down to two people are dead." Trick, I am personally going to be glancing. "Power spectrum Lengheng, personally flying out, and he'd like to see how the story behind the mountain depths" We also continue. "Hoi directed at the crowd behind him to make an eye sè, seventy-eight lower soul with supernatural powers through Zhuhai Fei to the mountain." Good rich soul force, and I felt a breath of life, such as ocean-like "" Not only that, but also fire power, the power of ice, "the crowd exclaimed, mountain forces so that they too shocked." force spectrum adults, where there are people, seems to break the "" No, ah, he did not godhead is impossible to obtain tablets This is not a divine feeling. "" But he obviously already is the soul of God, and not in the break is doing. "People talking about, can not determine the status of Zhou." King Kong, why did you kill our people? "Hoi frown, first came to the front of King Kong. Whether that person is not a breakthrough, living in that state could not move half a point, let alone kill, so it is obvious that two gods undoubtedly lower is to kill the King. "Hoi adults, I do not understand what you're saying? The two men rebellious, ambitious, greedy. Plan of how they entered the mountain sights. I was new, naturally can not say what they had to fight each other from the get up. Who knows both of them really hard to fill yù gully, in order to dedicate this human skull adults rewarded force spectrum, have earned the bitter end, the result not wanted both killed, come to a die in the end. "King Kong want to help Zhou gain time, even if only one minute is good, so he had to find a reason to stall force spectrum and Zhu Hai. Can drag one minute, that is one minute. If the lower front nine gods fight, he did not know how long he can stick Other lower-level gods he is not afraid to just that Zhu Hai and force spectrum is indeed best of the best, you can have almost matched the median gods fighting force. " Well, take credit for? Just to kill a soul God only, what you think we are? "Power spectrum Lengheng, he is a person though arrogant, do things more reckless and is a muscle, but not stupid. How can lower gods kill the soul to kill a competing power of God." Force spectrum adults, you say just do not believe me? "Diamond slight frown, cold channel. Zhu Hai with smiles:" King Kong is not that we do not believe you, if you say so. Well, when is you join our vow of the first exploits, now you need to kill that person behind you, personally his head off, I would replace the power spectrum of a note of your great merit, rì ; after the organization was founded, it will naturally reward by power lines "," adults really mean? "Diamond's voice is becoming more cold up. Hoi force spectrum one looked, smiled and said:" Nature. This is the main point I still do. "Force spectrum heard nodded and said:" it is also the Hoi me, as long as you kill this man, I will remember you great merit a "" Then I shot a "see no longer procrastinate, Diamond force forced finally shot. mountains above the clouds suddenly wind convolution. layer after layer of dark clouds swept over the sky. thick clouds, intertwined with a purple sè lightning channel. "Ray robbery, this kid To transit robbery into a god "feel this oppressive atmosphere, everyone is naturally very heart of dismay because of the presence of these people did not ride into which a robbery of God, with Zhou look completely different. they Zhou's who find either godhead breath, do not feel tablets, how come there may be God of Thunder. "can not let him crossing the robbery, quick kill him" Even proud moment in force spectra also face downcast sè. simply pure Ray robbery, already have tablets of their natural fear. now if you let Zhou crossing the robbery, then, so close they will be affected. just so it does not matter, if the law determines they help people crossing the robbery. then the result is a very serious ... With their tablet now for the next bit of the gods is likely to suffer strokes median gods Ray robbery, to the time maybe they will even split of scrap left. Vajra seeing this, stopped the force spectrum down, and said: "force spectrum adults, Shaoanwuzao, this is not what Ray robbery, but my soul god skills. "" Your spirit skills? "Power spectrum slightly surprised." Yes, if you do not believe it, I can cover for you first click the "King nodded his head, talking to hand for a while, the clouds of thunder Taking a purple sè split into the mountain. boom God in the power of lightning behind a man on top of spectrum, all of a sudden he Zhentui out which stocks far beyond even the power of God, Ray Ray robbery, the lower gods split that respect is not a light. " King Kong, you court death "power spectrum was furious, and even Hoi also become indifferent look up. Vajra even dare think of their faces so blatant release the soul god skills who attack them, no doubt, just that two dead people is a homicide. boom cracking rub, however, that everything late. previous ten thousand thunder god, like the ten thousand ordnance artifact, like a waterfall Crazy Thunder Pila down. sky are Lightning Lightning is such pomp and even far beyond the ordinary into the God of Thunder robbed so the number of lightning, even if these people are gods can not stand, Lehigh among the four or five individuals have been split appalling, covered in bloody to expose dense bones. (To be continued.)
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