Time is not to Isabel Marant Boots

July 22 [Sun], 2012, 22:20
Time is not to Isabel Marant Boots actually know my way home to look at pretty men, a bit like me."

A year ago, the the Chiang parent unilaterally issued to the second son of oral so-called parent-child treaty, Isabel Marant Dicker Suede Ankle Boots in above inequality agreement, he give Jiang Baichuan the deadline is also June 30 this year, this is also old comrades last the bottom line.

It seems that in this world, not Miss Su a person wants to Chiang, vice president of this period.

This is indeed say that it is a coincidence. Just do not know Chiang, vice president at the time to listen to, I will not be unique irony?Father then asked the second son: "Why not speak?"

Not convinced that is not it? Not convinced that there is no way these words, my father, actually do not want to say I told you today, do not want to repeat that in front of your mother. "

"You are surnamed Jiang, but no matter what your last name in the eyes of the world, you were always my son. No one will care for you truly have the ability, you reluctantly or, reluctantly or you and your brother was born from a onwards, had to head against my title without my father, you will the thirties cook P company vice president? a mere P companies, the Group's total assets have limited the number of size and prospects, you The vice president a year how much wages have much energy? Even so, the others ability than you poor, hard-half to five-year-old may not be able to get on this position you are now. "

"Since ancient times,Isabel Marant Boots a family which is a wing all glory, a loss for both sides, since you a heads off can not afford me give you - right, your brother and my last is the 'shackles' it shackles by doing things with its laissez-faire to you one by one out nonsense, headstrong Hu country and at home are of no great use, not as good as gave me back, put on the shackles I give you, give me an earnest, being serious better to do something to make these things! "