Cable service providers are limited in the amount of high definition

October 24 [Tue], 2017, 12:15
When it comes to TV programming for your home or business in this day and age, the choice really comes down to satellite or cable programming. There is standard TV programming, but anyone who is still watching that wishes that they had another type of programming anyway. Cable service has been around a long time and it was welcome relief from standard programming when it came along.

At that time, standard TV had decayed to such a point that the only thing worth watching on it was the local and national news. Cable service providers had a captive clientele back in those days and they took full advantage of that fact and charged their unfortunate customers for everything, including tearing up their yards, so they really raked in the profits. CCTV coaxial cable By the time satellite service came along, over all customer satisfaction with cable service had sunk to an all time low and people were ready for a change. Due to the intense competition that cable service companies have been getting from satellite service providers, cable companies have lightened up their aggressive and predatory business tactics, but they still can’t compare to the service you will receive from a satellite service provider.

The top two satellite programming service providers in the business today are DirecTV and Dish Network and they both have excellent records in the area of over all customer satisfaction, while cable service companies still lag in this area. J.D.Power and associates has recognized both of these two satellite service providers with high ratings RCA audio video cable for their customer satisfaction records for the last five years in a row and that alone speaks volumes with regards to the level of service that they provide to their customers. Both of these two companies provide free installation in up to four rooms in your home or business when you join their viewing families, while cable service providers still charge their customers for this service and it can easily add up to hundreds of dollars. Cable service providers are limited in the amount of high definition programming that their cables will carry, so they are always going to lag behind Dish Network and DirecTV in this area of programming. Dish Network currently provides thirty-one channels of high definition programming for its customers and has plans to add even more in the coming future.

While Dish Network and DirecTV both send out all their signals in digitized format, cable service providers still send theirs in standard format, unless their customers pay them extra money for the privilege of receiving digitized signals. The list of differences between cable and satellite programming just goes on an on and in virtually every comparison, cable service lags behind satellite service. Cable service tends to be more expensive than satellite service in virtually every area of programming. Some cable companies do have very cheap entry level programming packages though, but they contain a very limited number of channels. In contrast, DirecTV has an entry level package that contains a full one-hundred and fifty-five channels of programming. So take your pick.
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