a request. ;) 

2006年10月21日(土) 3時33分
mood: =p

Coward Cakee - credits to Cindy!

heres a link to a youtube video featuring Cakee, frm AuditionSEA. someone whom i had a bad impression of. XP its obviously due to *someone*, but it doesnt matter now. =) [edit. now i have a VERY bad impression of her. -_- coz shes a person hu dont mean wad she say...]

e video is wonderfully short. only 13secs long. wont take up much of ur time. pls go view it and let her be famous for her cowardly-ness~~ ^^

3rd day of slacking at home. 

2006年10月20日(金) 23時10分
mood: XP
lols... 3 days no go sch already. haha all coz i cannt wakeup. X_X wooot. i think next week i oso no need go le bah. wahaha~

hmmz. played alil audition here n dere, den went to play gunz. after gunz, went back play audition. fun-filled everyday! (and of course shopping too. lols~)

anyway i went chekliang's hse again, twice. 1st time was to help him dl gunz, and failed. O_O den 2nd time went dere wif e installation program. and now, even after successfully installing it. STILL CANT PLAY. LOL! its e same problem as last time we went to peninsular dat 24hr lan shop. seen every1 as "Agent not available". totally no1 to battle wif, and derefore cant play at all. -_- works fine at my hse leh.

lols. den abt audition... yay lvled! (dats like... finally huh.) LOL! failed license once coz shortage of 4perfs. -_- 2nd time my perfs jus nice made it. so yep im lvl 15 now, i mor lvl and im clubber le. O_O lag behind every1 for so long le. lols.

finally found shuya in audition and added him. ^^ though he seemed alil colder le. anyway is oso coz now got v little contact le. T-T

besides shuya oso added leost, firewinx etc. (or maybe no etc. ^^)

yesh. squeezed in spree!! 

2006年10月20日(金) 19時05分
mood: =DD
weeee!!~ joined a spree and bought 2 tops frm oldnavy!! XD

bought e green 1. alternate e red 1 if e green 1 is OOS. US$12.99weee. wanted to buy this desperately, coz its M tall size!! imo it shall be e size dat fits me most. <-- this is only thru imagination. XP

bought this. ^^ US$9.99and this one! XP i think dis colour combi looks real unique... purple wif brown. nice!! i like. haha deres 3 other colours available at 1st, but all went OOS except for dis. muz b those ppl no yan3 guang1, nv pick dis colour. XP

OOS~ didnt want it anyway. XPorange recommended me this colour, black wif grey... but i didnt like it as much. dont think i wear le will nice. and besides... looks lik prisoner. O_O too bad it went OOS. XP

didnt buy coz unsure of whether to buy or not to buy.wahhh... nice graphic tee/ long-sleeved tee... too bad it wasnt in e "Mens" section, but rather in "Boys"... sigh. looked at e measurements, and tot mayb even XXXL wldnt fit me. =/

lols. after ordering i realised e measurements dey gave were all confusing. abit worried dat when e tops come wldnt fit me... ohwells. jus hav to hope it will eventually when it arrives~ i may hav to grow fatter? hahaha impossible. -_- pls arrive faster so i wont hav to worry!!

time for a change!! now for e 1st step... 

2006年10月19日(木) 2時11分
mood: -_-
wha! i muz be in e mood of posting today. =p woot. i saw something i shudden see at cindy's blog. O_O jealous? me? maybe. anyway dats not e main pt here.

i realised dat i have seriously no confidence in myself, low self-esteem, etc etc. i really dislike being like this!! so maybe its time now for a change. i want to be proud of myself too!

1st step i shud take shall be on my external appearance! many times i think im soooo very ugly, especially in front of other ppl. coz dats wad how i think dey see me. but when im alone in e toilet in front of e mirror, i still think i look ok wad. but im not so zi lian to think dat im shuai or wadevr la!

y issit dat i only feel this confidence when im alone? y do i always feel inferior when im wif other ppl. many times i really envy those "BHB" ppl can! i want to proudly put my picture as my display pic, no matter how ugly it is! i seriously need this courage... and i really hate being camera-shy! T-T wo shou gou le!

so starting now, i want to make dis 1st step to change myself. i will try my best to be bhb to give off dat air of confidence i nv once possessed. yay! so maybe 1 day u will see me put my own photos in dis blog, as my display pic in msn etc. puke all u wan, for all i care. =D dat shall be indication of my success. and then i shall move on to my next step.

these changes hopefully will fit me in a poly environment better... =/ oh and btw, ive been getting gd interpretations frm daily tarot readings lately. sure hope it marks e start of my gd fortune! XD

weee changed new blog skin + cbox. 

2006年10月18日(水) 23時17分
mood: =p
whahaha. 3rd gen blog skin now!! ^^ all e blog skins i used were all autumn-style de. dunno y i jus hav a preference for dem. 1st was e mid-autumn rabbit-ish skin, 2nd was maple leaves and dragonflies wif a cloudy, soft/ watercoloured feel to it. now dis is e 3rd skin! (i think will be e last of e autumn skins, since autumn is ending soon...)

and to suit e skin, ive changed e cbox colours too. maybe i shud take a screenshot of how my blog looks like each time i change a skin. ive already wad colours i used for my previous 2 cbox styles! =x

orange is going bonkers. O_O 

2006年10月18日(水) 22時04分
mood: worried =/
lols... orange has been acting rather different these few days. like very lidat... e life revolving her seems so blue. which shudden be e case since orange colour is directly opposite blue in e colour spectrum. [hey i learnt how to use e strikeoff stuff! grats to myself. XP]

- is her sch workload too heavy? (she studies alil too much these days. =p)
- is her class ppl too mean to her?
- is it coz of wx's absence on msn? (dun kou shi xin fei anymore.)
- or is it coz orange simply jus thinks too much over small things, stressing herself up.

in any case, hope orange feels better. rmb speaking out helps alot. haizz... worried for orange. T-T

LAME david and goliath!! XD 

2006年10月17日(火) 22時36分
mood: XD
whahahah! LOLOLOL. orange jus showed me some pics of funny t-shirt graphics frm david and goliath. and dey sure r act cute! (some were amazingly bian tai oso... not shown here. -_-) anyway here r some of em.

yea dats right!! yay!

wah. dey dare make dem look so similar wor! later dey get sued i laff. XP (in case u cant differentiate, e left 1 is e fake 1... =p)

wahh! act cute!! -_______-'''

woot orhor... this means pointing middle finger!! ><

and this is classic. HAHAHA.

LOLs really funny graphics. i want to own one of these too! XP (dunno if i will dare wear dem out though. LOL!)


2006年10月15日(日) 22時31分
mood: :P
wahaha. baked cookies.


drugstore is coming! 

2006年10月15日(日) 14時45分
mood: ^.~
paid shipping charges.

continue next time.

mummy's outing~ 

2006年10月14日(土) 10時55分
mood: =)
yep yep watched death note movie... (well half of it.) and after all e bad luck comes gd luck!! (coz we r at e 24hr lan shop. i always do better in lan shops. XP)

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