October 26 [Tue], 2010, 6:16
I'm really getting hyped for my new album. If the quality is good enough, I want it to really get to people. I hate to admit that I don't think my previous albums (sadly, with the exception of "Weekend at Home") were good enough to be mass marketed. The songs were all over the place on "Hard Pop" and the other ones just didn't have good quality and arranging. "Celebration" was just very lo-fi, but I really liked some of those songs, and "SoCal" just sounded horrible through speakers cuz of the extreme amounts of bass, because I didn't take EQ under advisement when I made the (incredibly retarded) decision to run the guitars and bass direct, and then I rushed through the vocals in like, an hour (a mistake I also made on "Hard Pop.") I just wanna get my own best performance, and i'm learning now what helps me out with that. Listening back, certain things sound really good on certain albums. Like, The guitar sounds really good on "Get Outta Bed" and whatnot. It's weird, cuz that album sounded really great, except the drums sucked and the vocals were out of tune. I need to rig a way to get zero latency...but how?

Anyway, i'm so hyped for this new album. I can't decide on a final tracklist, except that I know I want the first four songs from the "Sun" EP on there for sure. I played them yesterday, and they're just so awesome and fun. I realized that I forgot "North Coast" and one other one that I can't remember now...oh, Waiting! That song is or sure the hit of this album, I can feel it. It's like this so far...

1. Las Vegas Tore Us Apart
2. I Wanna See the Sun
3. Waiting (You and Me)
4. Track Star Girl
5. Mexico
6. (Untitled New Song in A#)
7. North Coast

Wow, I just figured out my tracklist! There's another new idea called "I Just Wanna Cry" but i'm not sure if it will ever see the light of day. If nothing else, I want this album to show that I can hang with the heavyweights in the scene. The Queers and Weasel are pretty much dead, i'm talking the Sheckies, Apers, Retarded, etc. It's really gonna rock, I just gotta figure out how i'm gonna record these things...and get a shit ton of cash for gear.


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