hot hot day 

September 07 [Wed], 2005, 16:05


yesterday night sleep œKlor~becoz...unhappy!!!
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September 04 [Sun], 2005, 21:10
a liitle Bit Unpahhi....becoz u a busy!!!!
today, i have done my PA,but it not yet finished~
i have said "i am unhappy,i am unhappy......"So many .....
Afternoon: i go out take AL paperMY BF>
then have tea with mum,and print the paper!!!
U dun hear phone!!!3 timesi dun know where u go ...
Actually, u at HOMe
I think that.....after talk with mum ,so many ppl expect me go U must be the bst way!!!!
WIFE: my studying Mood is back!!!
Very...upset ....for the dog dog!!!!!Y dun go welcome buy it!!Disappointed...

playin' day 

September 03 [Sat], 2005, 23:09
I‰—‰ÂˆÈ“¯WIFe ‹ŽPLAy la~keke~take bus with karen,so quick “žar~then buy DADA Present!!!Until,1:50,WIFe arrive la~ then we go KFC
–O–O.....we go –`訞ى€ar~so happy~
i have free icq-cream ar
Happi thing:::::my lovely son >>mirror !! I like it so much~ Image hosted by
my wife buy for me

Disappointed thing:::::u dun go U with me la~
Happi + disappointed=average gd!!!haha~~~
Actually, i felt so gd today, but forgot to take photo!!!
And, Wife has a bad smell=.=it really come from U ga


September 03 [Sat], 2005, 11:38
ŠJ›{2nd Day,OMyGOD~i haven't bring holiday assingment!...•s‰ß“sD‰õ•ú›{I¬êyŠôI‰ìŽ€...then back home~change cloths Äo‹Ž®–„“Ithings ~™û™û‹Ž“žlibraryCbook PC la~becoz i print so many things!!!that ppl ask me Y?then i tell him HA lor~hehe, Wife felt unhappy Wor~‰äác‘RšIŒW“¯HEu–ìælaIkeke~ WIFe : you need ¬“úfind me la~šIŒW‰äA˜ð˜êl"žA"gala~=.=silly ga~how come find past paper Bor~Try my best la~tmr “~™ZBIDAY >>SUNDAY DADA BIDAY>>THIS‚l‚n‚m‚s‚g@‚v‚h‚e‚d BIBIDAY!!!! NEXT‚l‚n‚m‚s‚g@‚r‚h‚r‚s‚d‚q many ao~Actually, HAPPY‚a‚h‚q‚s‚g‚c‚`‚xIII‚x‚d‚b‚g` ‰ä’mC‚‰@‚—‚‚Ž‚”@‚”‚@‚—‚‚’‚‹@‚‚‚’‚…@‚”‚ˆ‚‚Ž@‚“‚”‚•‚„‚™C‚‚‚•‚”@‚‰@‚—‚‰‚Œ‚Œ@‚ˆ‚‚’‚„‚Œ‚™@‚“‚”‚•‚„‚™@‚e‚‚’@‚`‚kI‚`‚†‚”‚…‚’@‚”‚ˆ‚‚”C‚‰@‚ƒ‚‚Ž@‚‚‚…@‚†‚’‚…‚…@‚‚Ž‚„@‚„‚@‚—‚”@‚‰@‚—‚‚Ž‚”@‚”‚@‚„‚@‚‰‚”IIIII‚o‚rF@‚‰@‚—‚‰‚Œ‚Œ@‚‚…‚…‚”@‚v‚e‚h‚d@‚‰‚Ž@‚…‚–‚…‚’‚™@‚‚‚’‚Ž‚‰‚Ž‚‡C‚“‚@‚—‚…@‚ƒ‚‚Ž@‚“‚…‚…@‚‚’I Image hosted by


September 01 [Thu], 2005, 18:09
today,ŠJ›{la~so early wake up,then go to heng ON find WIFE,He help me make HAIRRR!!then, he gone~so hot ar~A new year, a new look!!haaha~sit with Karen ni again~funny!but.......i felt i will be a busy girl soon.

Although i dun always see u, i will work hrad!


August 30 [Tue], 2005, 20:31
}¡“ú˜êl˜blor~none of my business wor~then i go out eat lunch with Wife,a nice lunch!!!after that, i walk nad walk~unyil 3 o'oclock, back home~ok~go out again~take photos,if noy gd,i will take it later~Wife tell me a news~but i dun know gd or not~PS:dun go mainland to meet another husband AR!!!!!!keke~i start to perpare my new study year~i need to finish my summer assignment, iron my cloths,something like that~And i date my sister to go library!!!

>3< my dearest wife: i get 2006IKEA la~i start to design my "DREAM"Home~
O... the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, i may be go mainland to have BBQ &to look on a big MOON over my head~


August 28 [Sun], 2005, 14:35
•sŠJSIId—LŠô“ú”Ô›{I’A˜¹—LŒ÷‰Û–¢˜ôIthis summer™¤lazy “I‰äIUHìC–ã“I‰äIU back“ž‰ÆC–””@‰½Hnth to said “IU~U–”萐S­¶‰äIŠßla~U~ i think i—vÌ”ÔèÎla~–³l—I‹ŽšhIšI萉䎖IU mum help U –ñma~‰äšI‘z—la~U˜b·¶C‰ä‘z“Ima?–”ŒW‰äöHHDla~ŒW‰äöla~‹Ö U‰ÂˆÈšI—‰äI‰äD—݁I‰ä‘zèΉºCUšI—‰äI–”•scall me~šIŒW‰äšIu–ìIŽ§ŒWU “s–³—‰äI–³la la “¯ur mum uˆê‹åId—v‘å‘åãߍu“IC”@‰Ê U–Z“ICok~that's fine`U workCAŠJŽn–Y‹L‰äŒWdim la~ u workCAŠJŽnšIãã‰äula~ u always á¢äBŸ†¶Italking phone, ušI›“S¶D‘½Inth la~i think i “sŒWŽ©ŒÈˆêŒÂl˜ôŒ÷‰ÛCstudying la


