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Pink Delight
2010.04.14 [Wed] 23:35

Raspberry Marshmallows

Japanese Icing candies

(18+) Hess is more
2010.04.11 [Sun] 17:55

Don't take me wrong, i'm not a pervert :)
but this song and the video are really great
very creative to associate blowjob with singing on the mic

Hello sweet pie
I'm really glad that you could make it...
I think we should get straight to business...
Show me what you've got...
It's all yours...

Yes boss...I'm on the mic...
I'll try to give you what you like...
I can be soft...I can be hard...
Let me do the B-part...please...please...

Sugar, sugar...so close..and yet so far...
I would love to take you to the B-part...
But I'm afraid we're not quite there yet...
So darling...Grab that mic again and give your best shot...

Yes boss...I'm on the mic...
I'll try to give you what you like...
I can be soft...I can be hard...
Let me do the B-part...please...please...

Oohh yeahh...that's what I call sweet music...
I really like what you're doing here...
yet...I think you're gonna have to work a little harder baby...just a little harder...

Yes boss...I'm on the mic...
I'll try to give you what you like...
I can be soft...I can be hard...
Let me do the B-part...please...please...

ohh yeahh...way to go...
now we're really getting somewhere...
It's getting hot in here...
Hit me baby...hit me one more time...

Yes boss...I'm on the mic...
I'll try to give you what you like...
I can be soft...I can be hard...
Let me do the B-part...please...please...

ooollaaalaaaa...I think you've got me there baby...
come along...come along baby...
here comes the B-part...
... ... ...

(ps. the B-part: look for the hint by the toytrain in the end of the video :P)

Real Cool Capers
2010.04.03 [Sat] 03:47


A soundtrack to life
author: Mark
This disk is like a soundtrack, but a really good one. If you consider yourself, hip, groovy and/or cool, this may just be the soundtrack to your life. If you aren't, then this would be the soundtrack to someone else's groovy, cool, hip life, of which you may forever pine for, but never be a part of. Play this disk and you may have a chance...

Real cool says it all
author: Clark Barr
Somebody stole my TV but it's ok cause my eyes smelled from watching to many un reality shows, allthough the robbers left me with a great funktitious sountrack for my underground groove podular which is presently strapped to my brainpan keeping me stimulated in pleasent vibes,thank you.

chill music that loves you
author: Chris D
interesting, never a downer, always nice to listen to. solid beats and grooves, and some killer bass lines.

Very fun album
author: Darren Kirby
Bought this based on the sample clips alone. I love this kind of music! Very fun, funky, and conducive to good times. Music ranges from almost cheesy casio-keyboard demo type sound (Love In Tokyo) to sparse, slow as molasses downtempo (The Lurg) to full on spy/car chase music (The Numb Gumshoe, Follow that Cutlass). Recommended!

Very fun & groovy. Wonderful background to a very cool evening. Can imagine commiting robbery to this music.

Marching Bands Of Manhattan
2010.03.22 [Mon] 15:21

Marching Bands Of Manhattan

If I Could Open My Arms
And Span The Length Of The Isle Of Manhattan
I'd Bring It To Where You Are
Making A Lake Of The East River And Hudson
If I Could Open My Mouth
Wide Enough For A Marching Band To March Out
They Would Make Your Name Sing
And Bend Through Alleys And Bounce Off all the Buildings

I Wish We Could Open Our Eyes
To See In All Directions At The Same Time
Oh, What A Beautiful View
If You Were Never Aware Of What Was Around You
And It Is True What You Say
That I Live Like A Hermit In My Own Head

But When The Sun Shines Again
I'll Pull The Curtains And Blinds To Let The Light In

Sorrow Drips Into Your Heart
Through A Pinhole
Just Like A Faucet That Leaks
And There Is Comfort In The Sound
But While You Debate
Half Empty Or Half Full
It Slowly Rises Your Love Is Gonna Drown

Your Love Is Gonna Drown
Your Love Is Gonna

Empty Streets
2009.12.05 [Sat] 10:47

Empty Streets

The city feels clean this time of night just empty streets and me walking home to clear my head. And though it came as no surprise. I'm affected more than I had guessed. By what was said. If this love's not meant to be. If a heart's not ready to open. If the naked eye won't see. It's broken. It's that quiet time before the dawn. And I'm half past making sense of it. Was I wrong? Should I think to give it all. In a world where not much ever seems to last long. If this love's not meant to be. If a heart's not ready to open. If the naked eye won't see. It's broken.

