That game we play points

July 08 [Fri], 2011, 12:44
"I also want to have and master together, I know, between me and the owner can not, however, but I could not help but envy her go I, I was thinking about flying in the air when the opportunity to look for her rejection I went back the next. "Judy sobbed, then frankly the heart cried out, suddenly felt a lot easier. She also really thought of heart Qi Aoshuang do something, it is naive to want to go to Qi Aoshuang dropped from the air. Now she is very glad that they just think, if they really do, I am afraid the owner was furious, but maybe it would have shot himself!

Ember Yan listening to Judy, then some dumb, silly girl that can really hurt to think that this Miss it?

"Hum, the owner, I'm sorry, am I really bad?!" Judy cried, watching embers Yan shocked face even more disturbed.

"Judy, do you, do not forget the lady fly it?" Ember Yan cry watching sad Judy good gas and funny. However, the news is this little girl is now realized his mistake, did not Qi under such a mistake.

"Ah?" Judy stopped crying silly looking ember Yan, and La of shabu mouth Road, "I, I really forgot.!"

"In the future may not have had such thoughts." Ember Yan touched Judy's head, rubbed her head with a smile.

"Well, never had." Judy nodded desperately small Jizhuo Mi general.

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"That game we play points, which may be a few days you've worked hard, carrying so many people flying." Ember distressed Judy Yan say is false, Judy, after all, has been accompanied in his side.

"Not hard." Judy has the Laughing at this time, when some of the things she would like to stain Chu I get a lot easier later. Ember Yan happy to laugh, Judy is a Maronite, like that is like, hate is hate. Even if she does not hate a person, like humans, then the dark to do anything to make anything. This is the difference between the dragon and the people stop, "" "

When the embers Yan and Judy came back with a lot of game, Qi Aoshuang surprised Judy attitude. Zhudi Ming was more to her passion, her side has been around twitter. Qi Aoshuang some puzzled look Yan to ember, ember Yan did not speak but just smiled.

"Tut, are you ah. So easy to get on." Near the embers of the Black Dragon, Yan whisper muttered.

"I do not want to be your Judy H of residue is not left." Ember Leng Heng Yan curl one's lip.

"I tell you intelligent." Bite the mouth of the Black Dragon fruit vague said. Long idiot hostility of the Black Dragon Qi Aoshuang how could not see this, but it has been calm and collected. As long as that idiot dragon made of Qi Aoshuang if anything out of the move, the Black Dragon will immediately shot to the kill Judy. Insidious, which is the Black Dragon Qi Aoshuang from that learned.

"You little bully after Judy." Ember Yan said the sentence cold.

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