July 21 [Wed], 2010, 0:00
Hello!! My name is Kiyoshi Kodama. I'm twnety eight. I was a employeer of a famous company , but I was dismissaled half a year ago . And I divorced three months ago...

I was tired from the life , so I decided to do a favorite trip to heal sorrow.
This blog is a place to show the trace of the trip of such me.

This time , I intend to write down the state of the trip of France one week here from now on.

I went to France at summer vacation in August.
I stayed France in a week.
I intend to write an event of 1st for one article.


July 22 [Thu], 2010, 0:00
Then it is the opening scene of a play of the trip Franch than this.

At first it is sky trip of 12 hours by airplane of the departure from from Narita Airport for 11:05.

When I ate and dozed off, the airplane got down on French Charles de Gaulle Airport all too soon.
I went to the hotel at once right after I arrived.
It was about 1 hour by bus from an airport to the Paris city . And I went straight to the " Saint Martin hotel in Paris" of accommodations.

This is hotel saint Martin in Paris. There is near Gare de l`Est station so easy to go to some tourist spots.

I booked single-room. There is a little narrow, but enough to one’s trip.

In my room, I could see structures, which was felt me Parisian cultures and styles, over the window.

I took dinner in a restaurant called PRAMIL near the hotel.

Appetizer was Crystal-leaf and Shrimp Salad. Crystal-Leaf is one of delicacies in France. It has crispy texture so you’ll be hooked on this salad.
The main dish was Ris de Veau! It is calf’s brisket. It is very tender and mild and tasty.

The dessert is Chestnut’s Mille-feuille.
This dinner costed about 50 EUR. I was satisfied them and went back hotel.

Because I was tired from a long journey, I fell down in a bed and have been just in bed.

- FIRST DAY fin -


July 23 [Fri], 2010, 0:00
French trip the second day.
Because I thoroughly enjoyed the Louvre on 1st on that day ,  this article is a story of the Louvre completely.

What I want to write piles up, but writes it by items.

Though I was going to enter it with the opening of 9:00, it has taken 30 minutes to enter it in a terrible crowd.
The Louvre is an art museum representing the world, and the various times and a work of the culture are exhibited, and the number becomes 300,000 points how.
Because I cannot give it up in a day, I decided to watch four points of works which I wanted to always watch today.

・Venus of Miro

It is the first purpose that came to the Louvre to watch this sculpture. She is discovered accidentally from Milos Island of the Aegean Sea in 1820, and it is a goddess image without both arms from discovery those days. She looked not have both arms attractively very beautifully. I was always impressed very much because I wanted to look.

・Little smile of the Mona Lisa

After all it seemed to be popular very much, and the neighborhood of Mona Lisa was a terrible crowd. Mona Lisa was small than I thought. She smiles with very tender eyes, but she is little weird , and I have an impression which I cannot express in the words.

I had a lunch in “Cafe Richelieu” in an art museum. A menu of lunch is ”chicken sandwich (6.80euro)”, “sherbet (6euro)” and “coffee (2.30euro)”. I had a cold thing and cooled down the health that became warm in excitement.

・Nike of Samothrake

It is the goddess of victory to lead the people to the victory often appearing in the textbook of the world history. This statue does not have both arms and a face like Venus of Miro.I have been robbed my heart by the statu of goddess who gave the mood that seems to fly away at any moment unconsciously.

・Code of Hammurabi

The Code of Hammurabi is the complete ancient capitular made before law of the Bible. It is the familiar history thing in the textbook of world history. When I looked it really, I have really thought in doubt whether this was a capitular.It is larger than I thought,it size is 2.25meters tall and 0.65meters width.

After art museum tour , I stop by a souvenir shop in Louvre. Many collection of picture and little replica of statue. I cannot bought these because it may interfere my trip.So I bought post card printed famous picture.

Anyway, it was substantial 1st.
I am not deep about the art to there , I still think that I became the good culture.

I stayed at the same hotel the day before on that day.

- SECOND DAY fin -


July 24 [Sat], 2010, 0:00
I paraded around the tourist attraction of French each place on the third day.
Because I thought whether I was severe in a day, I turned the part which was not able to go on the sixth day.

It surrounded Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame temple, the triumphal arch on that day.

At first it is Eiffel Tower to have gone.
The scenery of Paris thought that a view would be good how long and went at the very beginning.

The Eiffel Tower was built for Paris international exposition held in commemoration of the 100th anniversary French Revolution in 1889 by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

The height that was 301meters was updated with 321meters in those days in 1957 when a TV antenna was installed.

It is beautifulness Champ de Mars Park spreading through the east of the Eiffel Tower.
The building in the east end of the park seems to be army government service school.

It was a sense such as Tokyo Tower which said in Japan.

The next destination is Notre Dame temple.

Notre Dame temple is a large temple built in the protagonist Island floating in the Seine.
In 1163 , this temple constructed by Bishop Paris Sully, and it is initial Gothic architecture completed in 1345.
Notre Dame means "our lady" , it is a church given to the Virgin Mary.
The coronation of Napoleon was held here.