August 25 [Thu], 2005, 16:20
ð“V“¯–…–…o‹ŽSinging K ! so funny~”VŒãA‹ŽŠß–`訞ى€IthenA‹Žš¤‘ŠÙIáǓž·šI‘½5:00A‰ñ‰Æ—¹I^^‘O“ú“ª’əށI˜V”k–”—vHìI“¾‰äˆêŒÂI’ÉŽ€‰ä—¹I=.=PA›ßŽ€I–³˜V”k“¯‰äˆêꎘôCêy˜ôwor~hehe~¡“úŒW‰Æ‡™ÞIsleepy ma~“s–³˜ô‰ß–ìIRan ccšIŒW‹Ö‘zŠßšhIˆöˆ×cBoring lor~•s‰ß‰ä‹X‰Æ›”‰—o“Iú“Žqú“ŽqAŽ¯¶D‘½Iˆöˆ×áǍ¶D‘½ú“ú“Žq“I‘III


August 21 [Sun], 2005, 13:22
thisŠô“ú“I‰ä“s¥LAZY“I^^ nth r~™¤play ran lor~I‰—37 LV la~DŠJS¬“ú“s‘Å“žÎ™ÞID‘½èAšhI‰ä>>>ŒWgame “xI’AŒ»›‰Acc™û™û~˜V”k“ú“ú“s—v”ԍHC‹Ö‰äAŒWHome play game r, watch TV r , sleep RccBut Raining is not gd !!!!ˆêoŠXAáljºd—Lwt—v”ƒ”Ô›{‹ÖšhIkeke~¯Šú˜Z(20/8)CI‰—Œ©šhI‹Ž¶HKFCCD‹v–³eatšhI–O–O^^•s‰ßc‰ä‘¾ˆÕtired la~s“ž5êyround o“IA‘–Lu~ŽÔãsleeping pigS~ Silly ga~l’novernight萉äHŽ–™Þ~Eating“söma?thet–”–³˜b—veat~“¯–„¡“úI‰—\”ÔPA šhIˆöˆ×lor!!˜V”k—vlor!hehe~˜V”kC‰ä—vyou cook”Ñ™Þ>.<šI‰îˆÓ“ú“ú‘‹N!!!!hoho~you ‰õ“Io$$l a~Šú‘Ò–`訞ى€™Þ~~~~•úSšhI‰ä˜ð—p˜Z“ú˜ôŽN6 yrs ŠùPA ga la~


August 16 [Tue], 2005, 18:13
ã¯Šú˜ZI‰—Œ©“ž˜V”kšhI•s‰ß“s—vŒƒŸ†ŠùCFindŒÂ’n•û“s‹Ö“ï=.=”VŒãA‹Ž¶‘¼˜bŠù—í–F›H“x®HairI™_ŒÂŠôà‰ËI—݁ccThen o”Ô‹ŽSTsC&eat–ìI’AšI’mHú“DtimIÅŒã”ƒ¶D‘Ï–³eatŠù""‹ŽM‹Leat~hehe~Ž§˜V”kAeat M‹LšhI™û™ûC”VŒãAŒƒŸ†again~•s‰ß—L˜V”kŠùdogdogcAŽZšhIkeke~then ‰ä“¯˜V”k‹Žsupermarket”ƒ–ìIO_OD™¤™ÞI˜V”kI‹Ö“s’mŒv‘½Šù~”VŒãAback home boring~˜V”kA—vÄo‹Ž“V…š¡—¹II™èI–³“¾ŠßRanŠù˜V”kI“¯˜V”kŒX“ž¬êyàCagree¶me•sgo monday AR‹Ö‰äAˆÀS‹Ž‡—¹I
this Šô“ú“s‡CHCŠßIHAc™û™ûCšID’ñšhID‘z‹Ž¥K la~BBQ la~‘Åç²à¢la~D‘½D‘½™ÞI˜V”kCŠôŽž“¯‰ä‹Ž™ÞHHH‰ä‰Æl˜bšIæScŒÂ“ª™Þ>.<
ŽZI”Ô›{ŒãC“ú“ú“s—L‰ä˜V”k“¯‰ä®C‰äA•úSšhI‘´›‰AL–””@‰½H‰äD—݁CšI‘zl—¹Iêy‰ðŒÂŒÂ›{¶“s—vˆ×˜ðlA‚lC—ß“žŽ©ŒÈ‹Ö‘åšØ—́HDŽ—Ž—˜ðlA‚lcontrol‰ä’nCšIŒWœäŠY‰ä’ncontrol them MaH”½Ž§‰ä›ß‘z‹ÙlŠ®Œã‹Žç²“x—·sar~Œ´–{‘z˜ô–ì”VŒãæ‹ŽC’A‰Æl˜blŠ®A‹Žbor~•úSC‰äˆê’èšI˜ð“¯‰Æl‹ŽC”@‰½‰ÂˆÈ“I˜bC‰ß‹Žfind Siu YIng &ada“sDBor~

`—Žqnameœd –¼Waiting`

ßˆÓŠß ‡ H





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