wanna c ur smile again... 

January 16 [Mon], 2006, 1:54
da, i was so stupid cauz' i hounded down u a lot. if you hadn't met me, you would have not felt and got lost on ur life...
i really wanted to kill myself cauz' i killed the person who i loved... i couldn't help, i couldn't notice, i couldn't give my hand u...

u told me before that i was ur light. i wish i had been... for u...

i couldn't sleep the day before yesterday. whenver i woke up, i couldn't stop crying. cauz' i couldn't forget what we loved... i hope you'd loved me anyway(laugh)
i'd tried to go to sleep not to feel sad, but...

i don't feel anything now cauz' i feel like something is lacked from my body. something. i don't know what it is.

do you know that? you are the one who accepted me. i couldn't consult myself to anybody... anybody..... i could find my home finally... but i'd been killing you... i was so sorry about that.

now again i have to walk on my life by myself. but if i kill u, it is better walking by myself even though i feel lonely and hurt... how many times i've explained to my parents... i've contaced u, but i know there won't be our future, so i wanna talk and c u untill the time is coming...

sometimes i reglet what i met u, but now i wanna say i'm so glad to meet u and spend time with u. thank u for ur warmth and wrapping my everything.

da, although i know that someday the time is coming, but i wish ur happy new life and wish new you always... and with ur new partner. wish ur everything cauz' it is the only one thing which i can do for u.

and also, i hope i was not only the partner for u.....

Happy New Year Baby!!!!!!!! 

December 30 [Fri], 2005, 8:48
hey ikumi!!!!!
what's up!! i was trying to wait for you last night, but i fellin' sleep finally~~ what are you doing today? more interviews do you have any plans for the new year's eve? wish i could spend it with you.. anyway, i miss you so so much!!! talk to you later today ok!! bye baby!!!!

still miss you!!!!!!!!!! 

December 27 [Tue], 2005, 12:26
wow!! cool!! i just post my first now i know how to do it!! please post it after your interview if you have time ne!!! i really really miss you soo much... i eat your rice every day!!! and when i was eating it, i felt sooo happy and touching... you put your love and care in your cooking... arigatouuuu see you soon!!!!!

i miss you so so so so much ikumi!!!!! 

December 27 [Tue], 2005, 12:18
i love you ikumi!!!! you're always on my mind!!! and you made this suck a cute website for us made me miss you even more!!!! i wish we could always bao bao together, always holding hands anywhere we go... even though we fight so often, but finally we always get back together... this christmas is more warmmer and happier to me!!! 'cause i know that you're happy and our feeling are strong!! i was watching you go to sleep, and i felt so emotional... even though you were snoring loud this is my first entry i hope i remember how to post it anyway, i know you have an interview today!! good luck!! haha.. merry christmas!!

miss u every single day... 

December 25 [Sun], 2005, 6:31
da, what are you doin'? do you know? i always miss you sooo much every day

but you know what? i became so happy actually i thought i shouldn't have visited you before came back home... since we fought and didn't talk....

however, after that, we talked a lot each other and tried to understand each other, right? i think it's the most important thing for us cauz' we know that we are totelly different personalities...

anyway you always tell me...

[you changed me} the frog is you(laugh)

but you know?

this piggy is me{you've been changing me]

i feel that i met the person who wrap my everything.":.・...・";."・.
i don't know what i can say(laugh)

something like that okay, i'm gonna go back to studyeven though i don't want to...


Happy Happy Merry X"mas
Wish Your Happiness With My Love...

I got home!!! 

December 23 [Fri], 2005, 5:31
hi, da! finally i got home it was so long jurny
when i got the station, it was already over 8 o'clock, and after that, i went to c my grandma i'm really glad that she was fine cauz' before she couldn'd do anything at all...

after that, i and mom dropped by the coffee shop when i got home, i was so happy cauz' i could touch and hug my dog and cat

but... now i can't go to sleep(laugh) okay, i'm gonna take the bath do you remember what i bought something for taking the bath at the body shop? i'm gonna use it good luck on the shopping card i hope you guys can use it
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