2008年08月22日(金) 8時22分
I dreamed of snow in August
Its quiet embrace
Holding us white and unconnected to the world
A floating dream of kisses and snowflakes
* * *
Icy hexagons are stacked up on my sill
No footstep in the drifts
The harsh metallic ring resounds
Of spade on frozen ground
Bow your head
Here comes a hearse
And on it lies my heart, still warm
* * *

What are you doing in weekend? 

2005年12月10日(土) 22時36分
  Tomorrow I will have a short trip to Aso Mountain. I asked teacher could I invite another school’s student with us, but the answer was not. I haven’t seen you for a long time, miss you very much. Why you don’t call me and send mail to me actively? Anytime miss you, even I am busy.

Window is not open~ 

2005年12月10日(土) 0時10分
  I got a mail from Snow. Actually, she replied it. She never sent to me actively.

  Today we have a very interesting seminar. And today I introduced something about my research. After it one student asked some questions.
  He asked:” Can we use this system in Windows XP?”
  The teacher answered:” No, we can’t. Our lab will not use Windows at all, because the window is not open, it is closed.”
  Hah! ~~ Window is not open.

Orange is the best delicious fruit 

2005年11月23日(水) 22時43分
If now someone asks me
what is the best delicious fruit in the world,
it must be the Orange.
If now someone asks me
what is the best interesting thing in the world,
that surely picks the orange.
I want to be a farmer,
enjoying with the nature's hug everyday.
Wants to be the farmer who has many orange forest,
quietly enjoys today in the dream.

The movie changed the orange 

2005年11月22日(火) 14時22分
  Why the movie changed? And another student will pick orange with us. That’s so terrible. I just want to with you only u and me.

Wednesday movie 

2005年11月20日(日) 22時46分
  Wednesday is the Lady's day in here. So it will take only 1000en to the movie ticket. And I invited her to watch movie with me, that’s so excited. Because maybe at that time I can get a kiss from her I hope. I am looking forward Wednesday will be soon arrived.

Snow's Birthday 

2005年09月22日(木) 23時59分
  I am sorry I didin't give u any present, and also didn't do the party with u.
  I heard from some students that there will be a birthday party for u. But I don't like it any all, I just want only two persons, u and me. But it's impossible as u are my teacher, and I am just a student.

Stone's Birthday 

2005年08月22日(月) 23時11分
  Today is my first birthday at Japan, have no presents. I want to have drink with friends, but maybe they are very busy. I didn’t invite Snow to have dinner, zann nen de shi ta.
  My professor will have a meeting in next month, so I should translate my report to Japanese in these days. And today nobody will share the nice day with me, so I selected to study hard.

Summer vacation 

2005年08月07日(日) 22時52分
  I spent a nice day today. I have a short trip with Snow to kikuchi, and the place is very beautiful than I thought. I was glad that I ride her car.
  The water is so clean that can see the bottom of river. I fell into river by my carelessness, because I think the river is shallow, so I jumped into there. Hah~~ and since got wet, I swam. But the water is so cold, maybe about 5 degree.
  Hope to play with her once more.

Super Difficult Math 

2005年07月21日(木) 23時51分
  I got a reply from Osaka professor, and he requires me to answer his math questions. Super difficult math about a probability function and a random variable, nobody can help me only myself.
  I must answer it in Japanese. If Snow can do it I would be very happy, but maybe she can’t.
  I searched a lot of martial, spent the whole night to do it. Luckily I did it.
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