2005年09月12日(月) 22時34分
I got photos of Sohma, which was taken on August 26th, from photo studio yesterday.
They are very cute, aren't they?


2005年09月10日(土) 22時48分



2005年09月07日(水) 22時34分
We couldn't go out today because of the typhoon.

I asked Sohma where his stomach was and he was able to touch his stomach!
Very cute!!

Sorry, no picture today


2005年09月06日(火) 23時20分
Typhoon No. 14 was coming but it wasn't raining today.
We went to our neighbor to see a 10 months old baby boy.
Sohma gave his mom a toy many times.
Sohma and the baby tried to get a ball at the same time and they began to fight.
Then, Sohma couldn't get the ball and cried....
Ganbare, Sohma!!

He tried to say "mom" in Japanese.
I could hear him saying "A-tan" which could be "Oka-san."
How cute!!


2005年09月03日(土) 22時43分
Sohma, my mom, and I went to shopping by car.
My mom bought a long-sleeve shirt and thin jacket for Sohma.
I also bought a T-shirt and pants.
Sohma was in very bad mood today.
He always cried and my mom and I didn't know what to do.
I carried him, changed his diaper, and let him drink a pack of juice, but the situation didn't get better....Sigh
Finally, my mom brought him to a drive, then he fell to sleep.

I went to a gathering with my good friends from junior high school.
Everone drunk an alcohol except me because I still do the breast feeding.
We drunk and ate a lot and had a good time!!
My friends and myself

Sohma didn't cry at all while I wasn't at home.
He just wants to give me a hard time....
What a naughty boy!!
But I love him very much

A kind of 動物園 

2005年08月31日(水) 22時44分
We went to a kind of zoo today.
Why "a kind of"?
Because we don't need to pay for the zoo and there are only few animals in the zoo.

We saw antelopes first.

It didn't move at all and was staring at us, so I started thinking that it had to be a stuffed animal.
But finally it moved.
Sohma was also staring at the antelope.

Secondly, we saw kites.
There were many kites and everybody looked at the same place.
They were very cute.

Then, we saw a Siberian wildcat.
It was big and there was a warning said, "very dangerous."

We saw some other animals and left.
He looked unexcited....
I took this photo in a parking area.

He always wants to reach to the camera.

Carried rice cake 

2005年08月28日(日) 23時12分
Sohma carried rice cake on his back for praying for his health and happy future today.

He looked having fun very much!!

Happy Birthday, Sohma!! 

2005年08月24日(水) 23時02分
Sohma, you became one year old today!
I'm very happy to have you as my son and you are the greatest gift from the God in my life.
I wish you a healthy and fruitful life.
I'm also one year old of being your mom.
Let's grow up together!

Height: 76.5cm
Weight: 10.3kg

My parents gave him a kind of car today as a birthday gift.

He loved it very much!

I cooked special meals for him.

Rice with scallop and spinach
Tunaberg (fish and mashed potato)
Steamed egg
Sweet potato
He loved the dishes except tunaberg.

Happy birthday to you again!!

Last day of 0 year old 

2005年08月23日(火) 22時46分
Today is the last day of 0 year old for Sohma.
I found that his 8th tooth has grown up.

I bought a playbox for his birthday gift
He can play a beads coaster, picture panels, xylophone, and so on.

He can drink water from a bottle with using a straw by himself now.

He didn't need to use a nursing bottle at all since he was born.
Amazing, isn't it?

This is the best picture for today's Sohma, going to be one year old tomorrow!!

KABUKI Actor, Sohma 

2005年08月19日(金) 22時35分
Sohma and I went to a nursery school for free.
He met many friends who were older than him.
He tried a slide and liked it very much!

It's my younger sister's birthday today and she became 29 years old.
My mom and I ate a cake!

Sohma always poses like Kabuki actor!

Mayumi will come to visit us tomorrow and she'll stay here one night!
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