Ooh La La! How To Get that Perfectly Messy Bun
2009.12.05 [Sat] 08:42

Whenever I visit Paris, the girls always seem to have such perfectly tousled, bedhead-y hair. So, in Miami, I asked my friend C., a hair stylist, to show me how to twist up my hair casually but beautifully. (No more crappy buns with a rubber band!)

Here are her six stepsc

Step #1: Make your hair dirty. gI wash my hair only once a week,h admits C. gWhen your hair is too clean, it wonft stay put.h After showering, she massages in either Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion or a homemade spray, made with one part sea salt, three parts water and a few spritzes of leave-in conditioner. gIt makes my hair piece-y enough to work with,h she says.

(During the week, C. uses dry shampoo to keep her hair from getting greasy. Rene Furterer Naturia is her favorite. gAnd it smells like roses!h she says.)

Step #2: Next, pull together your hair and hold it straight up (glike Lucky Troll Doll,h she laughs).

Step #3: Then twist your hair down to a few inches above the crown.

Step #4: Wrap your hair around itself until it forms a loose bun, right on top of your head.

Step #5: Pin the bun in place with bobby pins. gAnywhere from four to eight, depending on how thick your hair is,h C. says. gYou want it loose but secure.h

Step #6: Finally, pull loose strands of hair from the nape of your neck and around your face to make it look like youfve worn the bun all day (or even slept in it!) And there you have it: That certain je ne sais quoi.

Joanna Goddard
p.s. je ne sais quoi [fr] = I don't know what :)

Window Phone Concept with weather forecasting
2009.12.03 [Thu] 02:00

A concept mobile phone named the gWindow Phoneh created by Seunghan Song, is made from a thin and transparent plastic sheet which apparently transforms its look according to the weather. During sunny days the phone remains clear, will look humid on rainy days and frosty and foggy on winter seasons. The Window Phone has a touchscreen feature and handwriting recognition which can be activated by blowing air on the screen. It can also recognize symbols drawn and text messages written on the sheet.

The Window Phone is a concept device designed by Seunghan Song. Itfs a slice of glass that can display certain information such as current weather conditions as well as predictions for the next day or 2.

This Window Phone looks like an iPhone screen, with the main feature being that it gives you a weather report by simulating what a Window would look like in that kind of weather. See the rain?

Just imagine what happens if it snows.

When it is clear and sunny out, the screen is crystal-clear.

By the way, you can also fog the phone up and draw on it, as seen by the illustration after the break. This would result in your illustrations being sent over MMS.

Window Phone, a phone concept that can provide users with "accurate" weather predictions everyday. And the Windows Phone would not only let you know if it's sunny or rainy, but it would also change its home screen according to the weather.Users can handwrite phone numbers and messages whenever they want to communicate.

Too bad we're not going to see a real device of this kind too soon.

