December 02 [Fri], 2005, 1:32
it's 2am... yes, i'm still up again.
i've just bought three christmas cds at hmv online. how exciting.
it came to only like 4000 yen. what a deal.
it really sucks that we have to work on christmas eve.
i really really dont understand why people want to reserve a room in a hotel on christmas eve.
please stop doing that people! because somehow , thet makes ME
feel embarrassed see them checking in with proud happy face.
they might not even know what the christmas means.
well, i guess stop complaing...i shouldnt care what they do.

all i want for christmas is...
i want to go to church and have dinner with my family.


November 30 [Wed], 2005, 3:56
i hope nobody sees this blog...i'm just writing this for myself.
i have know idea how this thing is working, but just wanted to try what everybody's doing these days, the bolg stuff. then i just realized i have nothing to write...

today i got off work early (6:30pm!) but as always i didn't go anywhere exciting. just had dinner at tenya (it was good though) and went home straight. there was nothing interesting on TV either. so i lied on my bed and fell asleep. i think i only slept for 3 hous or so last night...and now i'm staying up this late.
i'd better stop wasting my time like this...

i will make tomorrow a better day.
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