My crisis 

July 04 [Wed], 2007, 0:10
2 weeks ago, very very shoking thing hit us that was our president fired(?) from our company by US office. This fact made us so surprised and also sad. But business is heartlessness; time dont stop to tick even these kind of thing happened. From next day, there were our new president and everybody acted as if nothing has happened. I felt it was very strange, but got accustomed to new surroundings.

The former president didnt ask us to speak in English, but new president does. It's not difficult to understand, but this demand is very hard for me. Recently my manager often say that i should be able to master it in order to work for our company in the future. This task is hard for me but i find that i have to. But i am worrying how to learn English efficiently.
There are some ideas;
first is to listen Radio from BBC everyday,
second is to keep a diary, like this,
and to study with text book.
AND to talk to Native speakers ←this is most important and difficult as well.

Anyway, I must do for me, myself, from now on!!!

Reception Party 

July 03 [Tue], 2007, 23:46
Today we, i and my friend, went to a reception party of my friend's restaurant.
My friend from high school started to work for the restautrant from this month, actually the restaurant will open from 6th of July.
That was a party for celebrating to open.
I didnt know anything about today's party, just knew the time started. So when we arrived at the restaurant, I was surprised that there were so many people. I couldn't walk around in the hall because of being crowded. Before passing the reception, i met my friend's wife who was also 1 year serior to me in our high school. She held her baby in her arms. I was happy because she remembered me and talked to me. Her baby was so cute, she was crying though..
When we entered the hall, my friend was in a kitchen and seemed to be very busy, but fortunately i was able to talk to him. He was not change at all since we met last time, it was about 4 years ago? This fact made me very reassure. I don't know why i felt so, but maybe he is the one who knows about me from younger age and spent the same time when we were high shcool.
What's more, there is a good news, they will celebrate a wedding in Oct. and I was invited to it. I'm looking forward to coming to the party!!


May 15 [Tue], 2007, 1:18
留学→帰国→就活→卒論→社会人生活→イギリス再訪 を通して感じたこと







December 02 [Sat], 2006, 0:24
about 1month ago? i bought "iPod nano" at last!
it's wonderful, coz i can downroad BBC news from iTunes,
and it's FREE!
in the first few weeks, i didnt know about it,
so couldnt do it, but once i did, it fascinated me.
the way to company everyday is quite boring and its kind of battle,
i mean, in the morning there are soooo many people on trains.
so its difficult to read a book or do something.
then, iPod gives me enjoyable time with BBC.
Basicaly, i have a telephone conference with US office on every other Thu.
actually, yesterday we had it as usual, and the agenda of it is very difficult me to understand.
usually i understand approximately 50-60% of meeting.
and whenerver i attend the meeting, i feel that have to make a effort to learn English. but i dont make any effort...
of corse i'm afraid of my english level is not enough to work.

i think one of my problem is what i cannot continue studying English.
its problem.
someone said to me that i should have something interested, and
study english through it.
it's the best way to study.
i think this is very effective, so i'll find my interest.

tears again 

March 15 [Wed], 2006, 1:06
today's my face was not so good.
it was bigger than usual and my left eye wasnt double-edged eyelid.
i know the reasons
one is because having had my wisdom tooth out the day before
and the other is because worry about the relationship between my bf and my firend.
last night i wept and cried so as to be unnoticed.
you know, i have a bf.
recently he has a close friend who is an one of our team mates.
the biggest point is that the friend is GIRL!!
i know he doesnt have sweet feeling to her,
but they have been keeping touch almost every nights
since she bought her own pc.
of course last night they chatted with msn,
and also they make comments to each diaries of mixi.
even they chatted the same topic as the diary!!
i dont think they dont need to do such a foolish thing coz
they have already talked about it.
last night after he finished the chatting, he tried to go to bed, so
at last i couldnt put up with their behaviour, and wept.
to be honest, i really dont want him to keep in touch with her deeply.
but i dont have shch a right to him, so i cannt say anything to him.
i have just been waiting for him to realize.
i got tired.
love is difficult!!!!

wisdom tooth 

March 14 [Tue], 2006, 1:12
today i had my wisdom tooth out.
it was second time to have it out, so i wasnt scared of doing it.
and actually i like to go to a dentist, kind of.
they get rid of bad thing from me.
so it's easy to go there for me.
last time, being taken anesthesia(MASUI) was a bit painful,
but this time it's not.
so everything was fine.

however, there were only one thing to make me bother.
it was about tomorrow's plan.
i mean, i had a plan to go to hakone with my friends of my seminar.
they are very nice people and i like them, but i didnt go really.
i dont know why.. maybe there are some reasons
like i had my tooth out and also dont like Onsen, Nomikai,
and such a noisy situation.
i knew this was the last time to go out with them,
but i passed up.
i feel really sorry for them.
so i decided to go to the final nomikai after graduation ceremony.
i'll enjoy drinking(i wont drink though..)!!!!

heavy rain 

September 07 [Wed], 2005, 0:04
i got up at 12 o'clock today... its too late to do something new, but i thought i had to do something. so i decided to go to WENSday. last tue i visited there for asking how to write resume, but i couldnt attend a class and also got enough information. so there was a bit interval anyway, today's teacher was Mr. Kamimura who used to teach me English, and it was second time to meet him since i started to go to WENSday. today's topic was "Let me put it this way"; it means "in other word". there were 2 students today one was me and the other was a lady who i met last time. before lessons, we usually talk about good news each other, but today most of our conversation was about heavy rain.
2days ago it was heavy rain near my house, Suginami especially Zenpukuji river area, though luckily my house didnt receive any damage. but when i went to home, Inokasira line stoped because there was flooded at Meidaimae station, so i couldnt go home straightly. it was a bit bother me. but now the inokasira line is fine, so its no problem!


September 05 [Mon], 2005, 19:39
yesterday i burst into tears unexpectedly, so my bf was so surprised.
i know why i cried; because of anxiety about job-hunting, dissertation, relationship between bf and me and everything.
im a positive person, so i usually dont think and worry about these things.
however sometimes i cry suddenly. i know weeping is the best way to reduce my stress for me.
now i cheer up. so dont care about me!
i just worry what i really want to do as my job.
i wonder if i get a job which deals with products i aint interested in, but work is a bit interesting.
actually ive been thinking about these sort of company; do i have to quit appling this company or not?
this is a very difficult problem for me.
one of my idea is that i should apply because there might be a good chance,
and also the other idea of mine is that i shouldnt apply cos i aint so interest in the products themselves.
ohhhh. job-hunting is sooo hard!!!

new shoes 

August 29 [Mon], 2005, 2:08
i bought new shoes=) they were made of fake lather, but really cute! i dont care about it. when i saw them for the first time, i thought black was better than brown. but yesterday i checked it again, and then loved brown one. i dont know why i loved brown one, but in fact i have lots of brown clothes and bags. so i think this shoes should be good! i'm looking forward to wearing them!!!


August 28 [Sun], 2005, 2:28
it was a wonderful exhibition! i went to ginza to see the exhibition of Masahiko Sato Labo. as you know, he is quite famous for education, and a producer of Pitagoraswitch. this program is made by him & his students; they are from keio sfc. the highlight of this exhibition was films of pitagraswitch and reports about their study, so there were various sorts of reports; for example about algorithm, system of our brain etc.. the most surprised thing today was what there were so many people to see it. i know this program is really popular, but i didn't expected that there were so many people that i couldn't walk easily. though it's a bit difficult to move because of people in a small room, i enjoyed it and studied lots of things. what i learned today can make me more reflective and give me some ideas.
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