2008年10月08日(水) 12時42分

orz..fail =_=

between states of being 

2008年10月07日(火) 23時13分
just adding more to my repertoire of words.
only i find that i have nothing to say.
in between classes right now; lit(if we can even call it that) starts in about ten minutes. if i haven't been missing so many classes lately i would just skip.
i absolutely abhor that class.
can we just be done, please?
what is existentialism? shooting myself in the head. i had existed; now i don't.
fucking aaargh.
much hate, this girl.


2008年10月03日(金) 8時43分
my life is actually happening as we speak.
so, i'm sorta confused.
i downloaded this u-ying torrent with a shitload of music on it, and there were some bands and artists i really liked, but i have no idea who they are, because the characters are all screwed up--no hope for recovery. Dx

on a totally unrelated note, i really hate my lit class.
thank god we are ending mystic river soon.
hamlet will be better. one can only hope.

oh, billy and i bought the silkscreen yesterday, and now it's at his house.
i've got to do more research on emulsions and photo kits and stuff, aaaand budget and earn more money.

poetry today was just brendan;marg;me for the most part.
just talked about club day plans; i have to get a table assignment tomorrow. far far away from spongen.

this morning i missed workstudy, and i guess in a karmatic show of bitchslapping, the fixer k'ed out on me and turned all my prints black/kept darkening them.
to make matters worse, i didn't find out until the end of the block, so basically wasted four pages of paper, about eight baby prints.

how much does that suck a fuck?

but i guess it was all good, because we didn't have a bio reading quiz today, lucky meeee~

splashes of colour that catch 

2008年10月01日(水) 12時13分

I am so done with this.
Fucking damnit.
I just wish this year was overalready
I just want to be done with highschool, and never look back.
truth be told, I don't even feel the pressure of college at this point. it's just nonexistant.
hell, I'm not even sure if i want to jump straight into another learning cycle as it is.
the way things are going now, i may need to take a year off and get a job anyway. not that i'd mind.
hell, in my current frame of mind, i'd welcome the distraction.
fucking life.
on a brighter note, tomorrow, i'll be heading into kenmore with billy and getting that silkscreen plus fabric paint maybepossiblyyes?
the chemicals will have to wait until another day.
fuck i have so much work to do.


2008年08月27日(水) 0時05分
today was the start of something new and exciting i believe.
i was awake by 6:15 and up and running by 6:45
didn't actually go out for a run, because i was aching and sore from last night, but i did walk to the bread&bakery. got a cup of house blend and had a blueberry cream cheese scone. sat there for a while re-doing journal entries for AP bio. around eight i headed home, showered and was dressed by ~9:00.
then i started bringing in the shelving units mum wanted to be assembled (about eighteen total!!) and got started on them just as she came home.
she only wanted the neutral wood colour assembled, and that was six shelves.
it was so hard and painful 'cause the screwdriver she got was extra weird. it was the barrel type; i don't like that style as much.
so after that, it was about 11:30 or so, and i surfed around the net some; checking emails, playing with yaplog and just generally trying to get the feel of things, since i don't read japanese.
well, the point is to have an extra incentive and motivation to learn more japanese and actually to help me with my japanese.
anyway, eva called around 1:15 or so and then dad drove me to the bank so i could deposit some money before i went out ($160) and it was new and exciting since i had never used a blank deposit slip before, but now i know how to use one.
and then eva and i got dropped off at porter and she bought lots of hichew because she was obsessive about the lemon flavoured ones and i bought some ochichi manju, which is sort of like a cheaper version of hakuunnohotori, and it was delicious. a late lunch-dinner was a grilled cheese at flat patties that went down with calpis soft drink.
i had a piece of eva's lemon hichew later as a dessert.
then i went to see vicky christina barcelona with mikey and ate FROZEN junior mints for the first time in my ever loving life.
classic woody allen. mikey was not so keen on the dialogue, but i enjoyed the movie, and just the way it was set up. it didn't really have to be about something, have a resolution, or a protagonist-wins-against-antagonist thing. it just was.

after i got home, it was about 9:55, and i went for a jog until around 10:45, did some stretches, some sit ups, and a few push ups. i'm thinking i need self-defense lessons. i just keep thinking every person i saw while i was jogging had it in for me.
these kids (they weren't bad kids) were sitting around their car parked on the street and just talking, but i felt like they were gunning for me. they made noises every time i ran by, so the third time i just took a different route
i am such a wimp.
it's okay. my new plan for this year is to smile more, be more social and act more extroverted.
i really need to learn, after all.
and now, it's about 12:30 and i'm gonna hit the sack, since i need to be up by at least 6:20 tomorrow.


2008年08月26日(火) 12時25分
huu~ huu~
i guess this is the dawn of a new day, blah blah blah.
just talkin' bout a blog.
hope i stick with this.
it's very ky-uute.
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