Kate Spade X'MAS Gift Ideas 2009
2009.12.02 [Wed] 02:28

Kate Spade presents:


Editor's Choice -

Cafe Stella: Cut and Paste from Paris to Silverlake
2009.11.30 [Mon] 02:12

Pot au Chocolat

Café Stella is a little bit of Paris tucked behind the red walls of historic Sunset Junction. I read that this was Silver Lakefs best kept secret but when we got there, the secret seemed to be outcand spreading! After a hilarious episode with the very dapper valet, we huddled together in the outdoor patio directly under the heat lamp (yes darlings, LA does get a bit chilly at night so pack accordingly) for our last LA meal. The problem was that I had no concept of time while on the West Coast and ate a pretty big meal before arriving to the restaurant. Oops. But this is moi and I always have room for Pot au Chocolat and a glass of Champers. The next time thou, I am coming very hungry. The Steak au Poivre looked amazing from afar.
Meg Cuna
Café Stella, 3932 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Moleskine x Marti Guixe
2009.11.29 [Sun] 14:51

—R2010”N‹NCMoleskine ¨›’v‹NˆêŒÒåYp•—BMoleskine ›’每”N籐¿ˆêˆÊåYp‰Æˆ½ÝŒvŽtˆ× Moleskine ŒÀ—ʔŔçŠv“úŽŒn—ñÝŒvàՓÁ••–ʁCŽ§ŽñŠ¼ŒÀ—ʔŔçŠv2010”N“úŽCA¥—R‘\ãS™Òäo Detour “WæT“I¼”ljåÝŒvŽt Marti Guixé ÝŒvB

Marti Guixé ŒÀ—ʔŕˆêŒn—ñ“I2010”N‘åŒ^‹yŒû‘ÜŒ^Žü‹L˜a“úŽB•M‹L–{••–Ê‹y••’ê‹Ï[ŸÞŽè㉕—ŠiC›’ Guixé “IàՓÁ•—Ši›æ“ž Moleskine“I •M‹L–{ãBGuixé “¯ŽžÝŒv—¹ˆêŒn—ñŠß–¡\‘«“I“\Ž†C”z‡“úŽŽg—pCŠÑ3“O•M‹L–{“I®é“•—ŠiB

ŒÀ—ʔœúŽ••–ʈȔçŠv»ìC•Û—¯—¹ Moleskine ’˜–¼“I•iŽ¿˜aÝŒv×ßi–³Ž_Ž†A“É‹ØⰊ‹y‰ÂL“W內‘܁jC”õ—L™B“üKF˜agFˆÈ‹Ÿ‘I¢B

Moleskine X Marti Guixé åYp‰Æ••–Ê 2010”N“úŽ


- Œû‘ÜŒ^F`•¼$448

- ‘åŒ^F`•¼$498


Moleskine introduces its latest diary creation, a leather cover with hand drawing patterns, whose author is revealed on the back: Catalonian designer Martí Guixé.

Marti Guixé (1964) lives between Barcelona and Berlin. He studied interior and industrial design in Barcelona and Milan. In 2001, as a statement against the limited scope of the traditional designer, he started the ex-designer movement.

Sara Pittaluga interviewed him for Moleskine:

SARA: What is your relationship with time and organization? Are you the super organized kind of person or a fan of improvisation?
GUIXÉ: I am "strictly flexible and flexible strict", to conciliate duty and unexpected events. Because of my work responsibilities, I have to be very organized but also to improvise, because you always have to deal with the unpredictable. Both are in my agenda.

SARA: When you were a kid and a student, did you enjoy drawing on paper or there were other materials you preferred (I personally loved wallpaper, but my parents didn't support me much...)?
GUIXÉ: I tried a lot of different stuff, architecture paper, watercolor paper, and oil too, but finally what I love more is a good sketch paper and a ball pen.

SARA: If you had to suggest an unusual use of an agenda, what would that be?
GUIXÉ: I would love to use it as a wallet too.

SARA: Where does your Moleskine cover drawing come from?
GUIXÉ: The idea was to create a hand drawing pattern and to indicate the source in the back cover, in the shape of a man doing it.

SARA: Why do you think a lot of people often feel they never have enough time?
GUIXÉ: Time is a perception; it can change depending on the context. Moleskine should do for these people agendas of 26 hours a day, and 400 days a year! We need to work on our perception of time.

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  • ƒAƒCƒRƒ“‰æ‘œ ƒjƒbƒNƒl[ƒ€FKim Kwan
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