March 03 [Sat], 2007, 19:50

I will see her again.
yesh.! <3

&.. I dreamed again of Ji. =="
Why can't the dreams just be reality.. -sigh-


March 01 [Thu], 2007, 6:55

Raah I hate it to be ill..
but nevertheless I'll visit the city tomorrow with Tsuka-chan! <3
I think I'll buy the 6mm-plug then..
hopefully I finish the hole till friday.
But.. it hurts, as expected.
Erhm whatever, it will be finished soon~

GHOST.. I still love you, lol.
I'll buy their DVD <3
omgomgomg, they're SO fucking awesome!
(As said before.. xD )
I never loved a special Band this long 
You see? That means -> they are something really special! xD


February 26 [Mon], 2007, 22:55

Hoer verdammt nochmal auf, meinen Blog zu lesen!
Mein Leben geht dich nen Scheiss an!
Und ja, diesmal bist wirklich du gemeint,
Tobias! --
Wie kann man nur so krank sein wie du, ey..
ich bin echt noch NIE jemanden begegnet,
der SO hirnlos is wie du.. und das macht mir ernsthaft sorgen.


February 23 [Fri], 2007, 7:15

She wasn't there yesterday..
but ok, maybe it's better not to see her
a few weeks or so. yes.

I'll go to Ddorf with Puku & Kaze at Saturday! <3
Instead of having the one-time-a-month-meeting
with my other friends.. Shoko is going to visit the others
just a few minutes, Kekz has a match, Tsu isn't
allowed to leave Hamm, I see Dai every day
and so just Dai, Tristan + Jui will be there I think..
So -> what shall I do there? Dddorf is the better option.

Argh! It's half past 11pm and I still have to do
homework, cleaning up and then going to sleep..


February 21 [Wed], 2007, 4:18
Ich weiss nicht, was ich von .. halte..
also so richtig..
verdammte scheisse!
hoffentlich seh ich .. morgen. ich werd einfach
durch 'zufall' da sein, wo .. is. auch wenn das
irgendwie kindisch is..

+ dieses kranke arschloch regt mich so auf..
denkt, er kann jede haben, der hat echt
spass am ausnutzen.. ich hab lange nicht mehr
SO gehasst.. aber nicht mal das ist er wert.
Idiot! geh sterben..

even hate is a feeling,
and noone who is really hated
is worth this feeling..

trki! xD 

February 19 [Mon], 2007, 4:07

I was going to visit the Death Note-Con yesterday,
but.. I didn't >D
I met Miku, who I knew from (DAS) KoeviT,
and she was there with some of her friends.
So I decided to spent the day with them, and
.. it was so much fun!
They are all so damn cute and lovely..
I really hope to see them again.

+ Yay, it's finally getting spring! >D
no more fucking snow like that <3

++ omgomgomg! my mother allowed me
to buy a vivienne westwood necklace from ebay <3


February 14 [Wed], 2007, 8:24

I'm really looking forward to saturday
+ monday <3
saturday: Death Note - Convention
monday: having fun / drinking with some ppl
& the full, free weekend.. I SO need that.

Lina is.. uhm.. really depressed these days..
I can understand her, but.. whatever.
Not the right place to talk about.. again.


February 12 [Mon], 2007, 23:21

- - - - - - - - - -

I'll play a bit guitar now, I want to get better..


February 11 [Sun], 2007, 5:07

I hate.. things like this.. so much!
But whatever, that's not the right place
to write about.

+ Argh, I still have to draw Sasa's picture..
I'm so Sorry, Sasa! x _ x

GHOST.. I love you.

x x x 

February 08 [Thu], 2007, 6:05

It feels SO good to eat a piece of chocolate ; 3 ;"
I hate diets.

Nya~ whatever.. I have pink in my hair now! <3
& I really like it.

Uhm.. yeah.. rock on.
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