The Cures and Remedies for Hangovers

July 08 [Wed], 2015, 10:57
Morning-after headaches, nausea, and blank memories can be signs that last nights’ bartender was completely out of control. A number of ‘cure’ options may make you feel better:

Coffee – This is a stimulant that will perk up even the most sluggish ‘over-served’ head. It won’t get you dancing, but at least you’ll be able to lift your head off the table.

Burnt toast – This tastes bad, but puts carbohydrates in your stomach which may calm the nausea. And the burnt part can be thought of as a gentle reminder that the last drink was probably the ‘one too many’.

Pain Relievers – These actually do relieve pain, so if that’s the issue, these should help.

None of these options will actually ‘cure’ the hangover, but they make you feel better until your body has metabolized the alcohol.

Plotting a Clever Strategy

The trick to imbibing and surviving is plotting a clever strategy. Party goers can expect and experience a great, convivial evening or event if they put some thought into a smart strategy and then execute the strategy. (Note: alcohol consumption can cause abandonment of even the cleverest strategy!) Here’s a proposed strategy:

1. Shop for eggs, bananas, bullion soups, sports drinks and pain relievers. See below.

2. Eat a huge meal. Eat lots of proteins, carbs and fats. They will fill the stomach and block the first few shots of liquor from entering the blood too quickly. (Note: this strategy also has the unfortunate side effect of making you too full to enjoy your cocktail. This too shall pass.)

3. At the party, every time you hit the potty, drink a little water. Every time. Depending on what you’re drinking, this may be quite often and the water will act like a ‘mix’ to the drinks you’ve already enjoyed.

4. Enjoy every life-altering minute of the party.

Just in case ….

If you followed the strategy, the next morning you should be up early and raring to go! But if that’s not the case AND you followed the strategy, you will have a fridge stocked with all the fixings for a great pick-you-up:

Eggs – Their chemical makeup helps neutralize metabolized alcohol toxins;
Bananas – These replace potassium lost due to the diuretic effects of alcohol.
Bullion Soup – This has the benefit of replacing minerals lost to the alcohol diuretic, while not requiring swallowing potentially gag-inducing solid foods.

Sports Drinks – See Bananas

Painkillers – These reduce pain, but you already knew that.

Party on.

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