In this temple , there is stained glass called three rose windows.
In the inside, the stained glass is considerably big at 33 meters high, too.

With the Paris oldest stained glass, there is a window of the light of a total of 600 square meters in the temple of Confucius.

I may not have needed to go here personally.
Anyway, because I'm a irreligion.

The next destination isthe triumphal arch.

I thought that a night view in Paris could look, but time seems to have been slightly early.

The triumphant arch rises in the Charles De Gaulle public square.
Height is about 50meters and width is 45meters.It' so BIG!!!

The roof consist the observatory , the Champs-Elysees street is the most lively in 12 streets to spred from a triumphal arch radially .

In the Paris city area, any kind of small street seems to gain a name properly. Therefore I need to seem to never lose my way if I carry even a map with me. Is it true??

I will move to Bourgogne tomorrow.
I went to bed early that I could drink long-awaited wine.

- THIRD DAY fin -


July 25 [Sun], 2010, 0:00
The fourth day.
I stay in France. Does this mean I have to drink the wine !!I love the wine !!
So, my plan of Day 4 is to go to Burgundy.
Burgundy is a Wine-producing area known as the “king of wines”.As one wine lover , I must go there.

A honest story, I do not remember this day by excessive drinking of the wine very much.

The transportation is the TVG.
It was the first time that I got on the TVG.
It surprised me with the comfort , and ran moved Paris to Dijon station whopping 90 minutes.

First, I saw a field to make a grape which is materials for the wine.
In the vast field , beautiful leaves of the vine were arranged regularly.

Next、I went to the winery tasting.
In this place , we can taste six wines from cheaper.
I was surprised that if wines are made in same land , they each have a completely different taste.

The image is the Wine Cellar.The oak barrels are lined up.
In the wine cellar , cool and dim …

After all, speaking of France, a dish is delicious. Because I came to Bourgogne with much effort, I want to introduce a delicious dish.

This is “Escargots de Bourgogne”, a traditional cuisine in Burgundy.
This dish originated from Burgundy .
I actually had a little resistance , but it was very delicious !
The smell of garlic was good !

This is a “boeufbourguignon”.
This dish is the beef boiled with a wine, and is local specialties of Burgundy, too.
The beef was very tender and good with wine each other.

Left the winery in with a tipsy mood . every wines are so tasty !

I wear a hotel while soaking itself in a lingering sound.
Because wine was left in the body , I have slept in a bed without eating the supper.


July 26 [Mon], 2010, 0:00
This day is the day of the Paris last in substance.
Because I am going to leave Paris by the end of the tomorrow's morning.

This day, I went Versailles Palace that I was not able to go on the third day and buying a souvenir.

At first I went to Versailles Palace.

There is the Versailles palace in the Paris suburbs (approximately 20km southwestern from Paris).
It is this Versailles Palace that I can say the symbol of Bourbon dynasty who exerted luxury.

This is a ticket of the entering.

At first it is wide.

Anyway, It is simply a word of the gorgeousness.

Versailles with a palace and the garden which were the luxurious gorgeousness which Louis XIV built in 1682 was French politics, culture, the Imperial Court which played a key role of the art to a large revolution in 1789.
Anyway, as for the sculpture, the picture and the furniture put for Versailles Palace, luxury is gorgeous.
The bedroom of the Marie Antoinette princess. When I sleep, I feel like not calming down.

This image shows the garden.

The characteristic is a feeling of opening and an expanse. I go ahead through the plains slowly, and the magnificent view arriving at the horizon describes an axis calculated exhaustively in the last from the artifact of this side.

Because time was limited, it was not able to circulate through all. I will decide to turn around slowly if there is a forthcoming thing on the next time.

And movement more was on the way and passed opera Garnier, I looked at only the appearance.

It seems to have been built as a part of Paris shakeup plan stimulated by the second empire under the Napoleon III rule.

When next came, I want to go to here.

By the way, it is time when you must purchase a souvenir soon.
However, there is not a partner to nominate, it is all oneself use.

French souvenir ...What will be good?
The brand thing seems to be famous, too, but does not match oneself.

So I decided to buy food mainly.

Cheese , wine and there was a very pretty Eiffel Tower-shaped wineglass , I purchase them.
And I looked for the miscellaneous goods and purchased it.
I think that it was very good shopping.Was there slightly little it?

I will return to Japan at last tomorrow.
Still, it is a very unreasonable story that is not put in a sightseeing itinerary for last two days though it is a tour of seven days.


July 27 [Tue], 2010, 0:00
It is finally the day of the return to Japan.
It was the schedule that it seemed to be long, and was short.

As well as going, I get in an airplane to go from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Narita.

The airplane took off on schedule at 1:15 p.m.

It was a morning glow state when it was night although it became the window seat with much effort even if it looked at the outside. It is always a scene just before the sunrise to advance to the east where a date gets worse early.

I did not understand what sky it was, but the that a day rose was very beautiful.

It is 7:50 of the morning that I finish long long sky trip and arrived at Narita.
Some jet lag was terrible, but returned to Japan somehow.I somewhat felt relieved.


I had you read to here, and thank you!!
I end French traveler's diary in this.

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