Kaka return to the first show claiming to feel good

September 09 [Mon], 2013, 11:39

Chiasso in the warm-up match with Milan , Kaka wearing the captain's armband cheap jerseys, played 45 minutes. This is the return of Milan Brazilian star after the first game . After the final whistle , Kaka said he 's feeling good. For the Brazilian star 's performance , Allegri also much appreciated.

Chiasso is a second level from the Swiss league team , also played for the Italian league was first established . Currently, the team's head coach Gianluca Zambrotta . Allegri used 4312 lineup , sits playmaker Kaka . Opening soon , Kaka assists with kick beautiful Zhisai Nocerino scored . After Silvestre , Robinho and Sapo Narayan , who have achieved a goal . Kaka played only half, the second half was replaced Niang . Order in accordance with the squad , was supposed to be Amelia wearing the captain's armband in the game . However, the captain 's armband Amelia ceded Kaka . Although just returned to Milan, but Kaka in this warm-up match showed a good state.

After the game in the first half , Kaka accepted Pellet Gatti interview. " It was a good game and now need to improve the performance of Milan cheap soccer jerseys, of course , we still have room to grow from a personal point of view, in 31 years this age , I've learned a lot of things in the game , I can selective out a good play , to avoid poor performance. currently, I'm just missing a little rhythm , a little continuity even so, I am still very happy . " Kaka in Milan has a very high popularity. In the interview , the scene a lot of fans singing , "We came a long way just to see you score a goal ." Kaka happy said, "This is what I heard, and the best sound ."

For Kaka 's performance , Allegri have a say . "In the first half , AC Milan jersey the Milan players and new teammate Kaka played very exciting. Now , Kaka needs to find his game further state Kaka extraordinary strength , he is a star player , have the ability to upgrade the entire team strength. Kaka is a good man , with a strong desire in training, in the game , we can see this now , I need to come up with the best condition to help Kaka even if Kaka this strength like a player, you can not expect them to quickly return to the top . Amelia Kaka to give the captain's armband , this is a good phenomenon , in my opinion , second striker Kaka has the ability to play well . "

September 15 morning, the first three of Milan in Serie A match away against Torino , when Kaka will usher in a return to Milan after the first race .