re start!! 

February 16 [Fri], 2007, 15:05
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i came back to japan my Australian life was really wonderful time for me, coz i could met many people whom i love. especially, dorothy and david. i l never forget having the good time with them. my devil....oops, my david was really gave me a lot of love and still now. i was happy to meet them. they are my precious...

from today, i start to study english, coz in Japan i have no chance to practice english if i do my best by myself. i have to keep my english. i don't wanna waste of the time when i stayed in Melbourne, so i do my best!!

first, i decided to listen to the news by nine msn.
second, to study as to TOEIC
third,to watch btn
finally, to keep in touch with david
in addition,to study chinese after i took toeic


I'll go to Aus!! 

September 24 [Sun], 2006, 16:16
at last, it is the time come when I go to australia i cant believe it still now however it is true what should I do? can i tlak wiz host mother smothly?? oh, my got... i should have studied english more. for the time being, i want to talk and communicate a lot wiz host famiky and friends. I keep my smiling in mind

i wanna say thank you to my parent,and my friends. they always cheer me up so i hafta do my best to answer their boost

goodbye, japan goodbye, my family keep in smiling, my friends i love u so much, jork

please wait me. i am realy looking forward to meeting my host mother

last date wiz Jork 

September 21 [Thu], 2006, 0:39
Today, I had a date wiz Jork Today's date was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally
special for me,because it was a last date We can't meet till February. We went to a apuarium at Shinagawa We saw a lot of fish, dolphins, sealions,and cutepenguins. they are very cute especially, I liked penguins. they are soooooooo funny, cute and cool of course, dolphins and sealions were so versatile,funny and cute. while we went on a date, we walked hand in hand. I realy happy just do it I realy had a good time there.

I can't meet him for a long time. I am very sad however, it is me that what i go to study english in AUS and experience austrarian cultures. it's my dream from before. i hafta do my best and realy wonderful time

I'm sorry i wanna use Japanese, because i wanna write real things obedient.

とりあえずチャッキーとの恋愛は一時休止でも、彼の笑顔や言葉は絶対忘れない。向こう行っても絶対頑張る!! たくさんのいい思い出作って、たくさんの友達作って、大きくなって帰ってくる。 いろんな意味でいい女になって帰ってくる。だから、待っててもらえるとうれしいな はるかのことだからもしかしたら向こうの人を好きになるかもしれない。 やっぱりそばにいて欲しいときにそばにいてもらえないのはつらすぎる だけどやっぱり、お互いの気持ちがずっと続いてるといいなぁなんて夢みてしまうのです。帰ってきても手をとって支えあっていけるといいな。 もちろん留学中も、はなれてるときも、お互いを支えあっていければいいなぁなんておもっているよぉ

my first diary 

September 05 [Tue], 2006, 13:42
yesterday i knew my host family my host is grandmother!! so i want her to treat me as such her grandchildren. overmore,she has other visitors at her house. one woman is nurse and another woman is TV producer. i can't unbelievale because they are much older than i. however, i want to talk them a lot and i get stimulus from them. of course, i want to talk a lot with my host mothaer. i am reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally looking forword to seeing them, and i cant wait the time i go to Aus.

BTW, i decided that i keep this diary in English as long as i can. Mixi is a diary in Japanese and this blog is goin to write as secret diary in english. when i finish my SA life, i read it again to make sure my development

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