January 29 [Thu], 2009, 1:53
Tomorrow is my first day of hip-hop class, I'm nervous!
Not because I think I can't do it. but the girls take turns and show each other the dance moves. like 4 girls will go up and the rest will watch, then the next group.
I'm a slow learner. so it makes me nervous!

Wish me luck!

Valentines day!

January 29 [Thu], 2009, 1:44
I thought of valentines, because someone said something about it on a website I go to.
I wish I had a valentine, a boyfriend. >.<"
But I don't. So this year will be another boring year!

I hope everyone enjoys valentines day though! {ラブラブ}

Me in my wig!
I have brown hair though!


January 28 [Wed], 2009, 6:38
I keep thinking it's thursday, but it's only Tuesday! ]=

I'm very tired. and I have homework still! a little of each subject, since I tried to get done with it all at school. I didn't get anything completly done though ]=

I feel like dancing, or taking a nap!

Anything but go to school tomorrow!


Long time!

January 27 [Tue], 2009, 11:43
Sorry, I have not wrote in over a year??
It's been a busy year!
New highschool, new friends, and lots of school work!
Science is to hard

I have been learning Chinese and Spanish!
I still try to learn Japanese once in a while. But I have a lot going on!
Hip-hop dance lessons, chinese, full-time school!, maybe martial arts, and I like to be with friend and hang out!

I am listening to Melody - realize.
Shes a good artist.
So is NewS, Arashi and Kat-tun

I go to Chicago twice this Summer!
Ayabie concert, and Chinatown festival!

Yes, i have 7 piercings now!!

Byee! =]
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