Pyrite Beneficiation Technology And Equipment

June 19 [Wed], 2013, 9:57
Pyrite Beneficiation Technology And Equipment

On sand reclamation is given to the effect of its technical facilities
Sand reclamation, the sodium silicate sand regeneration than the resin sand regeneration in the process is much more complex, which is sodium silicate binder content and characteristics of the decision. More film forming binder has strong toughness and adhesion to the organic residues generated by conventional dry regeneration from grinding, scrubbing it is difficult to pPyrite Beneficiation Technology And Equipmenteel off the film. This requires further strengthen the peeling strength to ensure regeneration, which the reproduction process becomes complicated. Thermal water glass can usually be used to sand heated to a temperature decrease of the water glass sand; dehydration can further brittle binder, and adhesion loss of activity, and to achieve the purpose of stripping easily broken. Step is generally the old sand is heated to about 750-800, the adhesion surface of the organic residue sand binder dehydration temperature carbonization, complete loss of activity of the adhesive, and the formation of the inert film is brittle, and then cooled to 100 or less, and for secondary regeneration treatment, to dust, cooling screening. Formation mechanism of old sand resin sand sand recChrome Ore Extraction Equipmentlamation is an important part of the process, but also an important guarantee to obtain good economic. To meet the small plant resin sand process of development, in sand reclamation processes and equipment necessary for the study of the formation mechanism of old sand be further explored. This paper describes the sand reclamation refers resin sand, water glass sand sand reclamation process; while the right to make sand clay sand regeneration treatment and reuse technology to understand. Resin sand, water glass sand casting process are the use of the same hardener (curing agent) react chemically bonded sand to complete the formation of sand. Reuse in the reproduction, the reproduction of this layer of sand formed of sand, if the acid catalyst (curing agent) is the surface of the catalyst residue in the excessive accumulation of reclaimed sand, may cause changes in chemical properties of the reclaimed sand, the acid value to a negative degree value; resulting reduction in the time available, the mold embrittlement phenomenon. And this layer of sand in the old account for a large proportion, will affect the regeneration effect. Sand reclamation is given to the effect of the following aspects: (a) particle size uniformity, the treated sand shouTalc Powder Making Machineld clumps disintegration, particle size distribution, good fluidity, easy to produce casting defects. (2) sand surface smoothness of the reproduction from the mutual scrub grinding, the surface becomes smooth and uniform sand, can reduce the amount of added binder. (3) Since the thermal stability of reclaimed sand is better than new sand (resistant to conservative) easy to control the casting porosity defect formation. (4) Since the impact of organic residues, the acid value with the degree of change in the back with the amount of the catalyst can be reduced. (5) Since the old sand in use, the proportion of direct control over the performance and quality of casting sand, sand reuse the higher the lower the cost. (6) The temperature of the sand under control, to minimize the amount of the adhesive state, can improve the flow of sand, permeability, thereby improving firmness and tensile strength. Therefore, sand reclamation is essential, imperative, but also an important condition to ensure quality castings.
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