fan & flowers 

May 18 [Fri], 2007, 15:49
[ music | Depeche Mode - Stripped ]

Sctuuuff from my sistaaa ^_^

chopsticks (the same as before but, i dont want to use the others cus i think they're so pretty so now i can use these...since they look the same..yes, i r dork XD), a very pretty fan and 2 picks she found:puuurdyyy ^_^

and omg what happened to the flowers??only one left now ;_; poop.

my brother was here yesterday and i told him D'espairsRay was having a concert here and then he asked if i wanted to go with him. lol he's never heard of them before... then he called my sis and told her about it and then SHE wanted to go too. XD

i played my bro some songs by them and he said they were good but my sis doesnt like that kind of music... i mean, it could be fun to go but..i just dont get why they want to go to a concert of a band they've never heard of before. O_o
its in less than 2 months so anything can happen. they might change their mind...
and i'm not really a concert person...i'm too calm. i'd rather just stand in the back and watch them perform. than stand in front and yell and go crazy i mean.
i guess thats not so fun for the band if everyone did that but... i cant go nuts, i feel stupid -_- but it would be kickass to see them tho.

oh well, i was suppose to post these pix of felix before but i forgot -_-
my dad putting the leash on..

felix is a guard cat. XD


May 16 [Wed], 2007, 7:26
[ music | hide - Hi-Ho ]

I so seriously need money.
cus i gotta buy:

Jun single - $14.90
Phantasmagoria LAST EVER single - $19.90
Gazette cd - $29.90
Gazette dvd - $48.23(?)

= $112.93
seems i have to rob a bank.

i saw on cdjapan the first press of the Gaze dvd is sold out ;_; i had money when it was still available, i knew i should've ordered it then...
darn it.

some basic icons:

01. 02. 03. 04.

01. 02. 03. 04. XD

lookit teh morooooooon O_o
i cant even remember making this XD
yes, i fail. -_-

spider boots XD 

May 12 [Sat], 2007, 19:55
[ music | hide - Doubt ]

I found my old boots. i havent worn these in ...5 years.
and it was when i had a summer job on a cemetary...

and can see why,i bought them when i was like 14 or something, thought they were cool. XD
they are actually red/white with black spiderweb. but the white kinda made it look pink so i painted (with a marker) them black.

but some of it has come off.
thats why they look so horrible. -_-

they were almost like these,except i dont have the seam in front and where these are black mine were white.
i wish i had had these instead. poop.

felix wanted to be in the pic XD

and random is my middle name.

fun times (not really) 

May 11 [Fri], 2007, 23:41
[ music | Phantasmagoria - 光に降る雨 (Re-Mastering) ]

I had a questionaire i found but its too long for yaplog >_<
can see it on lj tho, here.

from that lj entry:
what do think of when you hear:

Red: Jun and his guitar,

Cow: ooglies,

Socks: Hello Kitty socks,

Black: Felix,


pix of picks and pins 

May 10 [Thu], 2007, 19:30
[ music | Danger☆Gang - Nagareboshi to aki no sou ]

My Gazette picks arrived yesterday!
or..the paper to go and get them at the post office did.
but today my dad went and got 'em for meeee! (cus i'm too lazy to do it myself XD)

\^_^/ I Я HAPPY!!!!!!

now i have the same picks as Aoi, Uruha and Reita ^______^ *is dork*

and my sister gave me a pick too ^_^ it says Trivium on it...think its a band.

aaaaaaand i made more pins,
6 Danger☆Gang, 1 Jun and 1 D'espairsRay.
the pic looks odd for some reason O_o

but i didnt put all the DG ones on my bag tho...
its getting full XD maybe i should stop making more pins ehe....

but its so much fuuuuuuuuun! \^_^\≡/^_^/

more pins 

May 09 [Wed], 2007, 18:47
[ music | nothing ]

I made some more pins.
gazette, mago, jrock, visual kei,
jun, jun, jun & visual kei.

i can never seem to get a good Jun one tho... but the mago one turned out great. ^_^
i dunno why i made another Gaze pin cus it looks almost the same as the first O_o
maybe i should make a Danger☆Gang pin...hmmmm...
i'm gonna end up with the whole bag covered in pins XD
(i have them in front of my arm cus i have the S and an Itachi behind my arm...)

my sister gave me a froggy postcard ^_^


May 09 [Wed], 2007, 2:17
[ music | Phantasmagoria - Variant Jihad (Instrumental) ]

tra la la........ i have nothing to dooooooooooo...... i should probably go to bed but i'm not tired... and i just ate 2 sandwiches -_-

lol me with Hikos hair ,
i suck at photomanips, but at least i tried XD
and i'm not so sure that hair fits me... hmm....

when i took this he looked at me and went "meeeeeeaaaowwwww! meeeaaaaaoouuuw!" sorta like "omgwtfareyoudoing?!" and he bent his head back like that, cats are really bendy.

i have discovered 3 new jrock bands XD
Danger☆Gang, exist†trace and Screw.
i kinda like them in that order too.

the first 2 are girl bands. and its shame girl bands dont get more credit in the jrock world. they're just as good as any guy band. ¬_¬

and the funniest words evaaar: brainfart & peenorz XD
i laugh every time i see 'em. ≧▽≦

aaand my dad just scared the crap outta me @_@

what boredom brings... 

May 05 [Sat], 2007, 16:01
[ music | Phantasmagoria - Cruel Crucible ]

( 50 questions I almost guarantee you've never answered. )
( I've seen 102 out of 239 movies )
( Months )

Flowers outside the livingroom window,

i r lazy??? 

May 03 [Thu], 2007, 17:43
[ music | I'm watching Bleach episodes ]


Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

dont get the Pride thing tho O_o

Anygay, i joined a community on lj called lacrima_e and downloded some maaarvelous mago vids.
i LOVE making of videos! \^_^/

i made a Jun icon from the "making of mikansei to guilt" video,
and since everytime i try to upload this gif yaplog screws up, heres the link instead, JUN. he's so cute ^_^

and ooh, i ordered Gazette picks yesterday XD at first i thought i did it wrong but they sent an email today saying the picks would arrive to them tomorrow and they would ship them immediatly. ^_^

it was either S$16 or S$19 (S$=singapore dollars) 16 was for normal mail and 19 was for registered mail. and since i'm paranoid i wanted registered.

but i calculated it a bit wrong so i only had 18 on my paypal -_- and then i got more money to put in but i was too impatient and ordered them yesterday. and of course, today the money got in to my account >_< but oh well, too late now.

i ordered them from visual shoxx ^_^

...damn i'm bored -_-

pins roxors my sox ...ors 

April 29 [Sun], 2007, 19:30
[ music | Phantasmagoria - 未完成とギルト (Mikansei to guilt) ]

Toooday we celebrated my moms b-day ^_^ i had cake ^______^

and since my sister sister, she bought stuff for me.
2 pairs of earrings, altho i can only wear one of 'em, because of my holes.
the right one, i removed the earring part on one and put it on that safetypin brooch ^_^
dunno what to do with the other one tho...

aaand she bought pin-making-refiller-thingamabobs, so now i can make pins again! \^_^/
i ran out of pins ....err...a very long time ago, so its just been standing on my shelf ´_`
but no more! i made some,they are: gazerock is not dead, sisters of mercy, jun, 176biz, gazette and jun.
crap, i forgot to do a mago one... but its soo hard to get a pic that small, and still see what it is... oh well, i'll do it later.



and i got something in my eye! \>_
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