Fu Bo emboldened full guozu prospect worrying

October 23 [Wed], 2013, 16:29
"Who can" reveals a dash of helplessness, frustration, dash of utter misery, Fu Bo, deep, probably also felt all was lost. However, by accident, that a mere five words, tell the truth, the sport, and who will not? Who can? Don't think Lippi's Savior, really turn him on, so badly beaten.

Since who can and who can not, Fu Bo should continue, in twenty or thirty years or even a longer period of time, guozu impossible what to expect, why should labor trouble to change frequently, for a ride. Do not toss, toss the die faster and faster. With limited money, the best goal is to invest in adolescents.

His topic at each one in his own mind of man transformation, one by one the names of players and coaches eager to move from his tongue bouncing in the air. Left China this year, he is busy running his own business, Shenhua and don't have time to give serious attention to Super League, but usually the ears always sporadic messages, nike blazer mid uk to wake him up to here with a kind of affection. "So, Lippi was also super, but unfortunately I couldn't stay too long or meet his game in China is certainly going to be a fun thing. In all, we met for the first time in 1998, between the Champions League and I coached Monaco, he is the head coach of Juventus. From the Champions League to Super League, did not think we get on the same track. Lippi was not only a brilliant tactician, is a simple man. Over the years, I don't have much and he gets into a situation, but there are some, I loved him, his football philosophy, he is a man never does not mean sharing. ”

There is no doubt that professionalism made rapid progress in construction under the new situation of Chinese soccer a fighting and fighting spirit-rich team for today's policy makers are still against the flaming. I can also understand that, due to the current charge is a new broom sweeps clean, they need to be familiar with the process, but like the shy, in fact in the end can only have a greater disaster. National team almost went bankrupt, assets restructuring process, not research, does not solve the problem of leaders or institutions would have been mercilessly eliminated.
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