Let that be of no great importance for seven years

March 26 [Wed], 2014, 17:27
Be of no great importance, perhaps is I deceive oneself and others. After all, that seven years is the best time of my life, unforgettable years, maybe just stepped out of my youth, said this was somewhat of an old head on young shoulders of taste, but, I'm not sure I later years will have this passion brilliant day, nor deny, at that time I was happy, perhaps, you will feel happy to describe Is it right? Lack of vocabulary, but at that time, seems to have been so full of the joy from the bottom of my heart, only the ordinary and simple words can describe.

From the junior high school of the silly to a gradually awakening, from which I slowly understand a lot, perhaps everyone will grow up gradually in their youth, but each person differently. And I'm through this period of not love let me grow up slowly, after all, we didn't take any part of the lovers should some body movements, but I really in the spirit of experienced this affair; it is not like the love, is love, because he has not been to a formal confession, but also not crush it, because he is a love master knew my thoughts. Helpless and embarrassing, so I was always contradictory to live, no way, no courage to advertising, also don't have the guts to drop everything, and make a clean break with the past, that would mean farewell and their own past, and say goodbye to him, that I am not the thing to. But at the moment, I think I should learn to let go.
And that be of no great importance for seven years, and listen to me explain.
First, meet, acquaintance; second, gradually familiar with; third, he has been promoted to high school, in the middle of I, in order to the key middle school, admitted he's started to, this experience let I witnessed his so rare perseverance; high, no accident, I went to all that the school of his existence, from the same alma mater, we, at this time a bit more cordial, as a senior he, for I am caring; two warm feelings, but he has entered the sprint stages of college entrance examination, milk tea and drink occasionally transfer belong to my feelings; third, he has entered the University you go, but I was still in high school study, not his school let me feel that every day is not so full. To fill volunteer when, the school to which he is still hope that I can go to where he was, why I don't know, but I only know that the heart is not willing to, do not want to continue, or do not want to waste energy, or stop.
The seven years, no others, no, just have a care, can not let other people, no matter how good, I just want to keep that belongs to my window to the moon, the heart cinnabar.
Seven years are unable to withstand distance away, we no longer contact. Now, don't want to go to the old people and things, that a few diehards often contact is also high, in front of them without scruples can freely mutual damage, just because of that group of people is met, in that no efforts under the youth friend, not with what, because only know.
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