the simplest way is to let them go "

January 21 [Mon], 2013, 10:24
No pop-up novel nets, 000 fans online at the same time will this have their own courtyard inspected a letter or endure, if return to find that Kenshin hospital steward to change a impulse Canada Goose Banff, broken is broken!Anyway, he also don't care, as long as no one disturb, and in addition to the roar of a mountain, the scenery here is very good.[literature.Xiamiwenxue.] but this courtyard what you really want to live here, but need to rebuild it, of course, the most important is the layout of a defensive formation, but if does not intend to layout and a sealing method, because this method's defense capability is not high, usually also just, but the future he was going to impact the building base Timberland Mens 8 Inch UK, so absolutely cannot have a careless!Therefore, if the intention is to seal a reciprocal arrangement Jiuxing method!But if you want to decorate this Zhenfa, need at least a low-grade eighty-eight five lines of stones, he is now in the hands of only twelve, far is not enough.Therefore, he is now the primary goal is to cover the sixty-four parts five rows of stone!For this matter, if it is a great master, because he is now worth is very rich, before killing Yao Xing Mo Yan, who won the two handle sword four products, in addition to the handle ponley sword for has been used, the handle can be sold!There he found the Dead Sea in underground caverns in the animal bones, also can sell the last price, because according to him the situation at the time, that this beast bones have at least six and above the beast.In addition to this, seal if there is an idea, that is the hundreds of four bats to dispose of, these four bats are the only white ghost bat's men, the day is he put the white ghost bat rein, that even with the hundreds of four bats rein!The original letter if you thought this was a good thing, but now he found that things are not so simple, because these four bat month needs to take a low five rows of stone, hundreds of hundreds of "even though he is now a small fortune" also can not afford.More importantly, the monthly a low five rows of stone for those four bats, also can be not starve to death, they couldn't have continued to grow!So, after careful consideration, seal if also only very reluctantly give up them, because it will harm him "not only dissipate one's fortune, these four bats in the future also thoroughly!The beginning letter if the idea is to put the four bats were sold, according to the market, each have value two thousand low five rows of stone, the hundreds to hundreds of thousands of!But to do so it is too wicked point, anyway, the white ghost bat but ready to focus on training flying mounts, simply put all its loyalty hand to sell, how also not!Therefore, the simplest way is to let them go "let them rely through one's own efforts, although here is the next day peak, but want to they four they reveal the strength or to live, of course, the premise is not to offend Zhen Tian Zong he!But now the letter if it is a suitable for their survival place found here Air Max Classic 91 Mens UK, it is on the southern slope of the next day peak, the south is always very steep, cliff thousands of feet, so even his disciples Zhen Tian Zong have flight control or flying mounts "rarely come to this.[shrimp literature.Xiamiwenxue.] but this terrain is very suitable for these bats live, then lightly in which rock seam shrinkage, hid in the day, at night when out hunting, is also very comfortable.Make a decision after sealing, if without hesitation "direct will all four bats and the white ghost bat lifted out, but then the cold froze the four bats stop shaking."Take them down!"Station to the edge of the cliff, seal if directly down a finger, he fully believed that the white ghost bat can understand his meaning, because this guy over a period of time, even more than the silver a spider smarter, more important is "the white ghost bat also appears to be for this group of men it worries.Sure enough, the white ghost bat "creak" called out "on the lead off a cliff, towards the bottom to fly, and behind the hundreds of four bats also closely follow.
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