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September 18 [Wed], 2013, 18:31
Giaccherini move to Sunderland came so fast, even the player himself may not have expected: "half a month ago, I was thinking about Juventus training camp thing, but now I'm already a member of the Sunderland, once again proved the soccer world in the sense that no one can predict the future. Transfer negotiations are moving very fast, I received from contract to closing r, it only took a few short weeks, much to my surprise, but such accidents are wonderful. Now I'm starting a new journey, I was so motivated and hoped that the new season begin as soon as possible. "As Italy representative of grass-roots players, Giaccherini's career was very inspirational, from l womens nike air max 1 ow-level leagues to Serie a, and from the ball will go into the giants like Juve, swooping and 4t. Giaccherini on themselves of "Skip" experience also quite feeling: "past years I seemed life in dream in the, from 2010 began, I of career career annually are has important leap, first with Cesena liters into serie a and relegation success, then I received Courtney of phone, he congratulations has I, said has who bouncers will fancy has I, I certainly knows he said of is Juventus, did not hesitate to accept Zebra Regiment of invited. Two years later my two league titles with Juventus, also entered the national team, my luck is really good. Now I want to open in the United Kingdom, dream at last. ”
Anyhow, said other foreign football, our football in his career abroad professional our professional amateur professional career isn't going up, it is not just national attention, more concerned about domestic policies and education system, and in Africa. Latin America, and no money buy football, cans, and with air force 1 low uk tape put grass tied up also Dang football kick, they children in for dream struggle Shi, we in the football why is world football first movement is football this movement can representative a national of culture history background economic strength also can representative peace era country and country Zhijian of war, is world Shang athletic movement technology content team tie requires Supreme of movement said sentence is words, from China of history can see came China history Shang is a not solidarity of national playing team project hard has Good point now! CAI zhenghua copy the results of table tennis to Chinese football, I'm afraid not, because sports are different, how different laws. 85% of the world's national soccer-ball, and the only competition for this sport is great Ronnie: "though my composition Real Madrid fans more often than others, but Mei Xicai is without a doubt when the best. ”。
See news "great Romania firmly believes that traditional, 9th will never disappear when Macy 1th" on July 12, Beijing time this morning, Stephen Nash officially joined the Los Angeles Lakers, new owners, over 38 years of Canada gave the veteran sits down with him for 15 years, 13th armor, opting instead for 10th number. Nash said the selected 10th, was to honor Macy 's. Nash will also be "Ronaldo, Messi who was the world's first football star" for this issue, Canada basketball star answered: "Ronaldo 6,000 sit-ups every day? Lumbo-abdominal strength is not than anyone on the pitch better than is overall quality. Even if Portugal do more sit-ups, he will never be able to go beyond Macy 's. "Physical architect Fernando Signorini (prior to the 1986 World Cup and Maradona's cooperation):" from the start of the season, LEO will gradually enter the pinnacle of his career. Although he has achieved many honors in the past, but the best Messi actually failed to appear. Now his moment of history. "(Messi produced only 73 balls +29 assists last season). "So far, LEO's achievements from his talent as well as his desire for the game. From now on, long years of accumulated experience by training and competition will begin to affect him. He will no longer be based on pure intuition play, but will make use of their knowledge and experience to judge. "" This will be a new stage of his career. We do not know where his limits. A player like once-in-a. ”
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