The shoe take a manufacturing industry to face the funds chain problem development difficulties

July 04 [Mon], 2011, 12:07

"Currently, Wenzhou 25-30% business enterprises sank into predicament, part lockout or half lockout.The second half year shoe take to wait small and medium enterprises to fall into an existence crisis."The small and medium enterprises development in Wenzhou promotes meeting the president of association week German speak, the business enterprise closes down various reason, but return a knot bottom is a funds chain to split,You will also never forget the The Barricade Transformers nike shoes wholesale which the heel has the words Emergency Response framing 911 a folks lending to result in to exist pressure and become the last rice straw that overbears camel.

Last year a series of measure of the central bank recall liquidity, make bank letter loan the limit is nervous, reduce money supply background completely bottom the shoe take to wait small and medium enterprises a margin difficult more outstanding.Good treasure in Shaoxing controls a group chief executive officer's king tell a reporter, this year, the business enterprise conducts pressure more and more greatly, on being an original material price motion, two is that the downstream circumstances isn't good, three is a margin difficult."2008 is an impatient disease, the whole profession is a chronic disease now.The bank contains funds in 2008, the policy has been already supported, once various means use, and the business enterprise carries on the shoulder to come over.What business enterprise faces isn't margin cost problem now, but exists pressure".

"The finance cost is more and more high now, the bank regular outlet interest arrived 7 percentage points, and the bank speak comprehensive repay, the loan doesn't make you use first for you, you want to exist bank first inside, then use these savingses as the security deposits open protection, protection discount behind just can use, calculate down the cAir max shoes is a respected name in ladies tees and rompersost in the bank margin to come to a 12% like this.But the shoe take to wait a manufacturing industry to have 15% gross profits to lead very good."The industry insider thinks that monetary policy if continue to like this and tightly descend to go, affirmation will include a lot of medium the small shoe take a business enterprise to close the door.