Coach in just three hours

February 27 [Thu], 2014, 14:10
e sword on the mountain top. This will increase about popularity, then there is time to eat slowly, eat one night to do dozens of appetizers. Although he has more than three thousand women, coupled with the inside of the spirit world that hundreds of thousands, but Coach does not still feel less, maybe it's all the people related to it, he did not.
So, Coach, and the sight of this woman after talking for a while, then hurried farewell, but he was not there to go back to Don Seiji. But continue to do is shoot the temple gate called up to pee, a harem Lianpao more than a thousand, there are some few live inside the harem concubine, Coach bags in just three hours, met with more than two thousand concubines.
However, this action does not mean he will stop down, but still continue to shoot the door, even the king also went to live in the harem, also inside the Kakai in wake up.卡凯 was sitting in a chair staring with panda eyes of his energetic son, asked him why he called around to shoot the door to get up to pee?
Ai Xinuo dad, I have a little something to do and talk to you! Coach looked at the pair of panda eyes on almost laugh.
In the end what happened? Something can be placed tomorrow to speak, they do not disturb others around the door clear shot dream of it! Kakai sleepy eyes narrowed in on this cute and powerful son said.
I want you to those without the personnel concubine! Coach constantly circles said.
Pickles Kakai in the mouth just drink tea on the erupted, but fortunately he did not eat, or may be to swallow.
What did you say? You want me to those without the personnel's concubine? Why? If you want a woman I can give you the trick is to order the country, world do you want to grab my woman! Some time ago not to give you fifty beauty it? Kakai in the hands of the cup down on the Coach said.
I do not know why, I'm always too strong following, one-night battle on hundreds of women is not a problemIf a woman does not several thousand dollars is not enough! Besides, you do not have those women in the palace, is not too wasteful, as it gave me! Coach said coldly, but also the body that comes out of the cold, windless clothes freely, he seemed like a threat.
Kakai Coach outlet online saw that look up all of a sudden cold fear caused him to change days, when the king of the city of several million more people will die. Thought send thousands out better than those people died.
Kakai Coach heard the words they think it makes sense that those placed there without concubine and is very wasteful, but if those concubine gave him, Coach will not snub his daughter. At this point Kakai in the brain constantly thinking, so Kakai in on Coach said, said a few years took the throne passed to Coach.
Then Coach Senao empire became king after his night you can go to the temple to play, but there is one condition can not snub his daughter Kami Yi Yi Xinuo and they, as well as Kakai in designated concubine can not touch !
Coach heard him take the throne passed to him, and my heart a little surprised it did not, for the throne h
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