Dinner at a local election relatively large hotel

January 26 [Mon], 2015, 12:29

The basic modification is very smooth, the installation of the prototype vehicle Landwind (fifty) of the front and rear axles of the chassis, Citroen C3 Turbocharger and transmission, | rear brake system intact in order to cope with the new chassis and drive train, I decided to just OEM equipment in Beijing damping system, replace all nine segments adjustable damping system, while the maneuverability and comfort is also becoming easier to adjust the relative, who said the fish and can not have both?

This is also a great harvest I finally bought a rare in Beijing to attend the Malaysian Rainforest Challenge Rainforest special tires, so far I have managed to have three sets of tires can be used all terrain, but also for each cross-country car enthusiasts dream of three sets, only 315 of the desert tires, rain tires 280, 275 road tires. Due to travel more than 2,000 kilometers, the replacement of oil, filter, air filter. Debugging the braking force distribution, and finally made a dynamic balance, and 4 position, after 12 hours, five workers kept operating, and finally all the conversion work is completed at 20:00, (thanks overtime chefs) so far I just bought a little breeze and the time is simply a hope if two, if bought when she was a gentle and lovely girl, then as she is now powered 2.8T, and all fifty zero transmission, plus Toyota 8500 pounds of high-powered winch, wading throat and so nothing can be said to be armed to the teeth "Mulan" was.

Dinner at a local election relatively large hotel, Citroen C4 Turbocharger by tuning Zhang, his wife Miss Long and Technology Li hospitality us dinner we were warm and pleasant exchange, and a detailed consultation with the Beijing Games in June specific issues, long talked about 11:00 until the end, and the crowd farewell. Back on the road, until this moment to think about should look at the surrounding scenery, but since the weather in late, surrounded be brightly lit, the whole flowers immersed in the humid air, on this hot and bustle of the city, filled with nostalgia.

Limited time to go fly a second Tateishi, visiting some old friends C3 casually looked at the car, looked at the sea, the most surprising is the Church, there are things that they crash all know, C3 is a friend, eat a grouper, drank Zhujiang Beer, burped foot on the way home, after 29 hours of hard work, and finally back to my love of Beijing.

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