Saiko Kissa 

October 16 [Mon], 2006, 1:57
Yesterday, I went to "Saiko Kissa", in U-district with Yuriko, and I found that anpan were sold there Actually, one of my favorite food is red beans,so Ttried it right away
It's a little bit too sweet for me, but dericious Yuriko ate maccha-pudding, which was also good All of the clarks are really nice people, and I was pleased with the caffe.Maybe, I will go there again before long After that, I went to Yuriko's apartment for the first time.Her room is so nice,and prettyI really envied her.

So nice dinner 

October 14 [Sat], 2006, 15:20
LookThese are exactly Japanese SUSHI
Today, I had dinner with my uncle's friend who is the professor in UW @ Japanese restaurant "Shun", which is located near the U-village. We ate various kinds of Japanese dishes, like chawan-mushi, sashimi, nasu-dengaku. gindara, and so on. All of them are sooooo delicious And also, his story was really interesting for me, and I could learned a lot from him. I could have very good time tonight

I love ice cream!! 

October 10 [Tue], 2006, 12:46
Although ice cream has been one of my favorite food, recently, I got to love it more than beforeThe ice cream in picture below is frozen yoghrt espresso ice cream @ "MIX in MIX" which is located in University District It's so tasty, and in addition, low fat I chose walnuts as mix-inI have been to MIX in MIX only twice yet, but I want to go there again to try the other flavors
My friend, Yuuka, also love ice cream, so next time, I 'll take her to the store

Presentation was over! 

September 26 [Tue], 2006, 13:14
Today, I gave a presentation in Jeniffer’s class I'm not good at speaking in public, so I was in nervous. However, thanks to Mamasan's advice, I accomplished it better than usual
After the class, I went to COLDSTONE in downtown with my friends. I ate Raspberry sorbet with blueberry there. That was sooooo delicious I really want to go there again.

I'm in Seattle now ★☆ 

September 22 [Fri], 2006, 12:14
My new life has started
Five days have passed from my arrival in Seattle.Everithing is quite new for me and I do nothing but be surprised with everything.I’m staying with a family in the Lake City To tell the truth, I'm really worrying whether I can get along with my host family, because their way of life is totally different from mine.They are catholics and prays before every meal. At first. it made me surprised because there are few people who have belief in God in Japan. I expect that more things will make me surprised and confused in everyday's life in Seattle, but I want to get to know the American culture and familiarize myself with it. And I really want to learn English skills which will help me to communicate with people all over the worldI'll do my best!
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