February 14 [Thu], 2013, 0:31
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or why my entries aren't posting. I'm going to guess it was the picture, the code was wrong or something. I fixed it so I hope I did it right

Anyway, nothing to report right now. Nothing new has happened, but I guess something... oh wait! I almost ran over and old lady yesterday! This isn't great news, I know. I was at a stop light and had to turn right so I looked to my left to see if I could go but I was too focused on the guys in the car next to me so I didn't actually look anywhere. Meanwhile the light turned green for the people turning left across the street which means it was the old ladies turn to walk... I fucked up. Then later on I got honked at because I turned and there was a car coming and again this happened cause... GUYS! I really need to stop. It's not cute, it's embarrassing. I did get hit on by two guys though. One was alright but he was way younger than me and the other was cuteee but had a kid. I'm not about that life. That's not the point of this story OK?! The point is that I'm a fucking animal and in an alternate universe I killed an old lady. It made me sad for a minute because I ruined my life in an alternate universe and worse I killed someone!

I feel like I'm God and anything that I do ruins the life of someone else that someone else being... me... in an alternate universe. Is that stupid? I don't know. What I do know is that I need to be a wee bit more careful and just completely ignore guys, I swear. This is tragic because I really love looking at guys

OK, I'm off because I have to wake my sister up and get her ass ready for school.
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