but my mind was wondering how to do next

December 22 [Sat], 2012, 12:03
"How? Nothing to say it?" Ms. Xue is chuckle loudly, the thing to the point where, in order to their dominance, she has refused to take the other, anyway Canada Goose D'Alpago Sale, this year, the Hong Yalin for her bring tremendous benefits, kill her, but also live had saved her. "Oh, Ms. Xue murdered?" This time, there has been no talk of ye stars forward and take a step, hangs a faint smile on his face and body but shed a surge of cold air, is Hong Yalin kind of murderous obsession, the kind of war, and her bright eyes staring straight ye stars, he really is that he do? "Oh, I almost forgot, here there is a VIP? Yep, you travel long distances from the big 6 come here is not just to a woman away from me?" Ms. Xue made a The Vice That now ye stars like originally she was thinking about leaving the leaves and stars for their own use, and you can hear the conversation of the two men, but also move the beholder. Ye stars who exudes a "Hey, far more than take a look so beautiful, in fact, Ms. Xue, I naturally want to take away, especially on ** Gee, if held in the hand, it feels must be very refreshing!" shares of the cold war, the mouth is emerging out of a trace of evil smile. "You hear ye stars turned out in front of their own appraisal of his own chest, Ms. Xue a charming face full of angry flame covered. "Oh, Ms. Xue rest assured, In fact, I was just a joke, I heard that Ms. Xue, but the night Imperial Bainan grade cattle, boy, I am so pure a boy, how can you stand up to Ms. Xue toss it? Oh, , Imperial word is used to describe a man on a woman, you should be referred to as the hundreds of people riding, or people riding? "ye stars ranging Ms. Xue finished, but it is to say these sinister words, gas Lao Gao of Ms. Xue a blood spray, but for two women behind to hold on to, has been estimated direct anger fainted. "Ye ..." Ms. Xue heavy breathing a sigh of relief, it is necessary to break kill command issued, but hear ye stars that soft voice continued sounded: "Yes, Ms. Xue sub so high, not cut ** buddies children, right? see you ** so big, a swaying, very conservative look, is it also safe up? "" Puchi ...... "a blood Kuangpen out than simply that fountain spray, and she herself is tossed away backwards ...... go ...... "ye stars, one-handed flick hands of three Daomang flashed, of the three Daomang, Naotomo Ms. Xue shoot, and he himself is pull Hong Yalin hand and ran towards the window. Here is the location of the second floor, and came to the location of the window, leaves and stars in one hand and hugged Hong Yalin, single-handedly pulled the curtains so straight downward jump to Hong Yalin entire people scared screamed. Position is not too high, the following is also parked an Audi from the brief, heavy leaves and stars fall bike Audi the poor bike new level of the entire carport to fall to the alarm sound is immediately sounded, ye stars but pulled Hong Yalin toward the dark alley next to a rushed, no matter behind awoke yells Ms. Xue. Two running all the way, how many alleys do not know through the Hong Yalin have sweaty, although most of the time the leaves and stars around her in the run, but the weather is so hot, a man hugged tightly , if not hot, that Cai Yougui coupled with her the first time so close and a man close together, the blood in the body is while rolling, sweating more accelerated degree. "Whew!" Feel behind pursuers after ye stars stopped down more gently put down the incense Yalin, the mouth said softly: "Are you okay?" "I'm fine ......" looking at the ye stars that care about eyes Women's Canada Goose Montebello, Hong Yalin gently nodded his head, the mind without conscious emerge out of his aloof figure, the face burst blushing knew Fortunately, now it is late at night around lights and not too bright, ye stars, "Ms. Xue will certainly be in town search we also now not, we must get out of here!" ye stars, looked around, No pursuers, but he believes to Ms. Xue forces, want To find two sooner or later. "Why do you want to save me?" Hong Yalin was suddenly open asked. "Er ... you had been able to save me, why I can not save you? Your identity will not be exposed, and if I had not, so you figure it I killed you!" Ye stars, but it is scratched at the back of the head, seemed to be somewhat sorry. "But you go to Victoria Harbour, it seems that there are important decisions to do it?" The Hong Yalin pair of bright eyes blink blink, she does not think ye stars of the Victoria Harbour to really pleasure. "Oh, in fact, is looking for cooperation Ms. Xue, but this case is impossible!" Ye stars, faint talking, but my mind was wondering how to do next? Do not really want to advance dispatched lurking over four thousand people? "I'm sorry, all I ...... Hong Yalin realized himself seems to miss the event of leaves and stars, and quickly opening apology Road, but unfortunately has not finished, a cherry mouth ye stars of mouth kiss live heartbeat degrees flew doubled busts with a V inside the heart seems to pop out of the general, the whole body is a hot, saved close to two decades, first kiss, even so did not? He has no anger, no sweet, only blank, the whole person standing there blankly, suddenly did not know what to do. "Well ... *** Ms. Xue men really fast, so fast on the chase over us along!" After a moment, leaves and stars loosen Hong Yalin mouth, then hold up her little hands gingerly toward the other side of the walk, incense the Yalin this hear not far from a burst of rapid footsteps came, and realized that it leaves and stars to stop himself from talking before pro own, then looked up to see the leaves and stars now sanctimonious his face, as if to kiss just a last resort in general. It seems that they want more, how he is as a person? Hong Yalin see ye stars like this, my heart calm down, but where the thought at the moment ye stars heart has delighted he did because all of a sudden the existing people to prevent the incense the Yalin before kissing her too late group, but kiss her, he was now feeling so great, even let some restless, especially her sense of fragrance is simply an attractive magic, however strange, her scent is so delicate fragrance. how those people would not now do? Just thought of here, ye stars, to see a group of shadows out of the shadows, not by the burst of scared UGG I Do Sparkles Sale...
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