So there are little things here and there meant for looks more than function of Rolex watches

March 09 [Mon], 2015, 12:27
Even though the Submariner is a tool watch at heart, Rolex knows it is a luxury item today. So there are little things here and there meant for looks more than function. A good example is the sapphire crystal. Rolex applies a coat of AR on the bottom of the crystal, but not on the top. This allows for the top of the crystal to be reflective and sort of makes it more shiny to onlookers. This is arguably a design decision by Rolex to make their products stand out more. It works too. The Submariner case has changed very little over the years, but each improvement is welcome. The current size of the Submariner is 40mm wide, but it wears large for that size. This is because of the lug structure. I would say that the piece wears closer to a 42mm wide replica rolex Milgaus.

The rotating bezel on the Submariner used to have an aluminum insert with the minute indicators printed on it, but a few years ago Rolex moved over to making ceramic bezels. This was a distinct upgrade and Rolex calls their ceramic "Cerachrom. " Sounds fancy right? The production process of the bezel include engraved numerals and lume. Some dive watches have lume in the entire bezel, but the Submariner is more traditional with a single lume point (pip) at 12 o'clock. The black ceramic bezel is shinier than aluminum, but is much more durable and very scratch resistant. Ceramic bezels are a wonderful thing. Among the various Rolex Submariner models available you can get ceramic bezels in black, blue, and green.

Now it all comes down to cost in the end. For some people a Rolex Submariner is a cheap daily wear, but for many people it is an item of aspiration with a price in the several thousand dollars. Over the years, the price of Rolex Submariner watches has creeped up to rather ambitious levels. Rolex still sells them in large quantities. The good news is that unlike many luxury watches, Rolex timepieces tend to hold value very well, and that is especially the case with the Submariner. While you probably aren't going to get rich buying one, you will likely be able to resell it for a price close to what you paid for it. That is good news for people who like to upgrade or switch watches every few years, or if you are in a financial pinch.

Polished bezel has the right glare and the brushed and polished presidential bracelet is also well cloned baring the Rolex logo on the folding clasp. Overall good classy looks housing an Japanese automatic movement which keeps time well. My dad loves it! He already has a little collection by himself but this one is his newest addition and it just looks so right on his hand. We both agreed that the weight is a bit off meaning that the watch is on the light side.

Scratch-proof crystal is well done and placed properly on the case. This is a very important detail as Rolex Daytona watches tend to have some really bad balanced crystals out of what I’ve seen lately. Well done ion plated rose gold case with just the right glam, logo on the crown and screw out buttons. I’m pretty impressed with the crocodile imitation bracelet as it is well done and of a better quality than what I’m used to seeing as an average. Folding clasp is also well done and the whole combination looks like a nice piece of jewelry. Movement is Japanese and self-winding automatic which to my opinion is at this point the best money for quality deal that you should get without digging too much into your pocket. The way I see it this being the whole idea behind buying a watch.
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