Welcome to YR 7 Bahay! 

2013年08月13日(火) 15時46分
Hello and Welcome!

My name is Yuta Masuda, a new Japanese Teacher at SIS. I was born and grew up in Japan, and then moved to Hawaii and Beijing to live and teach. It is my first time to be in Hong Kong, so I am very excited to be at SIS.

Our year 7 tutor group time is quite important, mainly for you to feel comfortable at SIS. Yes, I know and also feel that it is not easy to be at a new school. So much of our first term will be spent for adjustment and also just to simply to get used to the school.

All year 7 and 8 students will belong to a family called "Bauhina" and the family comes with 6 houses. Our house "Bahay" is one of those 6. Please note that our group is called 7B1.

We will meet twice a week, Tuesday morning and Friday lunch time. I will make some
announcement and reminder. Also, we will have many bonding activities and achievement
celebration in addition to event planning and problem solving. Once we get used to the routine, I am also interested in electing some class leaders who would also help running the show.

Let's have a great year together!

Yuta Masuda
Year 7 tutor

Welcome to Sports and Leisure!! 

2013年08月09日(金) 7時50分
Do you like playing sports and getting physical? Yes, I do, too

You will learn how to get physically fit and also mentally healthy. You will have many activities outside of the classroom and also follow up reflection in class. Class discussion would also include 
sports psychology; how to stay competitive in a challenging situation. You will be asked to share
your real experiences how you have dealt tough situations in the past. I believe this class
would bring in some useful tips for your real life

Again, welcome and let's have a great year together!


2013年08月09日(金) 7時27分





2013年08月09日(金) 7時13分
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