Merry Christmas*^w^* 

2008年12月26日(金) 17時37分
Merry Christmas

Here we are!

Let's celebrate Christmas!!

even if we postponed Christmas eve...

A Christmas blunch were Knish, sausage, banana bread and carrot bread.

We exchange gifts and opened it by turns from youngest to oldest.

We played "White elephant". Keith got a pretty pot.

Then we moved to Diane's place.

Wow! how nice house and well decolated house!

how many people were there? huum,,,15 people?

they were soo funny family.

I heared a silliest story since I came here^^


anyway, I had a great american Christmas dinner

well,,, the password is "Hi, I'm Yumi. I wanna get "sleepy"!!!"

And I loaned 2 DVDs from Diane, "The notebook" & "The legally blonde"

I and my hostmom watched "The notebook" right after we got back home.

It was a happy ending.

well, my host mom talked about her family.

The good words are here.

You cannot understand a person at once and shouldnot.

She also said "God gave me a different way (from franc) I got a chance to experince new thing"

Isn't it nice??

well, I gotta go to bed now.

Have a good sleep and sweat dream, guys!!!
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